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  1. What an awesome trailer.
  2. Multiplayer for sure. It's usually a long tiring, sometimes boring grind, depends on the game. Also, If the multiplayer mode is dead for some reason, you can't platinum.
  3. Thank you for doing this. I'll go for Option B - Christabelle, Taboo, Malta (£20 gift card, if it's a problem for you then I'll go for the lifetime membership).
  4. Probably the croft edition or the standard edition + season pass, but not on day 1.
  5. Thanks! This method works, but you indeed should make a copy of the save data in case of a mistake.
  6. So, thankfully I had the physical version of the game and let me tell you - rolling back to the first version of the game is the way to go, I got it on the first try... I truly believe that if you got the digital version you are pretty much fucked... Dice needs to fix this..
  7. I like the background music.
  8. Looks easy enought. Sounds like a good puzzle game.
  9. Looks like a fun and nice trophy list.. yeah the Virgin trophy make me laugh too lol
  10. Here's an example of a leaderboard of a country: In the top right corner you can change which country you want to see.
  11. Disappointing. Hopefully the real deal will be good.
  12. Lol. That's taking it too far...
  13. Interesting. I hope its true. Some leaks from Reddit has been legit like last month...
  14. I totally understand your opinion and I too wish the site could count all PSN users so the leaderboards will be fair as possible, but that's the point - the site is not even close to this reality (Will it and can it one day??). Even now you can't really be sure how good you are in your country for example (unless maybe if you are at the top 10 or something, depends on the country, and that's while ignoring the fact that you can't be sure id the user is really from that country). What I am saying is to "embrace" the current state of the site and make the leaderboards more focused on the active players (Unless the owner of the site will say that the site will track all PSN users :), but otherwise its just a dream...). That's not what I meant... I am not talking about a specific game but on the global leaderboards. Also, it's likely that most inactive users (and I am talking inactive for several YEARS) are at the bottom of the leaderboards, not the top.
  15. What do you mean exactly by all players and legitimacy? I didn't get it. The site doesn't track all users on the PS Network (and neither other trophies sites), so what's the problem with making sure it only counts active players in the leaderboards - when the community here decides what counts as an inactive player?