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  1. A nice, quick one is What Remains of Edith Finch! It only takes about two hours to 100% (no platinum), but it packs an emotional punch in that time.
  2. It was actually one of the first games I played on the Vita! I love Drinkbox Studios so I couldn't keep myself away from it! 😊 Thank you for the suggestion!
  3. Middle-earth: Shadow of War The Bright Lord March 1, 2019 Well I officially finished it and I can say definitively that without all the loot box/micro-transaction nonsense Monolith did a really good job rebalancing the game, especially the Shadow Wars end game section with the various seizing of and defending of forts - where it used to be ten rounds, now it's only three! And thankfully, there wasn't a resurgence of the 'get x level relic' BS from the first game. Even the hardest trophies had cheese-y work arounds and, despite taking a break for Kingdom Hearts III, it really didn't overstay it's welcome at all. Don't know that I necessarily recommend playing both games so close together, but if they came out with a third I wouldn't be too mad. I'm even thinking of adding the DLC to my ever-expanding DLC backlog 😅 as if I needed one backlog, let alone two. Ah well, thank goodness for Community Challenges!
  4. Got another update! I received Shadow of War as a gift for Christmas because my partner loves Lord of the Rings, and loved these games. I really didn't think I'd like Shadow of War much especially after all the bad press it got for the excessive micro-transactions and loot boxes, etc etc but I actually really liked the story, and with all that stuff taken out it doesn't feel like a slog or a grind to get through - especially with the end game getting cut in half. If you like those kinds of games I fully recommend it! Also, if anyone has any suggestions for "Anti-Hero/Bad Guy" or "Platform Exclusive" let me know! I have PS4, PS3, and Vita!
  5. Yup, all seven! There are some guides I ran into that gave specific numbers but if they don't give you three fruits at the end, your score wasn't high enough to earn the Orichalcum+
  6. I had a similar problem, and for me it was that my high scores weren't high enough for the Flantastic Seven. They have to hop up and down when you're done and give you three fruits instead of one. When I went through and did them again that's when I got my last Orichalcum+
  7. Maintenance be damned, I'm updating my card even if my profile is not. I 100% anticipated never actually finishing this game and having to accept that I would never get this platinum, and that I, like many people, would be stuck at 97% completion forever. But it finally happened. The RNG Gods looked down on me and smiled. I4 Ultra Rare Platinum, Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator is now mine. I deleted it so fast after the trophy popped you wouldn't believe it. I don't recommend it to anyone who hasn't already cursed themselves with this crap, but if you have I got Say No More with Father v. Nigel in the Pet Shop ✌️ God speed.
  8. Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator Platinum I AM SCREAMING. You don't have to go too far to hear the trophy hunter horror stories about this particular gem, thanks in no small part to the atrocious RNG. The game itself is not hard - you 'duel' the computer in insult contests and try to put words together to wear down their health bar first. The trophies are mostly hitting milestones - like participating in 100 duels, using Satan in an insult 66 times, etc - and then putting together certain phrases. NOW. A lot of the phrases you can get fairly easily, like "Your mother was a hamster", "Your mother is your father", you get the picture. But then there was the trophy Say No More. "Your mother is interested in photography, nudge nudge!". I thought, well, it was broken before but the developers came out and patched it, it's probably just rare because people never went back right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. Even with the patch, even with the obscure hint from the developers on Twitter, EVEN WITH everyone sharing their experiences and how they laboriously earned their own hard-fought platinum trophy, it still took me more than a month of playing about an hour a day to even ever come close. Today when I sat down with it I promised myself I would only waste an hour of my time, since so much of my time had been squandered on it already, and when the elusive 'nudge nudge!' came up I literally screamed. My trophies popped and I deleted it from my hard drive immediately. As of right now, PSNP is doing maintenance so I can't update my profile yet, but I'm not waiting. I'm taking my victory lap. 🙌 Thank you Video Game Gods. 0/10 would not recommend.
  9. Kingdom Hearts III Complete Master February 19, 2019 Well then! After getting almost no games done because I was waiting for it, Kingdom Hearts III finally came out and I finally got a platinum in my favorite game series! I've played the main entries multiple times, and I've attempted and failed to platinum Kingdom Hearts games in the past - and to be honest, I had already accepted that I wouldn't in this one either - but this time I've done it. Probably helps that other than a little RNG there's not really too much difficulty to it. We'll see if they add a NG+/difficulty trophy if they end up adding DLC to the game, but until then I feel pretty freakin' victorious. I have made just a little progress on this pig of a game, leaving me with just one last trophy but unfortunately it's the dreaded Say No More ("Your wife is interested in photography, nudge nudge!"). I'm not just dedicated I am bloody determined to get this platinum. It's gotten personal now. I hope that it doesn't take me 10000 years but even if it does I will persevere!
  10. Oh my God I finally have another update. N2 Developed in a Foreign Country, Kingdom Hearts III!! I kept not really playing anything until after Kingdom Hearts came out because I knew I would be unable to do anything else until I finished it. I really thought the platinum would take more time, and other than some minor RNG I was surprised that it wasn't that bad! Hopefully my next update doesn't take quite so long!
  11. Thanks! And I wouldn't say it's much harder but I would definitely recommend doing the Hard Mode run and 100% run in seperate playthroughs. There were a handful of collectible sections that would have been easier on normal and that could have been avoided all together on hard.
  12. Okay, it's finally done! Probably only going to update when I finish a game, hit a milestone, or finish a DLC. I made this to replace a list I already had going for myself, so I hope to use it as a catch-all place for my trophy related accomplishments and events that I'm participating in! If anyone has any questions about games that I've played, I'll be writing little blurbs as I finish games but I wanted to keep them out of the OP just in the name of not bogging it down more than it already is 😅 Right now, I'm working on: Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator 73% complete. It hasn't been too much of a slog so far, but I know now that I've gotten some of the easier/more common RNG phrases out of the way, I know that this is where the grind begins, especially for the infamous Say No More trophy. Hopefully if and when I do finish it, I won't hate anyone who is interested in photography! Middle-earth: Shadow of War 9% complete. I didn't play it at all when all that loot box craziness was around it, and now playing it without those elements in the game I haven't really felt like the progression system is unfair - so far anyway. So far I like it a lot more than Shadow of Mordor for the simple fact that a lot of the movements and commands feel better and actually feel like they work. I haven't yelled about Talian nearly as much as I did in the first game, that's for sure!
  13. About Me I'm Yen, and these are my trophy accomplishments. My plan with this checklist is to keep track of my trophies, completed games, and completed DLC's, and maybe let people know what I think about them too! Especially since I have an ever-growing pile of shame that I'm hoping to keep cutting through! I currently work 14 hour days three days a week, not counting overtime, so it leaves me with a lot of time to trophy hunt when I'm not, ya' know, having to be an adult. My 2019 Goals: 100 Platinums Eliminate purchased DLC from backlog 85% trophy completion 100% Bingo Bonanza completion Completed Games & DLCs 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Community Event Badges
  14. I've been able to delete 0% trophy lists from my profile via the Playstation App on smartphones, as long as there are no trophies obtained. It was a while ago, so hopefully that function is still something you'd be able to do.
  15. Thanks for the clarification!