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  1. I got the trophy a few hours ago on my first try, i'm at DIV1 at the moment. Play the game at night on a weekend, normally all the players will be playing Weekend League, so you won't have many problems. To get the Draft Trophy is way easier when the game launches, after that only people who really enjoy this game mode continues to play, so it's best to do it now than later. I chose to do it today because otherwise i wouldn't be able to find anybody after Futties, the last main event of FIFA, ended. Since you still didn't get the trophy, just follow my advice and Aus_Teh_Rage and you will be fine. Picking a solid formation like the 41212 (2), 4312, or the 4231(2) and playing with your team on Defensive or even Ultra Defensive will give you more chances to win it. Just needs a little bit of patience. Good luck!