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  1. Hi, I did 4 stacks and YES, all songs can be used in both versions EU and US. some songs are not available on the PS4 so when I completed my PS3 stacks I had to buy one new song for the PS4 versions, But I don't remember which one it was. Pop Muzik is definitely working everywhere, so feel free to just put your mic next to a speaker und let it do all the grind. Please don't use the hair dryer method some ppl suggest in some forums, it can kill singstar mics (if you use them) in no time and is dangerous on top. The speaker method will need some love to make it work sometime but once set up the 4-stack plat is easy enough, and won't kill your voice over 1600 Songs on the way The vibrato and other stuff has to be achieved by you but just buy Placebos every me, every you and there are a lot of long easy notes to achieve several trophies. I hope this helps Kind regards! Jen
  2. Well, before I started "hunting" my husband or brother would occasionally try games and I really would like to delete those lists. Like GTA4 GTA5 GranTurismo 5 Dead Nation Apocalypse Payday 2 I just don't want to play them but my brain needs to see lists complete so it's bugging me. It's not that I have a perfect profile or something (but I do like my completion rate), but I only put games on there I really like or intent to play completely. In the past few month I added a few more open games I just enjoyed, but it's my decision and my intention to come back and play them. With these older games from the first days of my PS3 it's different. I don't like them and don't want to play them :/ I had more games like this but in fact it bugged me so much I started to actual play a few of them, ending up with 100% in Road not taken (in the end I enjoxed that one!) From dust (was also a great game, wouldn't have thought that) Playstation all stars battle royal (hated every second) Race the sun (don't like it but it wasn't that hard to end it quickly) And 90% in Persona Arena Ultimax which has all my hate right now, I will never complete it :/ I don't wanna do that anymore, and won't. But well, it happened once and I know one day my brain will force me again I'd rather delete some of these games T_T
  3. Looks like some reviews were right. Death stranding is about the adventures of a lone amazon prime delivery man and his daily struggles like when to pee.... I mean "pee outside for the first time" sais it all. I'm still looking forwards
  4. bc I can't help myself I'm a series completionist I would totally play it for the second list xDD
  5. Yeah as die hard Lara fan I loved the reboot on PS3. Well tbh at first I was confused bc it really felt like a shooter and I didn't like shooter, never played Uncharted btw. I just got my PS3 in 2013, got Tomb Raider and after I got used to the stealth shooter aspects I really liked it. I liked Lara and all the characters and the story was very TR-like and interesting. I wasn't good at it and needed years to complete bc I wasnt't a trophy hunter back than. 2 years later it kind of started my "trophy hunter carreer" I had to do another playthrough for platinum and suddenly the game felt easy and short, but I liked it even more. When Rise came out I was excited and wasn't disappointed (except for the country they chose, bc I hate snow, and Laras remodel, she looked just dumb). That game I totally loved from the beginning, even when the story got a bit... IDK ist was a bit off. But I still liked it, I loved the last ancient city und I was surprised how much fun I had with the Challenges and that card system. the DLCs are some of the best DLCs i've ever had. They brought back the mansion, the Zombie DLC in the mansion was great fun, but the other DLCs too. It's an 9,999/10 for me. And Shadow just destroyed all that. Just everything about it is bullshit. the story, the character "Lara", the bullshit DLCs ripped out of the maingame, the skilltree, the jumping... Well I had no problems with deadly obsession, it wasn't that hard. But the game was just no fun and when I speedran through it for deadly obsession it became even more obvious how bad the writing was in this part. I can't think of one thing about the game I like except for the graphics, the surroundings are just beautiful. I mean I have played worse, WAY worse games. But when I expect a great game bc I loved the previous ones, buy it day one and get THIS... that's harder than just finding out that a random game I try out every now and then is not as fun as it looked like. Few things bugging me overall are how easily Lara just destroys ancient ruins without thinking twice. She is an archaelogist, it should at least hurt her a bit. Lara was always a badass, killing enemies if she had to, but the way they created the reboot it feels like it just doesn't fit. Also she's a bitch now. I loved her back in the days. Smart, badass. Now they added arrogant, stupid, selfcentered. Adding "feelings" was a good idea but they just failed to do it the right way and fucked it up completely. It didn't felt that way in the reboot, in rise it was easy to ignore but in shadow it was killing me, really. Oh and killing animals for supplies like fur for crafting like I had to actively search for pumas and all the other wildcats. These are threatened species and Lara goes in like "hey I need a new bow lets kill some rare wildcats for fur". I understood that aspects in the first game bc they were stranded on an island with no civilisation and in the second game it was not too bad, the village needed supplies like that but it was enough to kill some rabbits and deers. In part 3 we have civilisation right next to the jungle, we can always fast travel there. And now the game wants us to kill like 100 wildcats to improve weapons. How about no. Well and then I saw yesterday the Shadow of the TR Definitive Edition on amazon (coming soon) and was like OMG why. hopefully this won't have a seperate trophy list
  6. you can sometimes activate PS+ for a few days (in germany it is either 2 days or 2 weeks depending on what the store gives me) to activate it you have to be out of PS+ for some time and then try to start an online game from disc like PVZ or destiny and the store will ask you to "try ps+" for 2 days or something. For me it always worked using the PVZ2 disc. it's not much but nice to try games out or if you only need PS+ for syncing (like I needed that to autopop Friday 13th double plat while the licence belongs to my US account but my main account is german and I didn't want to buy PS+ on a second account) Maybe that's something for you.
