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  1. eminem. I love his voice, lyrics and flow while I detest rap music in general. I'm more for rock and metal, also japanese music and game soundtracks are more my thing
  2. Well, I suggest to actually play the game before saying it looks bad, also (I don't know why this always has to be pointed out before saying something good about the remake) I am FF7 Fan since 1999 when I first played it (and since I played it 20 times I guess) and had very low expectations regarding the remake. And now it is basically my game of the year bc I was very surprised on how damn good just everything is (except for sephiroth fanservice, yes I wasn't toooo happy about that but it didn't kill me either) It was everything I want from a game and more, perfectly paced, best Soundtrack one could get out of it and looks stunning oc. yes I had like 3 times texture problems that disappeared eventually completely, so no big deal here. I loved the changes(not really changes, everything was just more pen and got more depht, I feel like everything that was diffrent was either closing plotholes or fixing the storytelling a bit, more logic, and so on), the dialoges (not the german ones, they were bullshit), I loved the new sections/ the expanded ones. Even the sidequest were okay bc there were not too much of them. I literally just waited for square to screw this up big time and what I got was the best thing I played in a few years (okay, I admit I also love Death stranding, Horizon and a few others, sure!) I know that my nostalia was a huge part of it, but I am aware of what is nostalgia and what is just a really enjoyable part of a new game. This did my childhood justice in the best of ways. yes, except for the ending, chapter 18 kind of sucked but I am willing to wait for part 2 before I judge chapter 18! Also chapter 18 was not able to undone the beautiful 17 chapters before so it just matters in discussion of the future of the series and I can ignore it for now. Also I really enjoyed the combat-system and to find out materia combinations to beat secret bosses. I just had a lot of fun, I don't pretend that or lie to myself, I really wanted to go on fighting Bosses and also see the next installment asap. I usually don't "fanirl" over anything at all. But I just can not understand how some things can be so missunderstood in case of gamedeveloping decisions sometime. Anyone can have an opinion, this in mine. Edit: Oh and also in terms of story completion, to most ppl I know the game is actually pretty difficult and a few in fact struggle to beat it on normal, but not completing was never an indicator of it beeing a good game in the first place.
  3. ah, the occasional bragging thread again? Whenever I read 3/10 I expect a Lego game or something like that. how hard must a game be to be a 4 or 5, a 10 for you? This whole thing is just off. giving a 7 or 8 does not mean that you are not skilled, instead you should be proud making it through the game, it's a good thing to rate high, not a bad thing. I have some harder plats on my profile, maybe not a meatboy but there are other fun games in that rank and I also loved FF7R so hard that I can say I got pretty good at it. Yes, the hard mode was way easier than normal, bc I had level 50, all materia on max level, all weapons and oc my skill went up when I had to play it right for the first time and go more strategically. But that doesn't mean the game got easier at all in general. I know some ppl struggeling with it and they are not unskilled players in general. The pull-up game is nor for everyone and pretty fast, the secret bosses can be a pain if you struggle to understand the pacing or strategy you need, a little bit of luck that bahamut is in a good mood and very good timing is also a factor. This game is far from easy, and a 3/10 ist just that. EASY. If darksouls and meatboy are 9 or 10, and my name is mayo, tell tale are 1, then FF7R must be somewhere along 6 or 7 for secret bosses, hard mode and pull-ups, considering that not everybody will be able to get all of that done without help and patience and thinking about strategies. Maybe not even then. For me personally it was a bit easyier, but It would be unfair to say 4 or less only bc I am skilled when others will struggle way more. So in a poll I would rate 7. I just hate this bragging like "oh that game was a 1/10 bc look at me, I'm perfect..." yeah it's not about being the best at everything, it's about giving a fair rating for ppl who decides to buy or not to buy a game.
  4. You dont, but I do. I don't say it's that common or everyone should do that but I always gut the new model the last 4 times. I have fat lady, a slim, a ps4 from the first shipping and a ps4 pro also from the day it came out and I use them all at the same time. besides that my husband also uses one so we can play together but I use them a lot to boost with myself in 2-player trophy occasions. I know a huge amount of ppl with 2 or more ps4 at home to do exactly that... There is nothing odd about that
  5. Yep nah seriously, I'm on more than one website and this is the only one I get the feeling of being almost bullied into a specific way of gaming, so I already left and found my trophy community elsewhere. Somedays like today just can't help myself and put my 2 cents in here, but not that it matters. Also serious question, bc I just saw 2 ppl using that point: Do you all keep your trophy screenshots? I delete most of them after I deleted the game from my drive, I only keep the nice ones for my blog, also I have more than one console and I only keep those screenshots on my main console anyway. To not have those screenshots can't be seriously a prove of anything oO
  6. and what about all the hunter who prepare more than a year for platinum rains? are they all cheater now? It's just absurd to have a dictation how I play and sync games. I often play games on a new account without PSN connection to see if I like it, sometimes i even Platinum the game there bc I don't want to have a 200h game open in my profile before I am done with it, and when I have platinum, I sync the trophys by loggin into my account. lots of ppl do that, it's not cheating at all and it can take a year to get there. God, seriously slowly but surely this leaderboard is going downhill with all the controll-freaky behaviour... there are sure a lot ppl on the board who shouldn't be there and we all know that. it ill never be perfect but you must not start a damn wichhunt over things like a late sync.
