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  1. Trek to Yomi looks quite good. Typically the kind of fairly good game I wanted to play but never would have bought myself. Just for that, I am satisfied. However NBA 2k is just a scam, nothing new from 2022 (except Booker's ugly face on the cover) and you simply can't compete online if you don't spend hundreds of $$ on imcrotransactions. Day 1 you had ppl with 99 overall on MyPlayer and already stacked with expensive cards on MyTeam. 2K is so desperate to make money on microtransactions that they put it on sale countless of times throughout the year, the physical copy was just 10$ in my country few months ago and yet nobody wanted it .....
  2. I don't really understand the purpose of this "Collection", if MGS 3 is already having a remake (Delta) and many insiders seem to predict there will also be a proper remake for MGS 1 in the future. So why buying this collection just for MGS 2, with most likely no major improvement since the first MGS remastered collection released on PS3/Xbox 360 that included MGS 2 and 3 .... I wish they just focused on making remakes for MGS 1,2,3 rather than compiling stuff we already got.
  3. It looks like I'm missing 1 entry (33/34), but I got the first one in the first camp and cleared all the map in Chapter 2. Anyone has the list of the 34 entries ? I have no idea if I am missing an enemy (5 entries for me), a consumable (just 1), an equipment (4 entries related to the talismans) or if it was something to pick up somewhere. Edit: Nevermind, it was Olas's diary, the SECOND collectible in the library at the very end of Chapter 2. Good thing I had kept an extra save. Picking up the Archive entry you are missing doesn't give the trophy tho, I jad to go back to the last camp of Chapter 3 to pick up the last collectible (Note #8).
  4. They should implement this at least for the visibility of the PS store. Too many sudoku and crossword games ... For the rest, it's not our problem if some "players" wanna stack up 10 times the same crap games to get easy plats.
  5. I also had trouble today but restarting the console always fixed the problem for me.
  6. The Deluxe upgrade (which contains the DLC and other cosmetics) was on sale at 50% of the original price, couple of weeks ago. That much the game failed ... So I am curious to see if they will sell the DLC separately or only via the Deluxe upgrade. I couldn't find the info nor the individual price but if they go with like 20$ or more, they are gonna be very disappointed. the game sold poorly, was on sale everywhere (picked it up for 20$ 1 month after release), i dont see people spending over 10-15$ top for a single prequel DLC of a failed game (the studio was shut down right after the first sales report came in)
  7. I 100% this game on both xbox 360 and ps3, it's only a grind to get all the accessories. Difficulty-wise, there is zero challenge, it's only about following a guide for the items but the battles and everything else is clearly below average in terms of difficulty. There is no annoying minigames like FF9 jumping rope or FFX chocobo races and lightning evades. Even the big tortoise on Gran Pulse, which are supposed to be the ultimate boss fights, can be cheesed and insta-killed. The difficulty shouldn't take into account collectibles, missables items or grind but more like the skills you need with both your hands and brain, in this game it's close to zero, even 5/10 is very generous imo. To anyone thinking about going after the plat in 2023, it's still a beautiful game on ps3, i played it last year, i was surprised the cutscenes are that much neat for a 10 years old game. And with all the guides available nowadays, it's very easy to cut to the chase unlike when you played it day 1 back in 2010 without the official Piggyback guide.
  8. Anyone found an Itten-Momen on a different floor than 4-5 ? I keep reloading these two floors but I guess there are just too many potential maps for these floors ... Edit : I realized the floors you go through before have an influence on the floors you get afterwards. I spent over 1 hour reloading floors 4-5 but over a hundred attempts, I always got the same four or five levels. After dying on purpose and restarting from scratch, a "new" level with the Itten-momen appeared immediately on floor 4... Conclusion : If you know where is what you are looking for but can't get the level to spawn after dozens and dozens of reloading, it's safe to assume you have to restart from floor 1.
  9. Rokurokobi floor 28-29 Karakasa Kozo floor 16-17 (spawn on top of building with the Infernal lady patrolling)
  10. For the campaign, the photograph side mission has 25 photos to found and the school investigation is divided into 2 consecutive side missions. It takes about 2 hours (with a guide for the photos) to get rid of both of them.
