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  1. Looks easy enought. Sounds like a good puzzle game.
  2. Looks like a fun and nice trophy list.. yeah the Virgin trophy make me laugh too lol
  3. Here's an example of a leaderboard of a country: In the top right corner you can change which country you want to see.
  4. Disappointing. Hopefully the real deal will be good.
  5. Lol. That's taking it too far...
  6. Interesting. I hope its true. Some leaks from Reddit has been legit like last month...
  7. I totally understand your opinion and I too wish the site could count all PSN users so the leaderboards will be fair as possible, but that's the point - the site is not even close to this reality (Will it and can it one day??). Even now you can't really be sure how good you are in your country for example (unless maybe if you are at the top 10 or something, depends on the country, and that's while ignoring the fact that you can't be sure id the user is really from that country). What I am saying is to "embrace" the current state of the site and make the leaderboards more focused on the active players (Unless the owner of the site will say that the site will track all PSN users :), but otherwise its just a dream...). That's not what I meant... I am not talking about a specific game but on the global leaderboards. Also, it's likely that most inactive users (and I am talking inactive for several YEARS) are at the bottom of the leaderboards, not the top.
  8. What do you mean exactly by all players and legitimacy? I didn't get it. The site doesn't track all users on the PS Network (and neither other trophies sites), so what's the problem with making sure it only counts active players in the leaderboards - when the community here decides what counts as an inactive player?
  9. Slightly more reliable and focused leaderboards.
  10. Hi, I am suggesting this because the site currently tracks more than 3,400,000 users, only ~230,000 are registered, and I noticed there are users (I obviously have no way to know how many...) that didn't touch a game in several years and therefore I think they should be removed due to inactivity. My suggestion goes like this: The site should remove a user from the leaderboards if it automatically or manually scanned the user and noticed that him/her neither earned a trophy nor launched a game in the last X years. The site should not allow to add a new user to the leaderboards if it noticed that him/her neither earned a trophy nor launched a game in the last X years. The site should allow a player that was once inactive to return to the leaderboards once the player is active again. This suggestion will apply to unregistered users only. Things that should discussed regarding this suggestion, if there is a will to implement it: When a user should be considered being inactive - I personally think that 5 years is more than enough to be considered being an inactive user. Everybody can have a break for some time from gaming. What do you think? Maybe less or even more than 5 years? Should the site actively seek out inactive users and remove them - To be honest, I don't know if it's even feasible or worth to do such a thing since I can't know how many inactive users there are and not aware how the site really works behind the scenes. However, inactive users will be removed only if they are updated in some way according to my suggestion, and i think that the site simply stops updating a user if he/she is inactive for a short time, even if the user return to play something shortly after (You can see users like these, they will have their next automatic update time written as 'Updating Soon' on their profiles). So if the site does work like this then maybe it should be considered to actively seek out these users behind the scenes or else they won't be removed so easily, but then again it will require to make sure every user is updated and I am not sure it's worth it. So, what do you think?
  11. I like the idea but as bpmotard said if the site strictly follows the psn rules of trophies then it won't be changed...
  12. - Your energy meter will go down when you use your augmentations or do a takedown. You can only replenish it by using biocells. - Augs which are shut down stay in that state, but there is a specific side mission (given by your doctor) that, if completed, will allow you to use all your augs freely. - You can get and upgrade augs by using praxis points which you get by getting XP, buying them (only specific merchants sell them) or finding them in the game world. - Theoretically, you don't supposed to get screwed when you are spotted. The game allows you to play it how you want. If you are spotted then either try to escape or fight, but I admit it can be difficult. The only tip I have for you regarding this is to try to get as much praxis points so you can get augs that will help you to sneak, run or fight easily. Also, remember to heal yourself while fighting because the health meter go down really fast.
  13. The main reason is the Breach Mode trophies because the permanent-death is easy if you do stealth and ignore every side mission or objective. The whole Breach Mode is very frustrating and pretty boring,
  14. Don't know what are you talking about OP. It was an amazing experience, not too short for me and not medicore, although the gameplay can feel repetitive and limited (the combat). Definitely worth the price tag.
  15. Congratulations to all three winners and thanks for the giveaway!