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  1. Finished up I4 Cooperative Game Play with Lego DC Super-Villains (and all the DLC since it came with it and why not). I also finished G2 Featuring a Romance with Goodbye Deponia since of all the the game so far, I guess it's the most romantic? It's kinda spoilery to go into it too much, but I think it fits more than anything else I'm gonna play/have played, so here we are!
  2. Here's to Mischief Lego DC Super-Villains June 2, 2020 DLC Aquaman Movie Part 1 | Aquaman Movie Part 2 | Batman: The Animated Series | Shazam Movie Part 1 | Shazam Movie Part 2 | Young Justice Animated Series BOOM. I really didn't think this would happen tonight but hey low and behold here we are, a 100%'d Lego later. I mean what can I say about a Lego game that hasn't been said before? I like that the Hub Challenges this time around have hints that you can access in the menu, and I always like the Lego games that are a little bigger and a little more (adulty? I guess that's the word I want you use) than the other ones; I guess Lego The Incredibles left me wanting more since it was not only smaller and easier but also kinda lame (>implying that Lego games can be super cool). It also encouraged me to finally watch Shazam, which I really enjoyed and highly recommend! Also Joker, but that's less Lego related and more I was watching DC so I just kept that train a-rollin'. If absolutely nothing else it gave me something to look forward to yesterday when I was working an almost 20 hour shift. Health care in America is a real bitch right now. Needless to say, next up we're gonna 'round out the Deponia series!
  3. Goodbye Deponia Platinum Chalice May 15, 2020 Good crappin' Christ, working health care right now is very busy business - even when you're just management who is working 90% from home. And this week alone has been a mine-field of shit. So while I'm sitting in my office on yet another teleconference, listening to information that could have easily been in an email, I'll update this here! Goodbye Deponia! Man, if you thought Rufus was a miserable bastard before this entry, you're really going to think it now. Endangering children, ruining new love, selling a woman into slavery... My God! Doing those things to get to the end of the game was the most "Would you kindly" actions taken since Bioshock - you don't want to do them, but you have to so you can get the doohickey you need to combine it with the whatsit so you can progress! But once again it was a lot of fun, and a lovely romp around Deponia/etc, which lent itself to a lot more world building than I would have expected from a silly game series like this. I'm excited to see what happens next in the story, but after playing three basically in a row, I need a little bit of a break haha! I picked up Lego DC Super Villains and Yaga while they were both on sale, and I think once I get through all the content of a Lego game, I'll be ready to round out the series for sure!
  4. Goat Simulator All The Goat! May 9, 2020 I mean what is there to say about Goat Simulator that hasn't been said already? I mean, other than that I thought the Flappy Goat trophy was going to make me rage super hard, and it didn't. And in fact if you take advantage of the frame rate dropping when you stack multiple goat modifications on top of each other and keep in mind to never double tap triangle, it's a lot easier than this same mini game in something like Yooka-Laylee for sure. Lean into the skid is a phrase that comes to mind for Goat Simulator for sure haha! If it's going to act broken, make it more broken and break it in your favor.
  5. A Fisherman's Tale Explorer at the Edge of the World May 3, 2020 I've really been on a kick of happening across these truly charming, and wonderfully fun games. And I love a VR game where there is always something to look at, always something to do, always something happening. That first moment where you look up in the room and see the infinite upward lighthouse was what VR was made for! There are so many games on the VR that could so easily just not be - kind of like with 3D movies, it feels like it's there just to get the word out. But this was perfectly crafted for VR, and had a heartfelt story that I didn't anticipate at all. Well worth the money, and I highly recommend it! Chaos on Deponia Platinum Chalice May 5, 2020 Oh my God these games! I continue to be so glad that I bought the whole collection, and this took the foundation from the first game and continued to build from there. And it housed more of those silly point and click tropes that I adore. The second the game was over, I started downloading the next. I get the feeling when it's all said and done I'm going to find myself in quite the game-hole where I don't know what to play next because I didn't want it to be over yet! And I loved that they leaned more into what a rotten bastard Rufus is, even to the point he had that Bart Simpson-esque twist where it turns out the 'bad guy' isn't nearly as bad as Rufus is! Plus it gave me the perfect excuse to not actually do any work today and just goof off and play videogames. I shouldn't have, but screw it.
  6. Two more spots filled, but no Bingos yet. A Fisherman's Tale for B4 Released in 2020 since it was released... in 2020, and Chaos on Deponia for B2 Anti-Hero or Bad Guy since Rufus is a lot more of a rotten bastard in the sequel than he was in the first one, hahah! A character says it best, "You can't constantly let people down and still be the hero." Plus there's a trophy for not being quite so kind to animals 😅 EDIT 5/9: Also added Goat Simulator for I2 PS Plus! I was surprised that the Flappy Bird mini game didn't cause me to have a complete breakdown like the internet sort of inferred it would. But now I have even more DLC to complete in my backlog, so that's fun. I also added Mark of Kri for G1 Retro Release since I forgot that beating the game is enough to qualify for the spot being filled! I only have one trophy left, but my goodness I am not motivated to do that last Arena Challenge for the 100000 time.
  7. I genuinely cannot recommend The Witcher 3 and the DLC enough! But I highly recommend using a guide for the Gwent cards and save yourself the headache/heartbreak of missing one measly card. Learn from my mistakes!
