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  1. Of course for the 5 items i had to craft, i used the method stated above to make sure i would get a seal. But crafting nameless swords over and over for 5 items is no big deal, compared to if you had to craft like 20 different items like some people are trying to do. I am pretty sure I got Hemeostasis on the Herbalist's binding while going for Fireproof. Are you using a weapon (preferably Vortex) with 18% extra drop rates ? Virtuous was the hardest to drop (like 5 or 6 attempts) but all the others dropped on the first try. Of course it's luck but considering all the seals I had to get, it's more than a coincidence. As for the weapon with Repentance, I only picked up the sword-looking drop and ignored the other average materials (fabrics and stuff), I got 2 basic Yoshiyukis (the grey quality, not even green or blue) with the extra Repentance seal on it. If you have a solid gun with 3 Gold Greed seals, it takes barely 2 minutes to finish the levels and I feel like 80-90%+ of the enemies drop something.
  2. After patch 1.004, drop rates have increased significantly and some seals are now dropping in some Battle dungeons. I got from 0 to 45 seals within 5-6 hours. Farmed the Golden Sneaks 2 hours for a dozen of seals (he can't drop ALL the seals, i would say i got like 20ish from them) Then I farmed the Battle dungeons for Heavy Drinker (1-1), Repentance, Reverence (1-2), Virtuous (3-11), Special moves (squared 3-15) and Drunken Craze (1-8). I got a couple more by dismantling weapons i got from dungeons and random mobs. I ONLY had to craft for Antidote, Hemostasis, Experience and Blessing. Definitely not as bad as I expected. Also I noticed the improvment on 3-20, before the patch I was getting 1 or 2 drops per run. Now I get an average of 5 to 6 drops, and sometimes 4 Dragon Fangs or 4 Eyes of the Dragon at once.
  3. Yeah it's really weird to see so many people asking for a glitch, when the trophy is not hard at all, even for casual gamers. Without the collectibles and the subquests, it's a 6 hours game on Hard. The combo Stasis + throwing a pole is incredibly powerful.
  4. I just finished the Impossible mode, really nothing hard at all once you passed the first 2 chapters and have a decent HP bar. The Plasma cutter is enough to go through the game without any difficulty, I found the poles and explosive/stasis canisters are incredibly OP to save ammos. I don't think it has been mentionned before so I wanna point out a potential glitch that can ruin your run : At the end of Chapter 5, once you freeze the Hunter to death, I picked up the Tissue sample very quickly while Daniels was still talking to me. I then proceeded to the tram to move on but the tram was locked, I couldn't call it through the console. I then realized I had no "Main Mission" objective and the chapter 5 didn't end. I only had the new subquest related to the tissue sample I picked up. I didn't use backup saves because I wanted to do it legit, which means if I had saved my glitched run, I probably would have had to start over again. Fortunately, I restarted the save before the boss fight and this time, I made sure Daniels finished talking and I got the "Chapter 5 completed" message BEFORE picking up the tissue sample (which I didn't even need actually).
  5. Yeah, long grind to get 100% on the Completion List, Beat every Ultimate Challenges and finsh the game on Legendary. But it's a Yakuza game so day 1.
  6. I am big Tales of fan but this is one the laziest "remaster" I have seen. Already I had my concern when i saw the trailer, i thought they barely barely touched the textures and yet it's sold for 50 euros ..... But now I see the trophy list, they didn't change anything, even though the original PS3 list was too much of a grind (especially maxing out friendship with secondary characters) AND they didn't even make the effort of changing the horrible trophy icons .... At least the PS3 remaster was not too bad for 2013, it was not pretty but not that ugly. Now in 2023, the ps4 remaster looks so much outdated, it's hard to imagine spending 100+ hours on that. For once, I wished they had the feature to speed up the game by x3, like FF8/9/12 remasters.
  7. lol all this fuss for a mere 6/10 on powerpyx and unlimited saves on Impossible mode 😂 I will do it legit because I always play my games offline and the DS games has never been very hard, even on impossible. I don't mind if other people get the trophy by uploading their save on the cloud for safety, it's still more honorable than boosting MP trophies or worse asking other guys to unlock a trophy through Shareplay ....