  7. Well drinking doesn't relax me and I have no fun at all being drunk if I ever get there, bc alcohol makes me SO tired, I immediately go from awake and full of energy to deep sleep in under 30 minutes with no other states between. Also I don't like the taste but that's a different story. But one time I was very sick and was laying on my couch with 39°C fever. And as always when I am ill I just can't accept, that my body is going to stop me from enjoying my rare free time so I pushed and tried to earn trophies in that state. I realized that I was barely able to hold the controller but I managed to kill Zolltun Kull in Diablo 3 for the 500 bounties. So I killed him and restared adventuremode the whole night like 400 times and the best thing is, I only know that I managed to do that bc my husband told me, I don't even remember that boring shit and feel like I was sleeping that night So I managed to get past that waste of time without really wasting time!
  8. Claim to Fame: Singstar PS4 EU (0.36%) Walk of Shame: Slyde (98.42%) Phew, Slyde prevented me from joining the Mayo club More ashamed of Singstar than Slyde bc after doing all the important trophies legit I put the microphone next to a speaker for the remaining 300 grind songs. Slyde was a legit job for all the 40 seconds it lasted xDD TBH I LOVE singstar, just my voice gave up on some point... after doing the plat 4 times. And nobody should be ashamed of anything. hopefully everbody had fun earning whatever trophy is the most common one. This topic is definitely adding to the fun.
  9. Is it possible to deinstall the patch and get the last recipe missing to get the trophy without issues? The last "normal" recipe I needed was the one after Light elemental, I have a save there. BC I don't think after all that I am interested in the DLC :/
  10. yeah that's pretty much it. You have to do several things in wall market to get 3 parts of a costume. there is a guy who can make you a dress but if I remember correctly he is drunk in a bar. you can get parfume and a wig (I think it was a wig) and there is also as bonus the possibility to get a slip. you have at least to get the dress and in a minigame in a dojo or something you get other parts. I don't recall what is the correct order. I think there is a person who wants you to find the drunk guy and he will be inspired by the idea to make a womens dress for Cloud, something like that. I know that I always struggled a bit here even with all the knowledge what to do bc on some point there is only one way way to make progress and I never knew the right order I think there was also a restaurant where you have to eat something to get something but I can't remember if it was a part of a costume (maybe for the slip bc you have to do several things to get that bonus slip and it's worth it!) Sorry it's been a while. You will figure it out
  11. Well, I guess it will be PS5 now, I hope so. We dont need a remaster on every generation. I really hope they don't start to remaster all the PS4 things on PS5. having FF10 on ps2, 3 AND 4 was just too much, even without extra trophies. But I am really looking forwards to FF13 trilogy remaster on ps5, I liked the games, especially Lightning returns
  12. OMG that's a Kalafina avatar *_______* Thanks for the input! I was able to make my way to platinum in the end, but only bc I found a decent party I could stay with until the last mainquest. I had to realise how fun this game can be with the right ppl. But I decided against going further, mainly bc buying all add ons (I only own the Maingame right now) for PS4 was too expensive IMO. I mean It's 60€ right now, and I probably would have bought it for a better price bc my last days were very very fun! Sadly, going into dungeons alone was still hard, my experience didn't change at all. But with my group it was always a nice evening.
  13. God I love the movie. We have to collect 100 twinkies I guess I will play this
  14. I guess you didn't pay much attention to the Demo, bc it prety much looks like the original, just with a modern menu. You will have an ATB bar that fills over seconds and when it's full yu will have access to the menu like you know it from FF7 back in the days. In the menu you have summons and magic and limit breaks and everything else, except the "attack" option. The only difference is, that while the ATB bar is filling you don't have to wait, instead in that time you can make the normal attacks. I think this is SO great I'm extremely hyped for it^^ BC watching it felt really like 7. the battke system will serve this remake very well.
  15. I HAD to give up on a game for the sake of my sanity. I've played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and failed: Don't Think, Feel You completed all of one character's challenges! Adachi's Letter You satiated your Hunger for Adachi's challenges. Old Bamboo Comb I can't believe you beat all my challenges! Spiral Bookmark You were more than a match for Margaret's challenges. My, my. SO this is all about challenges. I am not able to complete a challenge over 15. Every character has between 25 and 30 challenges and they get more and more difficult. I completet all challenges of all characters until 12-14, but I am just not able to complete one character, which xould be my platinum, bc the other 3 trophies are DLC trophies... It was about to drie me crazy so I had to give up it is so frustrating!