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  1. I know for sure that you can platinum the game completely in free trial, this is not the problem, it will be the new ID...
  2. Hi, I don't know if I'm in the right corner. I have some hidden trophies on my profile bc I didn't started the games, it was my husband or my brother and I didn't intent to play them (that was before I was a "hunter" and didn't care) but right now as a completionist I feel like I want to play them and make the best out of it. so I started to play hardware rivals and now I'm at 57% and wanted to unhide the game. I never used the new PS4 feature and was confused to find games there that I never installed on my PS3/4/Vita. no trophies, not installed nothing oO but anyway so I scrolled and scrolled and noticed, that some of my hidden trophy lists like hardware rivals, driveclub and guacamelee had a ticked checkbox, but other games like broforce looked like the unhidden trophies, there was nothing in the checkbox. I thought I have to remove the tick but there was no tick and so I don't know how to make these games visible again. On my PSNP you can see that none of these games is shown. anyway again, I unticked hardware rivals and saved. Then I went and earned a new trophy, synced that but nothing changed. I still can't see hardware rivals. I wanted to untick all the hidden games now but then I remembered that I can't unhide broforce bc there is no tick in the checkbox... Can anyone help? Thank you!
  3. This is still random to me. especially since "you just need to make it happen" is not so "just", most of the time it is impossible without telling all 11 ppl what you want to do. which won't work either. But we also kinda mean the same thing anyway so we don't have to argue about one word. ppl reading this will get what we want to say.
  4. yes there is. in the ppl, how they play and how toxic they are, in creating the perfect situation to get one of the hard trophys, which is usually crazy to do. Even playing completely legit, seeing an opportunity to get my trophy - some teammate stepped in prevented me from getting it sending me a message after that saying "haha no trophy for you" THATs how toxic it can be and also RNG, bc you don't know who will be in your team or who is you opponent. You don't know what a team they will build by picking characters and if you can play your prefered one, it is coincident if you or the team can create a situation helping a trophy...
  5. Well my 2 cent. I have a friend who is really good and loves to play overwatch. but after 2 years of overwatch every night she stopped BC it is to toxic now and blizzard has a tendency to patch their games to shit, they did that with few characters in overwatch now. boosting ist hard to nearly impossible, at least it is possible to get a team of 12 ppl together in a game but with lots of patience. we were together in many groups and a lot of them were unorganized or very ego, sometimes ppl left after getting a trophy leaving the others behind. sometimes you need hours to get the whole group together in matches, sometimes the randoms know what you are trying to do. iE you have 11 ppl already in the match and one in the waiting loop. if you have one in the waiting loop he can watch the matches and will enter as soon as someone else leaves. but very often the last random wouldn't leave bc he knew what we are trying to do. also very often random ppl report you for boosting just for fun even if you really try to not spoil their experience. Trophywise - there are always 2 trophies per character. An easy one that you can earn after a short time playing the character., And a hard one that you will have to work hard for, have A LOT of luck, be very aware of your sorroundings and chances and have a VERY good control of the character. Most of the time you can not combine playing normal and aiming for a trophy. also you can not play the character you want to every game. if you pick the wrong character for a specific tactic the group wants to play, they will troll you report you and oc you won't be of any help to the team. My friend got her platinum after years playing legit and got most things by accident, and she is pretty good in that game. She still has not all DLC trophies for the new characters and probably won't do them. I stopped pretty early since I am not that good and don't see any chance for me.
  6. thank you that prevents a heart attack
  7. Yeah I thought so, thank you for making things clear Guess I have to buy the full thing bc I'm only doing this for 100%, If I can't get that I don't have to even start. Thanks again this is very helpful.
  8. Hi, Im new to this, find it still complicated. right now I have only PS+ version, and would buy DLCs but ONLY for drive club main game, I dont want bikes or any other new trophy list. is there a chance to accidently earn a drophy for bikes if I only play the main game and it's dlcs? I want to avoid that. If if earn all the online trophies, can I do the rest after the server shutdown or will the whole game be down?