  8. If there is no save allowed, that would be really dumb. I had no problem with Dead space 2 on xbox 360 because they gave us 3 saves so we could do a 2-3 hours session before saving and moving on BUT if they expect people to play 8-12 hours in a row, that's retarded. I would rather see a trophy for doing a no hit run with limited saves than this. I am waiting for Powerpyx to confirm what it's all about.
  9. I am really glad for Messi, he deserved it. He is officially the GOAT (while CR7 completely choked) . I am touched by the tears of Di Maria after he scored and after the equalizer from mbappe, you can really tell Argentines are playing for their country (like all the south american teams) and this feeling is becoming more and more rare nowadays. It's also Karma for France and all the african players they snatched from african teams by giving away their nationality (kinda like what they did with Joel Embiid who received french nationality even tho he was not born in France, never worked in France, never lived in France, doesn't have any french parent...). Also glad trashbags like Benzema (multiple times sentenced by courts, tried to blackmail a teammate with a sextape, banged a 17yo escort ...), Thuram (spit on a player in Bundesliga, as racist as his father..) and Rabiot (refused to be on the provisional squad list in 2018 cause he and his mommy agent thought he is "too good" to be on the waiting list and had to be in the final squad list immediately ...) won't get the WC title. Eventually the only good news for France is that cars and french flags won't be burned by morrocan and algerian "fans" on the Champs-Elysees this time lol
  10. Just bought the Complete edition with all DLCs for 40$ on the ps store (KR), I really hope the story is over either right now or at least within few days. I don't wanna get another DLC/epilogue in 3 months after I completely lost track of what's going on in the game. Waiting 2 years to play a game I would have bought 70$ day 1 if they had not planned 2 years of extra content .... I am worried The Callisto Protocol is gonna be the same : /
  11. I will wait for a guide to solo this DLC. The game was a major bust in Korea, it was already on sale for 20$ few days after the release so I don't think I can easily find decent players by myself in the area. Even it's harder to do solo, at least, they give us the choice and they adjusted the difficulty, that's more thoughtful than most of the other crap co-op modes these days.
  12. Interesting question, I am 99% sure that a new round resets the cumulative actions. It's like dying basically. I could confirm that Bastion and Sombra's trophies requiring to kill/hack people without dying had to be done in the same round as mine didn't pop. I assume it's the same case for Mercy. If it doesn't say "in 1 life/without dying", then you can do it over multiple rounds (like Tracer's 4 ult kills)
  13. They are selling a Season Pass (only digitally I think) so considering it's a solo game with 1 character, you can expect story DLCs (not like multiplayer or PvE games) and the devs arlready said they have a 4 years post-launch content planned ..... I am afraid this is gonna be the AC Valhalla of Survival Horror with new content every 3 months after you forgot what you just did previously... It would have been a Day 1 for me without the SP but I guess I will have to wait several months/years to see what's in the SP and to wait for a price drop.
  14. I guess most of people didn't really like playing as Atreus, myself included. But on the positive side, they tried to implement a different gameplay for just a few hours. And it was probably the only way to expand the lore about the Giants and learn more about Odin/Thor and his family in Asgard, which would have been unrealistic while playing with Kratos only. Aside from few boring sections with the boy, the game was amazing. The gameplay, the collectibles, the side bosses, the main story, the ending, the trials, the crafting. Can't wait for a sequel. I would even sign for an Atreus spinoff just to know what happens next.
  15. Atfer replying to Karen, I was about to leave but when i see a gentleman with Totti's picture, I feel I gotta talk. Italy was too naive during the PO game against Macedonia, just like the PO game against Sweden in 2018, they couldn't score a damn goal even when shooting 30 times, that has to serve as a lesson for the next decade. Hopefully, Chiesa, Zaniolo, Barella, Bastoni and Donna can be at their peak in 2026. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see France go far. They proved in 2018 they could win while being dominated in stats like Ball possession, Shots, Shots on target, Passes made .... So if you combine their cheap tactics of just countering and waiting for Mbappe to outrun the defense with a very lucky draw (Peru, Australia, '18 denmark, Uruguay after Cavani got injured against Spain, Croatia after they went two times in OT and PK SO), they can sadly win it again. Everybody thinks Brazil will make it but honestly, Serbia and 2022 Switzerland are no pushover. Brazilians have a history of choking recently either with the national team or with PSG (infamous remontada against barca even tho the ref was a joke, chokes against Madrid and ManU after dominating the first game...) Just enjoy the games and let the haters hate as usual.