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  1. Greatsword main like to also break out Lance, hammer, longsword, bow & gunlance. Plan to learn sns & hbg but for now nothing's as satisfying as the greatsword
  2. #20: Taiko no Tatsujin: V Version
  3. Loving it, the new Greatsword made me want to learn the weapon & it's been p fun so far. Getting another shot at some of the events I missed (like the SFV) one is nice & I rly like the hub makeover. The new armour sets are nice too even if they're kinda useless w
  4. I see people struggling to find them so, I have about 15 different Kirin investigations with gold & silver rewards & I need both crowns. If people are interested I might post a room to try & knock them out tomorrow.
  5. Congrats on the plat👍
  6. 7 star investigation capture Black Diablos 1 Bronze 1 Silver 1 Gold 50 min Giant gold crown Black Diablos 2599.35 7 star investigation capture Diablos 2 Silver 1 Gold 50 min Giant gold crown Diablos 2578.39
  7. 9 Star investigation Great hunt Legiana, Pink Rathian (tempered) 3 Purple rewards 37980z Tiny Pink Rathian 1543.85
  8. Thanks for compiling them all together. I think you got most of the one's I posted in the other thread. Just got a mini kulu 7 Star investigation Great Hunt Jyuratodus, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Diablos 1 Bronze, 1 Silver, 2 Gold 27180z 2 Faints 50min Flourishing: Cacti Wildspire Waste Kulu-Ya-Ku mini 811.12 7 Star investigation Great hunt dodogama, azure rathalos & bazelgeuse 2 silver 2 gold 37980z mini azure rathalos 1499.71
  9. In previous games that was the case. From another forum: Size data has started been put together here, so if you get a new big/small record that's close to the needed sizes it's probably worth retrying the investigation & hoping you get lucky.
  10. 7 star investigation great hunt Uragaan, Azure Rathalos, Dodogama 1 bronze, 1 silver, 2 gold 30420z 50 min. 2 players max 3 faints upsurge: amber deposits Elder's Recess Giant Gold Azure Rathalos 2113.23 Tiny Uragaan 1832.18 my first giant gold crown :> got both for azure rath now
  11. great hunt dodogama, azure rathalos & bazelgeuse 2 silver 2 gold 37980z mini azure rathalos 1499.71 3 minis, 0 giant gold so far at around 120 hours great hunts seem to be where I luck out
  12. Got my 2nd small crown 7* investigation Hunt great Girros, Radobaan, Odogaron Rewards: 2 silver, 1 gold 43380z Girros 937.30
  13. just got my first small from an SOS 7 Star investigation reward money: 18180 Capture Odogaron size 1222.10 small gold crown still no large golds :<