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  1. Hey so it's difficult for me to play single player games because I enjoy talking to people (don't get me wrong all my fav games are single player games) but sometimes it gets boring. So I'm looking for people to just make friends with and party chat while we game. maybe play some co-op games with
  2. Thanks for all the tips man!! Greatly appreciated
  3. Anyone know anything about these trophies. I bought it I hate it but I'm halfway decent at it. I'm commiting to making at least a little progress everyday til i finish it. If I can finish it. Are all the trophies possible? Glitches or just really difficult to obtain?
  4. Can hue and sky force be played on ps4?
  5. My fellows let's justaccept the easy plat!!!!
  6. Battlefield 1 and uncharted: Drake's fortune (PS3) never played uncharted and with lost legacy coming out I figured I might ad well start the series!
  7. I'm about to just give up the they shall not pass DLC trophies. No matter how close or far I am 80% of the time the shotgun misses or does little to no damage. It pisses me off! I'll unload 5 shells into someone and it does not matter if I'm 1 foot 5 feet or 10 feet away. And I have to get 15 of these kills in 1 match-.- anyone else have this problem?? Or do I just fail with shotguns
  8. Add me!!! Psn:juicetown123 I'm looking for people to trophy hunt in co-op games! Whatever games ya wanna do I can get.
  9. PSN: juicetown123 Systems: PS3 & PS4 I'm fairly new at trophy hunting (I was achievement hunting but got bummed out because I was missing the badass PS exclusives) i only have 2 games completed so I'm looking for people to play through co-op games trophy hunting
  10. Battlefield 1 and GTA V atm. I'm trying my to do 2 games at a time instead of 100...very difficult. I'm trying to make a list of my next 50 100%/plats and do them in order but I can't make up my mind!