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  1. God I love the movie. We have to collect 100 twinkies I guess I will play this
  2. I guess you didn't pay much attention to the Demo, bc it prety much looks like the original, just with a modern menu. You will have an ATB bar that fills over seconds and when it's full yu will have access to the menu like you know it from FF7 back in the days. In the menu you have summons and magic and limit breaks and everything else, except the "attack" option. The only difference is, that while the ATB bar is filling you don't have to wait, instead in that time you can make the normal attacks. I think this is SO great I'm extremely hyped for it^^ BC watching it felt really like 7. the battke system will serve this remake very well.
  3. I HAD to give up on a game for the sake of my sanity. I've played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and failed: Don't Think, Feel You completed all of one character's challenges! Adachi's Letter You satiated your Hunger for Adachi's challenges. Old Bamboo Comb I can't believe you beat all my challenges! Spiral Bookmark You were more than a match for Margaret's challenges. My, my. SO this is all about challenges. I am not able to complete a challenge over 15. Every character has between 25 and 30 challenges and they get more and more difficult. I completet all challenges of all characters until 12-14, but I am just not able to complete one character, which xould be my platinum, bc the other 3 trophies are DLC trophies... It was about to drie me crazy so I had to give up it is so frustrating!
  4. Funny, now we have a hater for every entry of the series in the thread and it's only page 2. The only thing I learn from this is that it's not FF8, for every FF there are ppl to love it and to hate it and I don't even feel that any FF entry gets more hate or less hate than other except for FF7. 7 seems to be some holy grail. So to complete the thread: I don't like 7, bc it's so overhyped, I don't like sephiroth, shinra stories or aerith very much and I don't like the other games that came with it. It's still not a bad game though it's just that I love 8 more bc of the plot twists in the end and bc of squall. TBH I love almost every FF Game and I never get why ppl are hating in general, bc any FF is still better than most other RPGs.
  5. I have 2 kinds of ppl around, the ones that love the game and only few that don't like the game. And maybe it's a coincidence but the same ppl who don't like it are the ones who didn't get the twist "who" in fact the final boss "really" is. the Majority, the ppl who understood are the ones who love the whole thing. btw I don't know anyone personally who doesn't like the draw system oO thats new to me...
  6. you should finish hardware rivals. I did it over the past few weeks and it wasn't that bad at all. actually quite fun and after a few hours I made huge progress.
  7. Streetfighter X Tekken. I love Tekken, I don't like street fighter. I'd love to have all tekken series platinums on my profile but I'll pass this one bc I don't want to play a street fighter themed game ^^"
  8. doomtrain is also automatically missed if you missed alexander BC of alexanders ability to craft the pills (I don't know the english word of the item) you need to summon doomtrain also if you never ever entered a junk shop you won't be able to craft a better weapon after a certain point bc you can enter a junk shop with tonberys junk shop ability but only if you entered one before... so that is a missable trophy too, right? I never tried that.
  9. loved the previous games... maybe it will be possible again to load your old character from part 2 into this one? in that case the max level won't be hard. but 3200 kills oO if you don't like one class it's always annoying
  10. oh and before I forget: today I literally cried when I started the game earlier and heared the first notes of liberi fatali *_* I don't know it's just a long time since I played it the last time and was very happy
  11. it's the absolutely best game of the series for me. 7 was my first but I fell for 8 very hard shortly after I finished 7. Now my top list is 8, 9, 7, 10,12, 13-3 but pretty much all the other FF games share the fifth place. except for x-2, which is the worst. it's still a decent FF but by far the worst of the series for me personally. that said I also love the remaster. the background doesn't bother me it still looks a bit better on my TV now than back in the days and I also like the remodeled characters very much.
  12. I don't know what you're all talking about. I've played FF8 15 times throughout childhood. I love it and it is the best FF ever. but using the cheats is not taking anything from me. it allows me to relive the whole thing but faster. I always hated to need so much time to get from A to B. I already achieved everything in this game several times why should I feel bad about using the chetas to just enjy the story again oder to try a new way in less time. I never tried to beat the game on start level and now I can play around a but without loosing too much time for other options and games.
  13. yeah all bosses that has to be drawn from bosses can be drawn exactly 2 times, but you can it only own one time. but if you miss it the first time you have to wait until the final dungeon, for a lot of reasons that should be avoided. and you cant miss for example alexander bc without him you cant get doomtrain so the one missed trophy would cause other missable trophies too.
  14. lol you didn't got the news? I'm happy to break them to you it will come this year (earlier this year they said 2019 on ps4 and switch) but there is still no release date like it was with ff8. I think it will be november and I am SO HAPPY about it
  15. yeah I was also looking forwards to all GFs, but no phoenix, no odin (okay you have to get odin to get tombery), you can get all G.F. either the one or the other way, so no ultima weapon if you don't want to. and I thought they put the chocobo world in the game but no trophies regarding that? I was looking forwards to explore that. not complete at all... but I'm still happy its not a grind. there are a few other FF games coming like crystal chronicles that I love too so at least it won't block me for too long.