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  1. Ace

    I have played around 10 hours with my dummy account, i already got 3 all-in-1, 2 times in the par 3 at Wells Fargo. I guess if you just play the Career normally, it will unlock eventually, as long you make sure using a smaller club than advised by the game. I mean you probably have to spend 40 hours on the campaign alone to get all the other trophies, so unless you are extremely unlucky, it's got to pop at some point.
  2. I'm waiting to know for sure if the game is complete before buying it. I'm really interested in SN but I'm tired of waiting months to buy overpriced DLCs when I forgot about the story and mechanics of the game. That's the same reason why I bought Tales of Arise Day 1 (they said no DLC) but didn't buy Lost Judgment (even tho waiting for it so much). I hope Scarlet Nexus DLCs and free updates are only about costumes, weapons, bonds and that's it.
  3. When I said the game was garbage, some Karen jumped on me saying it was fine. Now some of them start to realize that not only the game is lame, but also the DLCs is an overpaid recycled content, the trophies are glitched as fuck AND the studio is made of incompetent devs who haven't fixed anything since the first issue occurred over 1 year ago (not only the trophies issue but also some crashes and bugs on both ps4/ps5 and xbox). I mean how can you release a patch and not see it doesn't fix even a quarter of all the issues stated ....
  4. The 50 stars trophy is from the main game and is required for the platinum but it's ridiculously easy. 50 stars out of 69 was already very simple as you can just 2 stars every trial and just get a couple of 3 stars on the very easy one. With the addition of the DLC trials, getting 50 out 99 stars is a joke. However for the 100% (if you care), you need 90 stars and for this you are gonna need to practice to get 3 stars on almost every trial and mastering the Insta-Full speed dash is a key (it makes you run at full speed instantly instead of gradually gaining momentum). Nothing impossible but the gap is huge. The plat is a 5/10 imo but the 100% is a 8-9/10 depending on the people. Anyway have fun with hidden gem, there is one game like ME in a decade.
  5. If you don't have the save, you have to start from scratch and get the 90 stars again. On top of your profile there is the number of stars you got, so the trophy unlocks once it reaches 90. No save means your profile will have 0 star when you start the DLC. Your second question is a bit weird. The main game has 69 stars to get (23 missions) and the DLC has 30 stars (9 DLC missions + 1 free exclusive ps3 mission), so total is 99. Just get 90 stars from wherever you can, if you just want the trophies. I don't know if you were good at this game, but after getting 100% achievements on x360 in 2009, i also decided to restart the game on ps3 just 2 years ago, main game + DLCs, it took less than a week to get 100% trophies and 99 stars, it's really doable, there are just a couple of missions (5 or 6 out of 33 made me sweat) that are really frustrating on console because of both the sticks being slow and inaccurate and the FPS not allowing you to do certain jumps that are very very easy to do on pc.
  6. Well, if deleting and reinstalling your profile still doesn't unlock the trophies, indeed you got to wait for a patch. I already emailed the company and they said they were investigating but the problem with this kind of low studio is they may or may not fix it in the end. While checking the messages on their forums, I saw people complaining they still couldn't get their platinum from the main base and saying it's been over a year since they brought this to the attention of the studio but nothing has changed, they felt that, and I quote "the studio has given up on this game" ... And apparently the xbox version is even worse and keeps crashing, the DLC wasn't even displayed on MS store ... Seems like a bunch of really incompetent devs .... I had a similar bad experience on xbox 360 with the Van Helsing game being glitched and not popping achievements, we had to wait 7 months for a patch .... For this reason, I was also thinking of buying the ps4 version of ManEater (it's available for 10$ in my country, you can get it for 15 pounds on amazon uk) just to do the ps4 transfer saves, but there is still a possibility it doesn't work for you and in my case, i hate thinking i keep spending money and time on a game I really dislike.
  7. Are you playing on the same account you bought the DLC/ bought (or received through ps+) the main game ? At first, I thought the main reason I received no trophy was because I bought the DLC on my second Account (Korean account cause it was way cheaper than 15 euros). In the main menu, if you wait before loading your save, does it say "Truth Quest owned" on the bottom left ? In my case, I had to wait almost a minute before the game acknowledged I bought and own the DLC (even if it's with another account). Also your save is in the DLC area right ? Mine was in the Gulf cave after the DLC prologue but before actually getting in for the first time.
