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  1. The clearest answer I got from @Squirlruler was "Open source is a requirement. It has to be something that anyone can create to use ". And I do get where the CRT are coming from; there has to be a set of rules and first and foremost that is the first one but I also get everyone else's view (which is also my own) that this particular trophy is impossible to cheat (it wasn't even considered an online trophy until the servers closed) so should be whitelisted. The other (and I'll use the term loosely) "actual" online MP trophies should remain unobtainable as the guides state until an open source version is released and has gone through the approval process. Let us pray to the PSN Profiles God @Sly Ripper so that the peoples' calls are listened to. 😬
  2. I completely agree with @kraven_15 on this one. It maybe could be an exception to the rule as like they stated there is no way to cheat or auto-unlock this trophy. I tried my best to contact @MMDE but it seems private messaging them has been disabled so I reached out to @Squirlruler (the fourth member of the CRT not yet tagged in this thread) who I'm sure won't mind me sharing that they said it isn't going to be allowed. I actually joined the Discord server mentioned to find out if the source code could be made open source which is the first hurdle to getting this on the approved list however someone there told me there was no plans to make it open source "in the near future". @Trypticon8 I would much appreciate if you could demonstrate how this particular trophy is earned in a bid to maybe make the CRT reconsider whitelisting this trophy as it is one which really is only an online trophy due to requiring a connection.
  3. Hi there,


    Not sure if you've seen the discussion thread in relation to the Teletraan 1 trophy - the servers went offline earlier this year but they are now back up and hosted by a Transformers fan group - I'm just wanting to make sure this it not considered cheating... I'm guessing as I've seen plenty other games which have had similar done for them and there's been no issue earning the trophies but just wanting to make sure.


    This trophy in particular literally just needs a server connection to rate the weapons and that's the trophy done and it's all I need for the platinum!


    The thread can be found here:

    Thanks in advance,


  4. @jayboo1991 Did you ever get any update from @MMDE? I only need the Teletraan 1 trophy too for the platinum. @bonafide327
  5. I struggled with this trophy more than completing the hardcore Easter Egg even after watching PowerPyx and a few other guides but I managed to get it after a few attempts on wave 9 and using the Shellshock special ability so I don't think it's bugged - just tricky! Here's a video of when I did it, hopefully it'll help others out:
  6. Disappointing how it doesn't include any stats from PS3 systems as I've done a lot of cleaning up my backlog last year but anyway: Number of games played in 2020: 12 My top games: Gran Turismo Sport (190 hours) Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (182 hours) Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (117 hours) Top genre: First Person Shooter (604 hours) Total gameplay: 1662 hours Locally: 1373 hours (83%) Online: 289 hours (17%) VR: 0 hours Days played in 2020: 174 Top day of the week: Friday Total trophies earned in 2020: 926 Platinum: 17 Gold: 68 Silver: 221 Bronze: 620 Top PS5 game: Bugsnax Top PS5 game hours: 17 Total PS5 gameplay hours: 22 Total PS4 trophies: 74
  7. I feel a similar way to @Tiffanniebaby - when I became bothered about trophies I realised straight away I would never be able to achieve 100% perfection for my backlog since some of the earlier games I had for PS3 already had unobtainable trophies due to server shutdown. The only positive thing I take from it is I need not ever worry about starting a new game and for whatever reason a trophy being unobtainable. I'd imagine it would feel a lot worse to start off with a perfect 100% trophy list profile and then a few years down the line with 100s of 100%s for then one game to screw you over. The way I like to think of it now is that if a platinum or 100% is not obtainable then it's out of my control; there's nothing I can do about it so as long as I do everything I can to get all the remaining trophies which are attainable then I've done as good as anyone else could at that time. Plus, to "satisfy" my 100% craving I'm trying to 100% all my PS4 games right now as that's still achievable. 😬
  8. Heads up - I think the servers have been shutdown for PS3 now. I can't get online.
  9. Does anyone know if this glitch has been fixed? I'm sure the developers have had long enough by now to come up with a patch...
  10. I am mostly certainly a PES however FIFA is also on my trophy list as unfortunately (for me) that's the only way I can beat them at football games. Otherwise I'm a FPS/action/adventure gamer but like everything. Currently playing Destiny (PS4) and Burnout Paradise (PS3).
  11. Don't really play RPGs... Does Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow count?
  12. Bought a house by myself when I was 21, no reason other than I wanted to stand on my own two feet having been through college and university while staying at home.
  13. Dogs for their loyalty and loving nature. Got nothing against cat people though, I like all animals.
  14. Nerdy developer t-shirt wearing, toilet mirror selfie photo. Haters gonna hate.
  15. Greetings, Decided to sign up to the site mainly to use the forums after months of using the profile page to track my trophy stats. I've had a PSN account for many years and not really been bothered about trophies until recently so now I'm on a mission to rectify my completion rates and trophy per day count! Hoping to meet some cool people on here, make friends and get involved in gaming sessions.