  8. Deponia Deponia Unlocked! April 27, 2020 You know, they've put Freddie Fish, Pajama Sam, and other Humongous Entertainment games on Steam and I hope they do the same eventually with the PSN because god damn I loved those game growing up. Those edu-tainment, puzzle laden point and click games were my absolute jam, which makes it all the more astonishing that I was basically an adult when I discovered Lucas Arts and Sierra. If I had to choose a favorite genre, it'd be point and click. So Deponia has been something on my radar for quite some. And then, wouldn't ya' know it, the whole collection went on sale! And I didn't buy it. And then the whole collection went on sale again! Annnnd I didn't buy it. Then they announced that Freddie Fish and Pajama Sam were on Steam. And I totally caved. And I'm genuinely glad that I did, because it's extremely fun and very enjoyable. It scratched that twenty year itch, and I'm extremely excited to play the next three games and see where the whole ark goes! And yes, if they do put Humongous Entertainment games on the PSN I'm buying all of them, and will live my best nostalgic life.
  9. Finished up N5 Strategy, Simulation, or Management with Job Simulator! It's kinda weird to work from home and then start playing a game that's a tongue-in-cheek simulation of what working is like, but it was a great excuse to bust out my VR again! And considering strategy and resource management games are absolutely not my jam, simulation was the way to go. EDIT 4/27: I also finished N2 Developed in a Foreign Country with Deponia! Which was made in Germany, much to my surprise. Not where I imagined I was going to put it originally but hey here we are! And even though it's easy platinum fodder it was actually really fun and extremely enjoyable!
  10. Job Simulator Platinum Proprietor April 23, 2020 It's sort of weird to be working from home, and then pop a squat and play a game where you simulate a job. But then again these are sort of weird times, and that makes this feel all the more appropriate. This was a fun, easy, mostly brainless game that I had way too much fun with, especially when it came to dancing to the music and throwing things at people. And setting them on fire, making them bigger, shredding them, pretending to eat them... And it was the perfect excuse to set my VR back up after months of it being unplugged post moving into my new place. Plus it was on sale! I would have liked it to be longer, and with more things to discover in each level, but for what it was I enjoyed it! Plus Mark of Kri was making me mad, so I needed a break again. I love that game, but some of those damn those Arena Challenges kinda make me want to pull my hair out.
  11. Thank you very much! I highly, highly recommend Night in the Woods! And for Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed them!
  12. Wattam All Done April 15, 2020 I wish this game was 1000 hours with endless things to do. I don't even know what else to say. I think the last game that gave me this much joy was Tearaway - the combination of the music, game play, and visuals just give you the warm fuzzies and honestly it was exactly what I needed. The story was extremely touching and sweet, and even made me sort of sad, but i was even more sad that it was all over. I can go back to my regularly scheduled video game programming of dreary environments and murder because I got a shock to the system that I didn't even know I needed. It also made me endlessly miss the Katamari Damacy games! And even the minor grind at the end was still enjoyable because for God's sake the hardest trophies in the game are to do the three silliest things in the game 100 times, and if you're like me, you're already doing them over and over again anyway because it's funny. The world is a dreary shithole right now. Why not play something that makes you smile?
  13. Welp, I finally finished Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC, which I say because I chose it as my G4 Been Meaning to Get To choice! It was a lot of fun to get back to webslinging around NYC again, and it made me excited to play the New Game+ in the future! Edit 4/14: Just kidding I have another update! I beat Wattam for O1 Underplayed (Less Than 1000 Players) and honestly I wish the game was 1000 hours with endless things to do. It was such a lovely, amazing experience that even the trophy grind at the end was amazingly fun.
  14. Marvel's Spider-Man City That Never Sleeps: The Heist | Turf Wars | Silver Lining April 9 | April 11 | April 12 I needed a break from Mark of Kri and MediEvil, and I needed something a little more mindless and a little less infuriating since I have enough frustration in my life right now haha! I bought this DLC on sale at the same time, I decided it was time to go back to New York City and websling around and just enjoy myself. And I don't know if it's how long it's been since I played the game or if it's a weird learning curve, but damn the DLC is definitely harder than the main game. The story was good, but the DLCs are all relatively short without doing all the side stuff and getting all the trophies, so I don't know that I would recommend it at the $24 price tag when The Witcher's DLC was the same price but you get two full stories the size of some games. However, it was really nice going back to such a great game and I look forward playing it again in New Game+ to get that sweet, sweet 100%! Also on a positive personal note, I'm officially 72 hours symptom free! Hopefully that means I'm out of the woods Covid-19 wise, but we'll see!
  15. So I haven't been as active video game wise here lately. I had a family member pass while I was out of town visiting them, and I happened to be stuck in Missouri for a few extra days in the midst of everything shutting down amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Then I had the pleasure of being exposed. And so far, for about a week, I've been experiencing symptoms. Fun! So video games haven't really been on the forefront of my mind. But I do have some updates! Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC Additional Feats | The Fate of Atlantis Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 February 22 | February 26 | March 12 | March 27 Well after a year and a half, AC Odyssey is officially 100%'d! And honestly, overall, I really liked all of the DLC. I recognize that I'm also a huge dork for the series - I mean, I even liked Syndicate - but I liked that each DLC for Fate of Atlantis was a new map, a new location, a new story, with more or less new things to accomplish. I liked learning more about the Isu, I liked the through-line story of all the DLC. Did it need to be episodic? Maybe not, but I can see why it was done that way especially with the Fate of Atlantis. Overall, I enjoyed going back to this game, and I enjoyed all of my time in the world. If Ubisoft was like "oh yeah, here's 12 more story DLCs" I'd buy them. Also the New Year's Resolution Community Event ended and I got my badge! Yayyyy! I always love fun events that have a great theme, which have room for lots of different kinds of games. I look forward to the next one~