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  1. Already hyped for this! Missed this on the PS3 and my computer is not good enough to run it, especially not in Blighttown.
  2. Who knows, Spain had won 2 Euro's in a row, reached the finals of the Confederations Cup and managed to get knocked out in the GS.
  3. I hope Germany continues the curse of the current champion being knocked out in the group stage. And it can happen.
  4. Long shots all the way when that happens!
  5. If you are having that much of a difficult time, i recommend you to try to learn the mechanics of the game first. And that can come in Squad Battles, since you will be learning how to play and also receiving great rewards. Look up on YouTube for BorasLegend, a Pro Player that has the best tutorial videos on the community, such as shooting and defending. After you feel confident with shooting and defending, try to play online. Player switching and reading the game of your opponent only comes with online practice. Try to do the same as everyone else at the beginning, and that is going with 41212(2), all 50 Custom Tactics (don't forget to put Cover in Defending), and a Meta Premier League squad. After a while, you will be winning games regularly, and you will realize what is wrong and will be able to change things by yourself. Soon enough, you will be smashing on the Weekend League. Good luck!
  6. The thing is, i don't think there needs to be a boycott about the microtransactions in FIFA, like what happened with Battlefront, with the gameplay and other features would make sense. The casuals/Pro Players/YouTubers that open a lot of packs help to get the players on the market, like what will happen next week with Black Friday, with the so called 'market crash' with the amount of players that will appear on the market. If we didn't have people opening packs, only a few handful of CR7's would appear and would cost way, way more than currently. That was lucky, the best player i got was Carrasco Scream out of a Mega Pack when he was worth 120K. Hopefully today i have a better luck to upgrade my team. Thanks, man. Good luck with the platinum. HMU if you want help with the Online Friendlies Season.
  7. But that's obvious. You won't get an awesome team within a week, unless you pack a crazy Icon, Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. It takes time. My goal with FIFA is to get a team with Ronaldinho, but that will take a lot of time, and i'm already over 350 matches played. With FIFA, is either Pay2Win or Play2Win. The latter takes a lot of time.
  8. You basically proved my point. Nothing that happened with SWBF2 will happen with FIFA for the simple fact that people prefer the 'easy' way, which you get with opening packs with real money. ''Oh, but it's too many games to play, it's not worth it''. 45 games of SB per week, 40 games of FUT Champions per weekend, it don't think it's that much. You can even choose to play only one of the game modes, like i'm doing until i get on vacation. I have only played SB since the beginning and placing Elite 1 every week. It gives you 40K and 2 Mega Packs, which you can get lucky or not. I've managed to get over 1 million just by playing SB and trading a little bit.
  9. False. That could have been the case in previous years, but it's not like that anymore. Last FIFA we had the introduction of FUT Champions, that made everyone that played this in a regular basis have a team full of TOTS players by the end of the year, even if they placed only Gold 3 or less every weekend, plus the monthlies, which they gave basically free (untradeable) cards. This year is even easier to get coins, with Squad Battles and Daily/Weekly Objetives. Plus, we have SBC's, which you can get lucky once in a while. I've never spent a penny with FIFA besides the game itself, and i won't ever do that. The 'Road to Glory' aspect of playing without opening packs with real money is what makes me grind this game, it would only make sense for me to have a great team since the beginning if i was a Pro Player. On topic, something that happened with SWBF2 will probably never happen with FIFA, since the prices are not that absurd (unless you live in Brazil and a few other countries), and the player base are addicted to opening packs, specially when the Promos come around. Next week we have Black Friday, next month FUTMas (a Christmas themed Promo), and after that, Team of the Year. It's the best time for EA to make money. People that wander around forums and know of those boycotts, are a very little percentage of the community.
  10. It's temporary, but when they come back, it will be with a much lower cost, for sure.
  11. Will the score go up now?
  12. Almost every (online) game has microtransactions these days, it's different from lootboxes...
  13. They scored 75. User reviews in this case are useless. 99% of them are talking about microtransactions, so they probably didn't even play the game.
  14. Hyped for this. Played a lot on PC.