  8. I fixed it myself. Just got the 100%. Erased my profile from the ps5. But kept the save just before the DLC on the cloud. Re-installed my profile and account. Downloaded the save from the cloud. Went offline. Didn't sync any trophy on purpose. When I reloaded my save, 3 old trophies from the main game I already had popped instantly. I started the DLC and everything was unlocked as I went through the story. Now 100%. I went online, synched my trophies, the glitched DLC trophies got saved and I kept my old timestamp for the 3 old trophies I already had. I could tell I was confident in this working cause the first time I played the DLC, not even the 1st trophy for entering the zone popped. But this time right after the first cutscene, I got it as it was supposed to be.
  9. As soon as you enter the new area, you should get a trophy. Mine didn't unlock, even after 1 hour in the DLC. I had to restart the game, it loaded me in the Cave of the DLC and the trophy popped .... I'm on ps5 .... Not only the game sucks, but the trophies are glitched asf. I mean "entering the area" trophy glitched lol No trophy for killing the Electric shark, the Shadow Orca nor the Bone Whale .....
  10. That's what I was saying before on Man Eater forum. The Games with Gold and PS+ free games are most of the times a sneaky way to sell DLCs rather than actually giving content. They give away Hitman 2 which was probably not selling well anymore since Hitman 3 is already out BUT they know if you want the full experience (not even mentioning trophies here) then you got to buy at least the pricey Expansion pack, if not Hitman 1. Before the Karens start dropping the usual "you don't like it you don't play it"/"no one is forcing you to buy the dlc"/"at least it's free", it reminds me of these Marketing strategies used on kids when trading cards companies like Panini give away 1 pack of cards with the official album to schoolboys "for free" because they expect the kids to buy much more packs later to try to complete their album. I admit you can still have fun with this vanilla version of Hitman 2 but I don't like the intentions hidden behind it, which is simply to milk more customers. I am very thankful this month for Overcooked DEFINITIVE editions but this Hitman 2 feels like a poisoned chalice. Anyway thanks for the post that made it very clear about what you need to buy to get the 100%.
  11. You can't compare NBA games with rythm games like DDR or DjMax. NBA 2K rarely require skills, it's just a long grinding to get cards. For the hard online trophies, over 90% of people just boost .... Zero skill required. Not mentioning buying the most expensive edition and/or buying VC can give you a huge advantage over other players. I remember the achievement list for DDR on xbox 360, it was just nasty, you could barely do it with a controller even if you practice for thousand of hours, let alone with the cheap mat they give you... To me, the problem nowadays with Fifa/NBA 2k/MLB/NHL is that their trophies rarely reward skills like beating the game on the hardest difficulty with a big margin but instead require luck (Getting a PotW in Fifa FUT or a rare card in NBA MyTeam) and boosting because it's more convenient or because the servers are dead .... I dont wanna do boosting, i dont wanna pay card packs to increase my odds of getting a rare card so i end up buying the games on switch and playing with my ps5 controller ...
  12. The trophy tiles all look good. As a Tales veteran, 300 skits seem really low. Hopefully we can do everything in 1 playthrough (max 2 after going through the grade shop). At least it seems better than Vesperia (2.5 playthrough if you don't screw up a missable monster or item) and Symphonia (6+ at best). Collector's edition already preordered as soon as it came out.
  13. Yes you have to summon 5 times the same "Shades" that cost 5 souls per use. So basically all you need is to spend 25 souls and you are done, which is ridiculously low compared to how much souls you can collect (from 80 when i started to over 100+ now that i have got used to it). The only thing that can block you is if the other team already used Shades, in that case you have to kill the Shade in your camp to be able to spend your souls again AND the second case is apparently if the other team doesn't kill the shades you summoned, there seems to be a limit of 3 Shades simultaneously active from what the comments said.
  14. Actually i didn't even know you could play Rivals alone .... But I mean if you just play with someone as it is meant to be, it is surprisingly easy to harvest souls, they even scatter lots of them throughout the map, in addition to the ones dropped by the enemies. You easily end up with 80-90+ souls at the end of the game and the Shades only cost 5 souls .... So yeah, as long as the other team doesn't block you from using the curses and provided they do take care of the Shades you summon, it a very easy task that will come naturally.
  15. Very simple trophies. Everything can be done within 30 minutes. As for the cursed items, it's a bit of luck if you end up with the item or not at the end of the game BUT you can earn a cursed item even in Survival or through stories, not just Rivals. If you play only RIvals, keep in mind, there are secondary objectives such as freeing Oni prisoners or opening Oni chests that will grant you an additional piece of equipment. Then, the requirement to cleanse the item is also random, i got 2 times "Kill 5 Oni dogs or Oni bears" so i had to restart the 9th mission to do that.