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  1. I totally would, but I beat the stories of those games ages ago and would only need to trophy sweep those platinums 😅
  2. One more down and only two more to go! Used Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment for B5 Adventure. No idea where to go next for my last two, but I'm almost done!
  3. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments Perfectionist October 1, 2019 You're goin' through your PS3 backlog the other dayyyyy... Letterkenny references aside, I was actually going through my PS3 games when I heard about the unfortunate drama that Frogwares is going through with their IPs thanks to Focus Home. I believe I picked this game up ages and ages ago when it was free for PS+ for PS3, and then my ex put one measly trophy on my list. Well damn. I wasn't ever super interested in it, buuuuut it's on my trophy list, it was free, and it didn't look like it was terribly difficult. And then hearing I wouldn't be able to download it again after the 29th, it was enough. Unfortunately I wasn't wrong in being disinterested in, at least the PS3 version anyway, because it was clunky, ugly, and frankly kinda gave me a headache with all the stuttering and skittering. It went quick thanks to an excellent guide I found, which I probably wouldn't have used if it ran better because I did actually like the story and the evidence finding mechanic was really fun and right up my alley. It really wasn't terrible, and I may even play the Devil's Daughter since it got a physical release on PS4, and Focus Home can't delete disks they already printed. It's just one of those mid 2010's games that's hard to go back to because the graphics aren't classic enough to be nostalgic, stylized enough to be timeless, or good enough to stand up to modern standards. All 'n all, it was a nice way to waste time before I start my new job, and it's hard to be mad about that. Little Nightmares DLC The Depths | The Hideaway | The Residence I also finished the DLC for Little Nightmares! But since I haven't 100% the base game thanks to a dumb trophy that I know will actually make me hate a game I genuinely love, I didn't add it to my list for now.
  4. I definitely re-download the PS3 version today after I heard the news, which prompted me to finally really play it. It's too bad that the matter is entirely out of their hands and unless something else happens soon, Frogwares is just going to lose many of their games.
  5. I see, yes, I agree! I hope it's brought a lot new people into a classic gaming franchise they may have otherwise not known about, just like the Double Fine remakes of those classics did!
  6. I know I found them much later in life, because even though my family was lucky enough to have a computer back then, I wasn't much into playing videogames back in it's hayday. I can only imagine that this iteration of it was a lot of people's first introduction to the series. It made me sad too! I was working at a videogame store when it first came out, and I remember being so excited but I couldn't get a single other person as hyped as I was. Something I would have loved to see is the games put onto the PS4 - not even remastered or re-imagined, just as they were. Might just be a pipedream but I'm not giving up hope just yet!
  7. I'm convinced that even people who aren't that familiar with King Graham or King's Quest would have to cry. I have to say, I found Sierra and King's Quest later in life but I still feel like this was one of the best games I've played in awhile. It's been a minute since I played a game where I genuinely lost track of time and stayed up way too late playing it! I wish it was longer too, and would have enjoyed it not being episodic as well, which I get was the popular flavor at the time when it came out, but a true, open world, pick up a bucket and not know why for hours game would have been amazing. Kinda like with the Monkey Island games, I'm not ready to let go hope that we'll get the sequel we all deserve someday.
  8. King's Quest (PS4) September 20, 2019 I'm okay, I'm okay 😭😭😭😭 I'm not okay 10/10, especially if the Sierra King's Quest games are at all anything you've ever liked or cared about. I loved the puzzling, I loved the riddling, and I loved the story so much. I wish I hadn't waited so long to play this game, but it was such a treasure all the way through. I really did love this, and if the first episode is something you finished when it was free and you see the other episodes come up for sale, or even if you don't, I highly recommend playing the rest!
  9. Four bingo's now, and only four squares to go! At this rate, I'm gonna finish this one with time to spare! (Hopefully 😁) EDIT 9/22: I decided to just update my post instead of spamming the page with my progess. Finished up N4 DLC Pack with Little Nightmares DLC: Secrets of the Maw, which if you've played Little Nightmares and you pick this up on sale, it's more of the same game that I adored so I was extremely happy with it. Only three spots to go!
  10. World to the West Omniscient September 14, 2019 I've had this game in my "Pile of Shame" for a couple of years now - back when I used to work in a video game store, I remember when this little gem hit the shelves and I kept hoping someone would buy it so I could find out what it was like, because (just like now really) there wasn't much information online to go on. But it looked so cute, and I love adventure games. Eventually, someone traded a copy in and I bought it right away! And then... Just never played it. Thanks to the Bingo Community Event, I finally forced myself to play it! And man, I wish I hadn't waited but I'm so glad I played it. It's sort of a isometric metroidvania like game where the whole map is at your disposal at all times, it's just contingent on the characters' ability and availability. All the trophies are tied to the collectibles - one trophy per battery collected - and collecting them was actually fun unlike some games looking at you Assassin's Creed II feathers because to get each one was like another mini puzzle. Because of this you could platinum the game without actually ever beating the game, but you'd really be doing yourself a disservice if that shiny platinum is all you're looking for. If you like the art style, adventuring games with a lot of puzzles, and amazing music, I can't recommend this game enough.
  11. Crossovers by POWGI (Vita) Crossoverachiever September 14, 2019 I mean... should I be proud? I'm not. But they're great brain teasers for when you just need something to play while you're sitting around waiting for job interviews to happen, and they're cheap for the Vita, so 💁 Not mad. Not proud, but not mad.
  12. Wellllll O5 Recommended by PSNP Member came via Crossovers by POWGI for another event, and it just so happened to be perfect when you need something to play on the Vita while you're traveling! Eyyyy-o, almost there for another BINGO! EDIT: Double eyyyy-o because I finished up another game!
  13. 0. Here They Lie (5400) 1. Crossovers by POWGI Vita (8981) 2. The Inpatient (7142) 3. The Bridge (3773) 4. Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay (0514) 5. Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan (0515) 6. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (6906) 7. Tales of Monkey Island - Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God (0517) 8. Accounting + (7048) 9. Yesterday Origins (5429) Eyyyyo finished it up! Thanks @eigen-space for another great event! Can't wait for the next one!
  14. Definitely going to enjoy going down memory lane with this one!
  15. So for anyone, like me, trying to at least get the multiplayer trophies for the Platinum but running into this problem, I just unlocked it without paying $6 or paying $10 for the GOTY, or doing the Portuguese store work around. Instead of playing in the Free to Play Multiplayer, choose to play on the disc instead in an offline co-op match. You will need another controller to be able to do this! Thanks to jarod666 on Playstation Trophies! It totally worked, took like five minutes, and saved me money.