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  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I am interested in entering. Favorite horror movie: The first SAW movie.
  2. That's because some game modes are not available just yet. Currently the platinum is unobtainable.
  3. Thanks for the leak once again! At least the online trophies looks less hard compared to GTA V.
  4. I won't ask how you get the early copies, thanks for leaking trophies list ahead of time 😀. And of course - we need the RDR2 trophy list.
  5. If the link doesn't work for someone, you can watch the video here:
  6. Kassandra because she's cannon
  7. But Rockstar owns the IP or am I wrong?
  8. Make sure the game actually tells you that you did a triple kill or else it doesn't count.
  9. I guess they never contacted you, right?
  10. Thanks for the chance. My guess - Mysterio.
  11. Thanks for doing this!
  12. There are 2 silver trophies and one gold... but like Zach said they do it because that's the way to have more trophies in the game.
  13. Great scores! Found a pic in reddit that someone took with some of the trophies... I hope they will release the full list already.
  14. 20 minutes from Life is Strange 2 What do you think?