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  1. Thanks a lot! Funfact, I beat the game 3 times and I have all the trophies, I'm at 98% and this is the last one missing. I JUST NEVER pressed X I didn't know I can do that The 5 times I got it according to my statistics must have been by accident. Now I can get my platinum, thanks again!
  2. Hi, I am missing the metioned trophy. As I understand I have ro attack wit "psych" 20 times. but I just dont know what the game wants from me. I found the stat for it and noticed that I was able to do it 5 times. On another playthrough 1 time. The trophy still counts 5 so I am afraid I have to do 20 times in one playthough? Can anyone explain what exactly is meant? My guess is, that I have to attack one of those 4 legged dog like mist creatures. Sometimes when they downed me I was able to stab them instead of dying. But I couldnt recreate it, I dont know what the requirements are and if that is even the right attack for that trophy. Also there are very few of them, some guard mandra cores but not enough for 20 attacks? Thanks in advance!
  3. By experience I'd say 2 playthroughs are enough. One with everything around 6 to 8h depending on your style, getting all docs, mandras, kills and psych end, and one in under 4, killing nothing, on hard, cloud save is not necessary, chapter select is enough and will provide you with the needed items to push stats. Its possible that reloading the last save, which gets you into the bossfight will do, depending on your stats atvthe beginning of the fight. Also: if 2 stats are atbthe same level, you get the ending you are missing, I tried that. Had 2 stats on 70 and already had the first ending, the game gave me the ending for the second stat with 70 that I hoped to get. Very forgiving. I'd say 12h. Every playthrough you have to do gets faster. I am missing a last trophy myself, but I am sure it is easy doable in one of those playthroughts...
  4. Is it possible to go backnto that chapter and play from there or even just kill the one to get the trophy? I dont really know ehats missing for me I only know it is one mandra and one note. Also, does anyone know how to save? When I go back to my last cloudsave it is the last save the game makes before going to the final boss. Everything i do from there is never saved until I make story progress, but story progress would end the game...
  5. The 3 attribute trophies are in fact very easy and you dont have to do several playthroughs for it. Did 1 playthrough today on hard, killing no enemies, body ending, under 4 hours (2h50min and I died few times and my orientation was all over the place, I think you can do it in 2h30 or at least 2h40) all in one run. The other endings I got from reloading the last chapter and changing the status points by killing or using healing items, around 8 of those items per category respawn in the final boss arena and I used those while stalling the boss enough to make time for it. You can totally finish platinum in like 5h if you know what to do, but I dont recommend skipping anything in the first run. Story has a nice b-horror-movie atmosphere
  6. Laughed a lot. Still love the game tho. Atmosphere is fantastic, gameplay is fun and actually most of the Collectibles give enjoyable context if you like to read them, and backgroundinfo on the urban legends, also the streets of tokyo are great (enspecially with 3d audio) And it is still something else then always the same manhatten or at least american city in all those other games.
  7. Why is that even important? Almost all content creators need to make money out of their content to be able to afford working on guides or content fulltime instead of being late to a party like power pyx who was mentioned earlier. He does it fulltime for money which leads to mistakes in his guides. So I was lucky enough to get a code for stray and I don't earn money with it. In fact I work ministry of finance and in my freetime I work as an editor for a trophy website with reviews. (The same on which power pyx started years ago before going solo, old collegue so to say...) I just asked Annapurna nicely for a code, showed examples of my content and then got one, no rocket science but annapurna still chose wisely since I know ppl who didn't get one. I guess that they chose a wide spectrum of different contents, countries and creators to made marketing as effective as possible for their cause. My payment was just that code and since it is considered necessarry equipment for the work we agreed on, it is not even payment. We all know that content creators profit of the game they get to review or just play and thats the payment for the marketing they do for the publisher by reviewing the game. Nothing wrong with that and nothing special. Funny how ppl want guides and reviews up a day before release because they got they hands on an early copy and cant wait, and at the same time they begrudge us editors the shirt on our backs.
