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  1. Hi @HusKy, keep the great work! Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see that it was asked - Is it possible for the script to align the size of all these PS5 games images, basically anywhere on the site (change them to the PS4/3 images size)? I do not think the site owners are going to do something about it and my OCD is killing me because everything is just not organized...
  2. Have you tried the infinite energy glitch?
  3. I really like the story of the game and the overall idea, if only the game wouldn't crash so many times and if the combat was more interesting/fun, then the game would have been really great.
  4. Nice. I like the "Breathtaking" trophy. It is a shame that they did not give the Platinum trophy a name though...
  5. Seems like it is made with forward-compatibility to PS5.
  6. Good to know. I just hope it will be amazing as the OG trilogy.
  7. I thought it was worth to put this here:
  8. A little bit strange, considering it is the only one of the main titles of the series that is mentioned in the list. Glad I already completed it.
  9. Well, at least you can see a visible difference between the bronze and gold trophies now
  10. I like the list. Simple, Singleplayer only, and some of the trophies look like fun .
  11. Has anybody else noticed that the description for the Wallrunner trophy say - Kill X enemies right after jumping off a wall. Did they forgot to replace the X with the actual number needed for the trophy or am I missing something?
  12. I have just updated and my friends list is no longer visible, I am getting a WS-44369-6 error. From a quick search it seems that I am not the only one, it may also affect parties.
  13. Good luck with the game, have fun (Breach is such a shit mode that I would save it for last if I were you). As for the DLC, unfortunately you can only access them from the main menu if I remember correctly. The first DLC System Rift takes place during the story (around the middle of the game), the second DLC A criminal past actually takes place before the story of MD, but also after it (via cutscenes) therefore it should be saved for last (it's a really good DLC).
  14. Mass Effect Trilogy Killzone + Resistance series Deus Ex 1