  9. Hi, im new to driveclub but when it came in PS+ I earned a trophy by accident. What do I need to buy to 100% the game, is the season pass enough? I heared somewhere that it is, and everything else is "free"? Is it correct that I must not buy "no limits" and "finish line" to avoid the DC Bikes list in my profile? Thank you
  10. Hi, interesting topic... I'd like to share which rules from your list I agree with, add my own and comment the rules I don't use for myself. please don't feel offended by my thoughts on the rules I disagree with, just my thoughts absolutely. plus: When I start a game I ALWAYS make sure to get online Trophies out of the way first thing, to avoid "forces bigger than yourself" like server shutdowns while I am playing it. I even try to find boost partners before I start it to make sure of that, but it is not always working that way. No, when I found the game wasn't fun at all I won't do it a second time. I have only so many time before I die, I won't waste it on shit games I have no fun at all with. Also I don't want to pay someone money for crap. Another nope. My first rule overall is: Have fun. Play what you love, not what someone expects. That's kinda nice, it's most of the time in the back of my head. But if I really want to play something that is considered easy but a lot of fun for me personally, I will always make an exception. Yes. And not only bc I usually hate a the MP in a game that is mostly SP. Boosting is part of the fun too. Yep. But the exception is always rule number one: Play what you love. I don't regret playing Final Fantasy 15 and dead by daylight. DBD ist one of my favorite games of all time. but it is constantly updated with trophies, sometime pretty hard ones. Yes, nothing to add. Not always working for me but I do my best. No I dont care. The platinum ist just another trophy on my way to 100%, it has a nice color though Well thats nice, but I respectfully disagree. As long as a person has a brain, the person will have the chance to find the same strategy. If you find it yourself, google it or ask someone. But not sharing something with the world is not cheating on that situation it doesn't give you an unfair advantage IMO. If I see someone asking and I have the answer, I will share. but I won't always go online, search if I can add my strategy somewhere only to do something. If someone asks me I will help, but I don't blame anyone for not doing that. If he or she made it by him/herself, I can do that too as long it wasn't cheated by them. Nope, but only bc of my rule number one. If I don't like a part of a series I won't play it, and sometimes I find my way into the series by playing the latest game and not the first one. If I am interested in something new I will play that and and not part one of it. I started Infamous First light as my very first infamous and loved it. if I had played infamous 1 first I wouldn't have liked it. But I liked everything about first light and second son so much that I decided I will play the whole series and for each series I decide to do that I find a reasonable order. a mix of what makes sense and is possible to me right now, including onlinetrophy issues (like I will probably play a game from the series first if it includes online trophies to get them out of the way) yes. you should yeah for me I adjusted that rule after some bad experiences. First I check if there is something missable, that I can't go back to via chapter select, something that can destroy everything I build my game up to. Just checking that and how to avoid that. Sometimes I decide that it's okay for me to have a second complete playthrugh and sometime I feel that the game is not that fun and I don't want to waste more time than necessary, in that case I will grab a guide for collectibles or something. still not for the rest of it. and lately I started the last of us and found it so dreadful (Im so sorry xD) that I even searched for some strategy guides to find my way through all the shootings easier. So I kinda have 3 states of a game with matching strategies to them. Yes. Absolutely. My own rules: Have fun. Play what you love, not what someone expects. Make sure to get online Trophies out of the way first thing, before any other trophy in the game if possible to avoid "forces bigger than yourself" like server shutdowns while playing it. If you love a series, confirmed by at least one or more titles already played, play all titles of the series, except the impossible ones. This includes stacks. It excludes games that differ from the whole series very much and you hate it (like I hate Final Fantasy Dissidia SO MUCH I CAN'T play that, but will complete everything else) Platinum is not 100%. The plat is only a nice little trophy on my way to 100%, it's not worth much unless I haven't completed the DLCs too. Test every game you barely know on a test account. ALWAYS. So you won't have to endure bullshit games bc you earned a trophy in the prologue of the game. The account is like your diary, it mirrors your life and lifetime you put into it. never start a new one. If there is something open in it - stand by it and deal with it, means complete it and never do that again, bc you have a test account! Also play things that mirrors who you are. If you love music play music games. If you love cats play cat games! Don't care what everyone else say about those games if you HONESTLY have fun with them or aspects of them. I do break them sometimes, also my account has a lot of games from before the time I hunted and found rules for me. But I deal with them one by one as far as I can. Last thing to add: not long a go a guy I had talked to every now and then died. he was only in his 40s and a really nice person and he had 600+ platinums. And he was adamant on rules like this. He never got the chance to play some awesome games he planned on (as he told me) bc he followed strictly some rules and completed some games he hated before he had the chance to start the games he was SO looking forwards to. Don't be that guy. I won't.
  11. Hi guys, how is it now? can you play this game and earn everything? I earned a trophy by accident in 2016 and never really intended to play it but Id like to have my lists on 100% so I think about playing it. Is it possible?
  12. Overwatch, bc I wanted to play it with my best friend even though I knew I would never be able to plat it bc I suck at Games like that.
  13. I agree with most points, only thing that's awesome here is the graphics (I mean REALLY AWESOME, i love it) and I really like the guest characters like noctis. But I also agree that guests shouldn't be canon. They make tekken a cashcow now... it's so sad.
  14. as mentioned before, you CAN NOT really boost this. you just won't find the other team period. Even if you meet all the requirements to make it easier to find a group, it works 1 our of 300 time maybe. All you can do is hoping for farm sessions, as a survivor or initiate a farm session as a killer which means to make sure the other random group understands what you want to do, you can iE tell them per private message but it is common in that community that ppl won't accept private messages from ppl not in the friendlist. And don't forget: if you farm: give the opponent team something to show you are thankful! give them points, let them survive or whatever they want if they decide to help you. But F13 is a shitty game while DBD is a blast, just learn it and enjoy it, you will get to your plat if you play on a daily base
  15. Seems to be an unpopular opinion but I do enjoy ratalaika games, and not only bc an easy platinum ^^" Don't throw rocks at me or something, I think they are quite good, except for inksplosion