  8. I restarted several times my checkpoints or died and stopped my overall time with my phone, i never stopped for restarts bc I wantednto know my full time. When my phone hit 2 hours and i finished the game I was suprised that my save file said I made it in 1:50h so my 2 times dying and 4 minutes of restart bc I had a bug and one NPC wasnt moving anymore were not added to the time. One thing alwasy adds: when you back out to mainmenu and then continue, you lose 10 second of loading time that is added to the save while playing without backing out saves this time, which means that having a break or back out to check your time will always add 10sec per stop. Oh and yes I only played on ps5, as you can see in profile, but I also played the ps4 version, which needs a few sec more, like around 20 for a reload. But yes I noticed inconsistencies as well since like one or two times time was indeed added in another run I did. That usually didnt happen so I thought It might be a bug. I also noticed that around other trophies, sometimes things work one way and sometimes they dont. On my first run I got the music sheet trophy early on but no badge, I got the music badge together with the colorful backpack after finding the last memory, my second playthrough I got the badge from the music guy as expected. So I guess we will always have differences on our runs but nothing is a big deal or even gamebreaking, thats the important thing.
  9. Not true, restarts and death' are not added, tried that several times. Its only added when going ro far, hitting the next checkpoint, and once it was added for me as a bug, usually it is not added.
  10. I uploaded a speedrun video, it very easy. I made it through 3 times, never failed the time. My first run was 1h50, secon about 1h 45.
  11. Not continuosly, you can sleep every now and then for a few minutes, I did that when I had to pee or something. I stopped my time, you have to sleep around 64 min for the trophy over all sleeping sessions.
  12. Hey there As I said I didn't believe that Greetings to Poland!
  13. The review key copies are not that much, for the whole world only 24? You have to consider that some journalists who are not trophyhunters hide their accounts or are just not to find on PSNP.(Which is comprehensible, we are often contacted by random strangers in PSN to give our codes or copies away or are being badmouthed for having access early, it's kind of part of the job right now...) I'm from germany and according to PSNP i am the ONLY european reviewer, I share the console with my boyfriend and we both write for a Trophy Website, (this will be the case for lots of keys, sharing with your partner, kid or brother or collegue on the same job) but I don't believe no other editor in Germany or even Europe have a review key. I understand that it can feel unfair to hunters, but we do worlk for it, and most journalists/editors are not interested in trophies, the ones who have early access and are also interested in trophies are very few. Just keep looking forward to a fanastic game, the experience should be more important than being the first, I really mean it and it's worth it.
  14. Thanks, I keep the shield in mind for the next checkpoints, i will have the chance to loot. but where I am now is no rail, its the edge of columbia, streets, bridges and few houses, its very open.
  15. Okay reading this makes me feel like the first noob T.T I am stuck on 1999 for 2 eveings now. It doesnt even make fun anymore. Elizabeth just cut her hair so if I remember correctly its emporia checkpoint. There are lots of fire guys and i basically struggle to get near them since I can only take 4 hits with my shield and life (Infusion maxed shield and salt is almost full like 8 points, i think, I have also 2 or 3 points in life) But they just kill me before I am even close enough to use any vigor. I already struggled with that sequence where daisy was about to kill that boy, too many minions and that handyman, after like 3 hours of trying i managed to put him down, but it did cost all the ammo I had. And a grey strain of hair. TBH I hate that mode. I love a fair challenge and never put a game down bc of a hard mode or trophy, i usually play the hard mode on a good game I love for fun. But this is just not fun, not fair and I just want to get it done. ( i am aware that this just might not be my genre) I was a bit confused when I read that you all had so much money. From my previous playthroughs i knew all the secrets and found definetly most of the money spots, i had some bad luck here and there while looting but I never used 100$ to continue, I do always reload instead. But I am broke, I was able to buy one vigor upgrade around 1650$ and 2 weapon upgrades around 300 and 500, and thats is. So. What am I doing so completely wrong?