  7. Thank you all for your input, this thread was very helpful in giving me hope. I had the same problem in section 5-6 and was able to beat everything up to level 5-11 now. This time I try to stay positive and beat the game/platinum eventually.
  8. Funny, you know, I play Dead by daylight for more tan 3 years now, its the same thing. you just learn to deal with that. at least in DBD you can always see how bad the connection is before entering the match so you can leave without punishment before starting the match with that mastermind/killer in dbd. I thought about starting this game since it is similar to DBD and I love that, this bad connection thing is not holding me from it after my DBD experience this is something that will never change. DBD offeres dedicated servers now, but after years of success. other games, and this will be one of it, won't give you that.
  9. Well thats easy, bc of different laws in different countries in some countries a game is forbidden and in another it is pegi 17 or something, they have to make sure a game is only available when allowed. like we in germay have a few blacklisted games we are not allowed to buy but you can buy is in the neighbour country austria. also licenses of games can be limited to countries and are only allowed to be sold in a country they have the license for. having a store in every country is the easiest way to make sure of that. the thing I personally don't understand is, that you can only buy your countries voice/sub version, bc if my game doesn't come with the language I want to play it in, I have to buy the version from the other country. I know they could change that, in the HK/Asia store you can buy a game in several versions like japanese or chinese version, you can choose there. There are still games in germany that only come with german language or with english, but not japanese. In example I like to play jaoanese RPGs with japanese dub and englisch sub, also I play all games in english only, it's easier if you wanna talk about it later online and find guides...
  10. We need to stop judging ppl for games on their list... to each their own. From the mentioned games I only played slyde, but I did that actually for fun bc I enjoyed this kind of puzzle as a child... good thing that the games was over fast bc the nostalgia and fun was over fast, too ^^" but that was the reason for buying it on sale in the first place. You can not possibly know for what reason anyone plays or buys something and even if you did, do you feel better playing high quality games over someone who just plays all the crap on a regualr basis? why? I personally don't care for the easy BS, but I don't like hating on that games either, since I REALLY enjoyed some Ratalaikas (Midnight) ans would always defend them Also, If someone decides to have a shitty day with stuff they don't enjoy - let them feel miserable. They already do, so whats the point in adding your opinion and make them even more miserable. For my completion I still do sometimes things I don't enjoy that much as I did with the rest of a game like fishing in Final Fantasy 15, but I did it anyway. Where is the difference? The big picture, the overall HQ platinum maybe. But at the end of the day that not really true, right? Edit: Oh I also enjoy a shorter Platinum while working several weeks on something big, so I have some change for a few hors and see something else
  11. I loved the scene, already watched it several times for fun and the music, it's perfect! I laughed tears and I love the message Anyan told Cloud in the end: When it comes to beauty and art, genders don't exist and never be afraid! Such a great message to everyone feeling afraid of something bc someone in the society is judging. And I love how cloud is not uncomfortable at all, he isn't flushing like I kind of expected, he is not refusing anything and theres no disrespect for any related topic from his side (he only didn't want to dance at first) - it is so important and I was just in awe and hyped and everything
  12. Let us know what you think when you are through the original story^^
  13. The whispers are dead as fas as I understand. Everything else: No big secret here, I guess there is no one out there NOT thinking, that the whispers are just instrumentalised so the developers can play with the remake and construct something fitting a series. That's the obvious part. less obvious is which way they wanna go down from now on.
  14. It absolutely is not dead, I play my share of games throughout the week and always find easy lots of ppl. The matchmaking is trycky right now, but if I play killer and play my 10 rounds in the evening, i never meet a person twice and find my matches in lett than 5 seconds. As a survivor it depends on your group, its easier to find matches alone so you can fill the last vacant position in every group. searching with a 3-ppl group will take longer. but that was different some time ago and they will get there again, I guess. The community is very active, and that is of bc it is way better than Friday (that one is bullshit IMO). I think it is the best game in its genre and with a new killer/survivor charakter every 3 month or so, this game is far from dead, otherwise they wouldn't create content anymore.
  15. no problem at all. Yes, you have to platinum the game ONCE completely normal, and all other versions on the same ps4 system will load up your save file from the already completed game. Ie, I platinumed the EU version in like 200 or more hours. They I bought the US version and when I started it, I was already level 130 from my previous save file. And all I had to do was doing everything again only once. not 13 times, not 100 times and no 1313 kills. the only thing that is basically not autopopping are things you have to do only once anyway, like kill jason. you need to do this again. Also, you can do everything with bots, depending on how many PS4 systems you have but 5 are more than enough. bc there is a glitch which lets you kill as many peaple as you ant as a killer. the only thing you have to really prepare is tommy jarvice or the jason kill.