  11. To clarify something, the only way to know if there is a cat in the level is if you hear the cat's meow at the beginning of the level ? I sometimes don't pay attention when i drop in a new floor and it's very frustrating to search for a car when you are not sure if there is actually one or not. Edit : Btw, on the level where you start on top of a shopping arcade with red tiles (1 spirit/ 1 spider web/ 6 food / 5 Gold), the freakin cat is on TOP of the building in the southeast corner hidden behind a small wall (where there are also 2 ghost enemies) .... Took me a while to find this one ....
  12. If I am not mistaken, the location of the first picture "heart of Shibuya" on your interactive map is wrong. It has to be the crosswalk to the right (Northeast of Morita shrine) of where it's currently marked (instead of Northwest of Morita shrine). It took me 15 minutes figuring why I couldn't find the damn library at the same location lol no big deal anyway, found it after wandering around. Same goes for "Lunar Eclipse", the right rooftop is actually 1 block down to the south.
  13. Very average month but I will give Sackboy a try. It's typically the kind of game I was a bit tempted to play but never would have bought myself.
  14. There is a pattern repeating over and over. First go right until the words are coming at you vertically, then quickly move to the left to be right under the words, and then one more time to thr right. After this, the tempo slows down and you can stay in the middle, where you are safe and load your beam as the Heart goes left to right 2 times. 4 charged beams destroys the Heart in stage 1 and 2. You need 8 charged beams for stage 3. The stages are basically the same and have the same patterns. You don't really need to use bombs as it resets the pattern and you might not be ready for it.
  15. Did you also get Repentance as a drop ? Another guy on a similar topic was struggling to get the Yoshiyuki with the seal attached in the Battle Dungeon. I know for sure I never got Blessing, Repentance, Hemostasis and Bewitched as a regular drop, even after fighting hundreds and hundreds of random guys to activate the Trooper abilities 1500 times.
  16. It's true Greed doesn't help you getting a high tier drop BUT I feel like with a new patch + at least 3 Gold Greed seals on your gun, it almost guarantees you to get a drop for every enemy killed. In my case, when farming the last Dragon Fangs I needed in 3-20, i would say 9 out of 10 times, all the enemies dropped something and if it was not a golden drop I didn't even bother picking it up. It made the grind far less frustrating than if I was killing 20 guys and getting just 2 or 3 drops. Actually, I haven't tested it but before the new patch, I was thinking of also adding 3 Gold Greed Seals to my sword and play in Wild Dancer to really maximize the drop rate. In the end, when you know the shape and the color of the item you are specifically farming, you can just ignore the other loots and complete the stage as fast as you can.
  17. Of course for the 5 items i had to craft, i used the method stated above to make sure i would get a seal. But crafting nameless swords over and over for 5 items is no big deal, compared to if you had to craft like 20 different items like some people are trying to do. I am pretty sure I got Hemeostasis on the Herbalist's binding while going for Fireproof. Are you using a weapon (preferably Vortex) with 18% extra drop rates ? Virtuous was the hardest to drop (like 5 or 6 attempts) but all the others dropped on the first try. Of course it's luck but considering all the seals I had to get, it's more than a coincidence. As for the weapon with Repentance, I only picked up the sword-looking drop and ignored the other average materials (fabrics and stuff), I got 2 basic Yoshiyukis (the grey quality, not even green or blue) with the extra Repentance seal on it. If you have a solid gun with 3 Gold Greed seals, it takes barely 2 minutes to finish the levels and I feel like 80-90%+ of the enemies drop something.
  18. After patch 1.004, drop rates have increased significantly and some seals are now dropping in some Battle dungeons. I got from 0 to 45 seals within 5-6 hours. Farmed the Golden Sneaks 2 hours for a dozen of seals (he can't drop ALL the seals, i would say i got like 20ish from them) Then I farmed the Battle dungeons for Heavy Drinker (1-1), Repentance, Reverence (1-2), Virtuous (3-11), Special moves (squared 3-15) and Drunken Craze (1-8). I got a couple more by dismantling weapons i got from dungeons and random mobs. I ONLY had to craft for Antidote, Hemostasis, Experience and Blessing. Definitely not as bad as I expected. Also I noticed the improvment on 3-20, before the patch I was getting 1 or 2 drops per run. Now I get an average of 5 to 6 drops, and sometimes 4 Dragon Fangs or 4 Eyes of the Dragon at once.
