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  1. As written in the guide - - most if not all kill related trophies are obtainable by reloading checkpoints, and it is even recommended to do so, since there are less combat encounters then previous TR games (excluding the DLC missions) and enemies does not respawn after you finish the main story line. As for the skills from the DLC, I can tell you for sure that they are available on new game+, if you obtained them in your original playthrough. However, I guess you will have to obtain them again if you start a completely new game.
  2. A new Life is Strange is nice, but I want a new Deus Ex. Unfortunately, I know it is too much to ask for from Square Enix.
  3. This is bullshit
  4. The dark gray looks great imo.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, I guess pure black will not look good, is there an option for a more dark blue color (compared to the PS4 label), something like @barra333 suggested? Another suggestion, and I am not sure how easy/possible it is to add it to the script - make the label's background white, but the text will be black, and add a black border around it - this way it will be close to how the PS5 logo looks on games covers.
  6. Hi @HusKy, Another small suggestion - could you please add an option to change how the PS5 platform label in the site looks? I am talking about this thing:
  7. Any reason why the "All Sewn Up" trophy is missing from the PS5 version?
  8. Amen to that, I am waiting more than 10 years
  9. Hi @HusKy, keep the great work! Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see that it was asked - Is it possible for the script to align the size of all these PS5 games images, basically anywhere on the site (change them to the PS4/3 images size)? I do not think the site owners are going to do something about it and my OCD is killing me because everything is just not organized...
  10. Have you tried the infinite energy glitch?
  11. I really like the story of the game and the overall idea, if only the game wouldn't crash so many times and if the combat was more interesting/fun, then the game would have been really great.
  12. Nice. I like the "Breathtaking" trophy. It is a shame that they did not give the Platinum trophy a name though...
  13. Seems like it is made with forward-compatibility to PS5.