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  1. A Nerd Saves the World Truberbrook January 13, 2021 I feel like there's starting to be a definite pattern in the games that I choose and the things I like about them. But how can I not love a point and click game set in a sleepy German village in the 1960's where the main character is a quantum physicist trying to unravel an Earth-shattering mystery full of hilarious, fourth-wall breaking humor with a jazzy soundtrack to underscore your puzzling adventure set with a claymation-like, Fantastic Mister Fox-esque artstyle? I mean, it ticks all the boxes! You play as not entirely hapless but just as confused as you are protagonist Hans Tannhauser on his unexpected German vacation when his notes for his quantum mechanics paper are stolen by a mysterious, glowing man, and it's up to you to find his life's work. The puzzles aren't exceptionally difficult and very satisfying (with one exception but thankfully there's lots of guides out there), and the humor is just, ah, chef's kiss I'm telling you. I found myself listening to the same conversations multiple times just so I could screen shot the quips. The developer hasn't done anything before this or since, but I'll be waiting for more from them because I'm extremely impressed!
  2. Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (PS3) January 10, 2021 Seven years and three weeks! And my God, that online grind for 50 levels took forever and it definitely was not the most interesting thing in the world to have the same maps to run through 1000 times in Wolfpack to level up. But I did it! Boom baby. What ballache, but it's over. Until I have to do it again for the other three Assassin's Creed games I wanna finish on the PS3. God help me.
  3. After seven years and three weeks I finally platinumed Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - the online of which was way more active than I anticipated but good lord it still took forever to grind I couldn't be more jazzed that it's over... for now. I say that like I don't still have three more PS3 Assassin's Creed games to go. Trophies Earned in Event: 2 2 5 6 Current Profile Completion Percentage: 80.44% Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 81% --Da Vinci Disappearance 84% Assassin's Creed III 85% --The Tyranny of King Washington Episode 1: The Infamy 0% --The Tyranny of King Washington Episode 2: The Betrayal 0% --The Tyranny of King Washington Episode 3: The Redemption 0% Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Assassin's Creed Revelations 94% --The Lost Archive 38% Batman: Arkham Asylum 67% Batman: Arkham City 68% --Harley PDLC 0% Bayonetta 37% Bioshock Infinite 51% --Burial at Sea Episode 1 0% --Burial at Sea Episode 2 0% Borderlands --Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot 0% --The Secret Armory of General Knoxx 58% Borderlands 2 --Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty --Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage 11% --Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt --Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 11% Brutal Legend 72% --Hammer of Infinite Fate 44% Dragon Age --The Golems of Amgarrak 66% --Witch Hunt 75% Dragon Age: Inquisition 84% God of War 81% God of War II 85% God of War III 64% Ico 3% inFamous 64% Just Cause 2 8% Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 10% Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories 84% LA Noire 24% --A Slip of the Tongue 0% --The Naked City 0% --Nicholson Electroplating 0% --Reefer Madness 0% Mass Effect 55% Mass Effect 2 88% --Arrival 0% Mass Effect 3 71% --From Ashes 0% --Leviathan 0% --Omega 0% --Citadel 0% Papo & Yo 0% The Cave 55% Watch Dogs 7%
  4. Second December update, and I've knocked out more of Borderlands 2's DLC! Pretty much the only thing keeping me from 100% at this point is that the racing missions in Torgue's Campaign of Carnage suck and Moxxi's photos glitched for me I'm pretty sure. But man, it was so satisfying to solo the Dragon Keep Raid Bosses and the rest of Murderlin's Temple. So for now, we're sitting at 92% completion and honestly that's enough for me for now. Trophies Earned in Event: 1 2 4 4 Current Profile Completion Percentage: 80.41%
  5. The Mooseman Platinum The Mooseman December 18, 2020 I mean... Meh? Look, the game has a beautiful art style, the music is gorgeous, and I love the opportunity to learn about other cultures in an engaging way. But it's just not much of a game, to be honest. It is definitely a walking simulator cleverly disguised as a Metroidvania that really reminded me of Never Alone. Something I find myself saying a lot is 'there are worse ways to get invisible PSN points' but... I mean, there are probably better ways than this. This isn't anyone's favorite game, to be plain. I paid very little for it, but I'm glad I just went ahead and got it out of my backlog. It wasn't horrible, and it definitely helped me pass the the time, but... Meh. Just meh.