  19. Yeah it's really weird to see so many people asking for a glitch, when the trophy is not hard at all, even for casual gamers. Without the collectibles and the subquests, it's a 6 hours game on Hard. The combo Stasis + throwing a pole is incredibly powerful.
  20. I just finished the Impossible mode, really nothing hard at all once you passed the first 2 chapters and have a decent HP bar. The Plasma cutter is enough to go through the game without any difficulty, I found the poles and explosive/stasis canisters are incredibly OP to save ammos. I don't think it has been mentionned before so I wanna point out a potential glitch that can ruin your run : At the end of Chapter 5, once you freeze the Hunter to death, I picked up the Tissue sample very quickly while Daniels was still talking to me. I then proceeded to the tram to move on but the tram was locked, I couldn't call it through the console. I then realized I had no "Main Mission" objective and the chapter 5 didn't end. I only had the new subquest related to the tissue sample I picked up. I didn't use backup saves because I wanted to do it legit, which means if I had saved my glitched run, I probably would have had to start over again. Fortunately, I restarted the save before the boss fight and this time, I made sure Daniels finished talking and I got the "Chapter 5 completed" message BEFORE picking up the tissue sample (which I didn't even need actually).
  21. Yeah, long grind to get 100% on the Completion List, Beat every Ultimate Challenges and finsh the game on Legendary. But it's a Yakuza game so day 1.
  22. I am big Tales of fan but this is one the laziest "remaster" I have seen. Already I had my concern when i saw the trailer, i thought they barely barely touched the textures and yet it's sold for 50 euros ..... But now I see the trophy list, they didn't change anything, even though the original PS3 list was too much of a grind (especially maxing out friendship with secondary characters) AND they didn't even make the effort of changing the horrible trophy icons .... At least the PS3 remaster was not too bad for 2013, it was not pretty but not that ugly. Now in 2023, the ps4 remaster looks so much outdated, it's hard to imagine spending 100+ hours on that. For once, I wished they had the feature to speed up the game by x3, like FF8/9/12 remasters.
  23. lol all this fuss for a mere 6/10 on powerpyx and unlimited saves on Impossible mode 😂 I will do it legit because I always play my games offline and the DS games has never been very hard, even on impossible. I don't mind if other people get the trophy by uploading their save on the cloud for safety, it's still more honorable than boosting MP trophies or worse asking other guys to unlock a trophy through Shareplay ....
  24. If there is no save allowed, that would be really dumb. I had no problem with Dead space 2 on xbox 360 because they gave us 3 saves so we could do a 2-3 hours session before saving and moving on BUT if they expect people to play 8-12 hours in a row, that's retarded. I would rather see a trophy for doing a no hit run with limited saves than this. I am waiting for Powerpyx to confirm what it's all about.
  25. I am really glad for Messi, he deserved it. He is officially the GOAT (while CR7 completely choked) . I am touched by the tears of Di Maria after he scored and after the equalizer from mbappe, you can really tell Argentines are playing for their country (like all the south american teams) and this feeling is becoming more and more rare nowadays. It's also Karma for France and all the african players they snatched from african teams by giving away their nationality (kinda like what they did with Joel Embiid who received french nationality even tho he was not born in France, never worked in France, never lived in France, doesn't have any french parent...). Also glad trashbags like Benzema (multiple times sentenced by courts, tried to blackmail a teammate with a sextape, banged a 17yo escort ...), Thuram (spit on a player in Bundesliga, as racist as his father..) and Rabiot (refused to be on the provisional squad list in 2018 cause he and his mommy agent thought he is "too good" to be on the waiting list and had to be in the final squad list immediately ...) won't get the WC title. Eventually the only good news for France is that cars and french flags won't be burned by morrocan and algerian "fans" on the Champs-Elysees this time lol