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  1. Three Fourths Home. A visual novel about family and regrets. Very interesting, especially if you actually read everything and not just rush for the 100%.
  2. My plan was to alternate between fast and long games, but i saw that i had earned a lot of trophies in September, so i decided to play more of those fast games to make Sep/17 my best month ever in terms of quantity of trophies. Will be finishing The Walking Dead (Season 1 and 2), and just wait for the launch of FIFA 18 next Friday. Think i will hit 400 trophies in one month, and i probably won't be able to top that again.
  3. FIFA 18.
  4. Well, i was trying to find the ''perfect'' ID, something that would be meaningful to me. After a lot of thought, i came up with Atrox. Leão is my last name, which means Lion in English. Atrox is the scientific name for the American Lion, so... yeah. The BR is just from my country (Brazil), since obviously Atrox was taken (or banned, i don't know). Love this ID
  5. Finished Kuroko no Basuke a few weeks ago after being 10 episodes away from the end for at least one year. Thought it would be the end, but apparently there is going to be a new season. Or not.
  6. Easiest list since FIFA 15. The nightmare for many, FUT Draft, can now be done offline. The only trophy that stands out is reaching Division 1, but for those who have troubles with online, i think it can be also done offline. Just play the World Tour from start to finish (you can select 4 different ''leagues'', from the World Tour being the easiest and Ultimate League being the hardest). Doing that, the highest difficulty you will be playing it's World Class, and in DIV2 it will alternate between Professional and World Class: But i'm pretty sure the platinum it's going to be more rarer than the last couple of years. Even though i'm not used to play offline, i think i will grind this out on the 29th, it will not only give me the trophy, but also a good amount of coins for the first Weekend League.
  7. #9- Sound Shapes Played the demo of this game a few years ago and i quite liked it, since it's creative and original. IIRC the demo was from Cities, which actually is the best stage and has the best album in the game. Bought the Ultimate Bundle a while ago, and decided to play it today since i want God of War III to be my 10th platinum. Death Mode was actually a pain in the ass, every single stage i completed i celebrated like a goal from the football team i support. D-Cade album is all luck based and it was the worst of all, had a few problems in Invaderoids... But overall, i liked the game. It's always nice to play something different from FPS or Open-World games. Just wish the DLC's were not Beat School but actual stages.
  8. Thought news from the game were leaked or something when i clicked on the topic 😩
  9. Since this account is not that old, none at the moment. But in my old account, that i had since 2011 and started every single game, i had a lot. TOP3 being Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Hamster Ball and Rag Doll Kung Fu. 😖
  10. Bleach: Soul Resurreccion
  11. 39,23% ATM. But it will probably rise up until 45% or something, since i will play the short games for now, and FIFA will take my time as well when it launches on the 29th. When i'm on vacation at the end of the year i will play the long games like The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, MGS V, and others.
  12. Symbols in the Sky from the PlayStation Quest. Probably won't change it. Simple and beautiful.
  13. The Last Guardian