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  1. This, does anyone already know the answer to that?
  2. true! once I reached the skill level i needed I had SO much fun doung the remaing S levels
  3. I'm happy to announce that I did it Thanks for all the help here. It was soome time ago to be honest but I remembered this thread today
  4. I'll say Deadpool, looks like there is only one playthrough missing My boyfriend gifted the game to me yesterday made me very happy :3
  5. This guy @Lucksi666 Bc he's not with us anymore. he was a fellow german hunter, full of positivity and very generous, he lend his games to everyone in our german forum for free. I barely really knew him but we talked sometimes and I lend him a game only a few weeks before he died. His family seem to have changed his status to let his online friends know. I like his Profile bc he achieved a lot and still was just a nice guy to talk to, also he is the first hunter I know who had SO many plans for his profile and never was able to complete them. knowing what he had planned out and seeing where his profile stopped makes me sad. it helped me to strenghten the view of trophyhunting I always had even more, that it should be fun and not about working on a list bc I feel I have to or even worse not having fun playing some bullshit.
  6. Team Miles... just bc it's the only ps5 game until 19.11. I am iterested in. I am waiting for Horizon zero dawn 2
  7. im with this, i hope for years we would change to the japanese way, bc it was more logical to me and my first game was FF7 on PS1 so I started on PS1 with japanese conrolls before I played anything else and was confused
  8. yeah thats not what I meant, oc it is for everyone. but In my final price in germany, the taxes are already included, nothing extra. and since we always pay taxes for every single item available to buy and I always know it is 19% (7% if it is a neccessary item for dayly life like food and hygienic items) I know I go to the cashier and pay a final price. that just it, isnt it? the store pays my taxes and I alway pay 1€. if it is 20 cent taxes or 10cent taxes I don't care, I pay 1€ anyway.
  9. okay.... I don't get it ^^" I mean I know the thing I want to buy is a product created from different factories, liek one factory bought plastic to make the cas and another factory creates hard drives that sony uses, there are ppl contributing raw material, diferent components and so on. I don't need to know how much exactly everyone of them is payed, also, these different ppl or factories are paying taxes as well... why do I need to know what are the final taxes for me as a customer? I don't want to offend anyone I just really don't get it, it sounds very outlandish to a german ^^"
  10. Just curious... why does it matter to anyone to whom my money goes, is it important if its cost for the product or taxes? I really just wanna know if I can afford it and don't care if Ihow much in€ go to my govenrment. I only need the final price to know if I have enough money on me or my account to afford the product. to know that 19% are in general taxes is always in the back of my head but not neccessary to know in my dayly life. To think I would have to make my math before taking something into my cart would annoy me. But I really wonder if knowing how much is in fact taxes is really a thing for anyone?
  11. Yeah in this case I totally agree with you well while playing the past week i noticed that they fixed several issues serversided. the 5 minute punishment for leaving a lobby after creating it was removed, connectivity got better from day to day. While I appreciate that, Im still wondering how it is possible, that they announce a game for november19, postpone to january 20 and later to august 20 and still release a game so badly testet if even tested at all before launch. And don't say corona It really feels like they didn't put eny effort in the game and just wanted to milk the 50$ of DLC content...
  12. I disagree indeed. ONE Caravan never consists of only one Character. All caravans have multible members, the story of the black knight even stated "A single person as a caravan attracts attention" something like that, I didn't play in english but in german so the original sentence will be a bit different. A lot of stuff that was particularly for MP wasn't properly changed into SP too storywise, like back in the days everyone got mails and mogry always told how many mails he had with him, but this function is not required since he can NEVER havemore than onemail in the remaster now. They just left it as it is, and that implies to me that they didn't put much work into the game.
  13. yeah really, keep your sarcasm, i was talking about the remaining parts of my life, and didn't even include WW3 or covid, but yeah there is that as well.
  14. yes thats true. no blueprints or anything. you can only drop food an phoenixdawns to them
  15. you can do it solo and always could. but back in the days the game was a bit harder solo and MP was better to deal with everything. The Remaster seems to be easier from the start and ist mostly SP in general, dungeons can be done MP but it's not neccessary, sadly.