  6. Totale Brutale The Sexy Brutale December 16, 2020 This shouldn't have taken me quite so long, but I was having chronic pain issues and now I might have Covid again so weeeee here we are! I've been wanting to play this game for a really long time, since the first time I saw the cover art when a physical copy came through the used video game store I used to work at. I never bought it, but I thought about and hmm'd and hah'd every time it would come up on sale, but I finally bit the bullet and bought! And I really liked it, I really did. I know this is another one of those trophy fodder games you can follow a guide for, but there's so many small details that you miss by doing that, but to be fair there are worse way to get your invisible internet points. The music, atmosphere, and art style are so interesting and so different, that needing to restart the day 10,000,000 times was okay because there was something exciting about the gameplay and puzzle solving. And I love that as the day goes on, you recognize certain sounds and cues. It's interesting that everything that happens in this game is happening concurrently, whether you intervene or not. It shouldn't take you nearly as long as it took me, but seriously keep track of your own collectibles because the game won't do it for you and it is a pain to try and go back and figure out which ones you did or didn't collect. All 'n all, I really enjoyed it! One more indie darling for me haha! Now onto... Another indie game. I really am dedicated to getting 130 platinums this year, but every day I'm more convinced I won't make it. But hey, if I do have Covid again, that's a lot of video game time if nothing else I guess.
  7. Borderland Defender Round 2 Borderlands 2 December 4, 2020 DLC Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty December 3, 2020 SEVEN YEARS. We done did the thing, y'all, I platinumed Borderlands 2. Thankfully the PS3 version lets you sorta cheese leveling the other characters up by letting you have your same profile be playing with you in the game, so True Vault Hunter Mode came in real clutch getting my main to 50 and the other characters up to the level they needed to be for their specific trophies. But man oh man I forgot how much fun terror and mayhem could be after playing so many games in a row that are all ambient indie darlings. I'm still bound and determined to get 130 platinums this year, but I'm extremely close to also finishing the Hammerlock DLC so I think I'll finish that up before moving on. Everyone is brickin' it over the PS5 and I'm still trying to finish PS3 games 😅 good lord.
  8. Well after seven years and two weeks, I finally platinumed Borderlands 2 (knocked out a DLC too, heck yeah!). I'm also hoping to knock out two of the Assassin's Creed games on my list before starting Valhalla in January. I'm dead set on getting to 130 platinums this year; only a few more weeks left so we'll see! I think I'm also gonna track the trophies I get and my hopefully increasing completion percentage on my profile because I'm a dork and data is cool. Trophies Earned in Event: 1 1 2 3 Current Profile Completion Percentage: 80.17%
  9. November update! I reworked my list and uhhhh hoo boy I have some gaming ahead of me yet. I decided to include the DLC of games I've already platinumed but that I could probably 100 too. I've been working on Borderlands 2 on and off this month, and I still have a little ways left to go, especially since two of the trophies I need are RNG dependent. But I'm determined to make it my 125th platinum, and I'm determined to hit 130 platinums by January 1st, so we'll see what happens!
  10. Personal Growth Gris November 29, 2020 Another beautiful indie game with a gorgeous soundtrack, who would have thought? Man, I really have a type, huh? To be fair, I never even gave this a second glance until someone in a Discord I'm in said I should check it out - and I'll be honest, it (unsurprisingly based off the games attached to this account) ticked all my boxes and c'mon Devolver Digital makes great games. And I cannot recommend this game enough - I loved it. It's one of the best games I've played this year. The soundtrack alone makes it unbelievably compelling, but the game play itself is so much fun and so satisfying that I'm convinced you could play it in complete silence and still enjoy it. You can play it and 100% it one go, but honestly do yourself a favor and just let yourself enjoy it the first time through because there's chapter select and despite how long it took me, because adulthood is a ballache, the game is realistically not that long. I don't even wanna say anything else other than if you're reading this and you for some reason care about my opinions, you should look into playing this game.
  11. Platinum The Suicide of Rachel Foster November 14, 2020 Hey if a game gives you a warning that the content of the game is potentially triggering: believe them! I bought this and a couple other extremely cheap cool, interesting looking indie games I'd either had my eye on for a long time, or discovered and immediately needed to play. This was one of the lot that I bought, and there's something about slow burn horror games that I adore - hell I even liked The Impatient, even if it was a joke that they released it as a $60 game initially. I'd never heard of this game before I bought it, and boy oh BOY this game is an interesting play. And there's a lot of interesting details that I probably wouldn't have missed without them, but their presence really leant itself a lot of credibility, in my eyes anyway, right away. The camera moving with footfalls, the weight of looking around being slow and heavy, seeing the main character's hands when she's interacting with objects, even so much that the camera angle would change, and many more decisions that were just stylistically really smart. And my God this had one of the most subtle but bone-chilling moments in a game in recent history. I'm talking fully activated my fight or flight in a major way. This is definitely something that could be used as platinum fodder, especially since all the trophies are golds, but realistically if the trophies are the only reason you're playing it there are worse ways to spend a few hours for imaginary points. I liked that you could actually enact a change in the story and dialogue, which isn't something I'm used to seeing in 'walking sim' games of this ilk, but being a Daedalic joint there's definitely more (though admittedly not too much more) to it than just walking around and having the story happen to you - this isn't a Everybody's Gone to the Rapture for sure. It's dark, it's heavy, and it really made for a perfect game to play in the middle of a huge rain storm.
  12. Hoo boy! It's been a fall y'all, and now that it's basically winter (I live in Oregon and staring down the barrel of ten uninterrupted days of torrential downpour, it's definitely winter here) things have settled enough that I can actually stick with a video game long enough to actually finish it! Imagine that! Knights of Penfurzy Knights And Bikes September 7, 2020 Forgot to post this one, whoopsie doodles. Which is too bad, because I genuinely loved this game so much. Those two little ladies injected this gaming experience with so much charm and humor, it was a genuine delight to play. It really did remind me of being a little kid and toolin' around the neighborhood with my little friends on our bikes and making up stories and games together. There's no fast travel or really a map of any kind, which can feel annoying at first but it's such a logical and theme-setting choice, because it's not like they would have had a map of their small town and GPS sure as hell wouldn't have been in their pockets in the 80s. And it being a Double Fine joint you know it's packed full of amazing stylistic visual and musical choices! That theme song is just amazing, and I'm not gonna lie I unironically listen to it sometimes. This is just another cavalcade in Yen's 'it's a really cute and charming adventure game, I loved it, it made me cry' video game cabinet so just go play it if the trailer gives you serotonin. I also finished another amazing Gaming By Numbers Event! I always love participating in interesting and different trophy hunting community events, and this is one that I've come to look forward to a lot! And also I'm kinda sad that no winter event has been started yet, especially since I'm too lazy/busy to host one myself. A Little Help From My Friends Guardians of the Galaxy November 11, 2020 It's a Telltale Game, man, I don't know what to tell you. Played one ya' played em all. But I won't lie, this did make me want to go back and watch the two movies, which is ultimately probably the point of the game more than anything else. And! The least glitchy one I've played in years! But I will say, since the company is no longer around and the servers are offline and everything, there is something that's lost from the experience in seeing how your choices stacked up against other peoples' choices made in the game. But, I had it on the shelf and I had completely forgot about it's existence, and after a time of playing but not completing any games, it was an easy get.
  13. Man oh man, this is definitely something I need to work on and something like this will give me good motivation to do so! Ordered by the oldest in my list, and it's urgency 😅 since servers are gonna start closing like crazy, no doubt.
  14. My #8 is missing from the spreadsheet, which was Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PS3 (188), which I platinumed on August 19 😁 thank you again for this awesome event, I always look forward to it!