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  1. Hi, i wasnt able to compelet much for this event, but I platinumed In Sound Mind and want it to count for pink Thanks.
  2. Hi, great idea! Just to check whats in my backlog right now, i suppose death stranding is not orange enough... But KeyWe is fine? And In Sound Mind could be both?
  3. Solotimes aren't easier, decided to stay a team after a few tries and we managed to get some golds already. The extra levels are way easier than the mainlevels. Its kind of annoying that even in the campaign every level has a tutorial bc sometimes varies extremely. Will take a lot of practice... But its fun so far.
  4. Okay, after I "beat" Eredin 16 times on death march and always got stuck with the buggy cam, I changed the difficulty down just to check if it's a death march problem. And indeed I managed to beat him and get the trophy for the 3rd difficulty. What I noticed was, that he opened his portal in another corner than the 16 times before. 16 times he opened his portal next to a big rock, in the background are the ships, its where the cam glitches over a large ship, too. I thought thats the way it has to be, but its not. The 17th time, he opened the portal in the west on a cliff with the sunset in his back. And it didnt glitch. So I loaded my save with difficulty death march and headed straight ro that rock where the "wrong" buggy portal would pop and I managed to keep the whole fight in this corner, so he wouldnt be able to open his portal here, I forced him to open his portal in the sunset corner. And thats it. The rock portal is next to the ships and buggy. Only the sunset portal works. I didnt change the quest even when it was the wrong one, i dont even believe it ever was the problem. The problem is the wrong portal.
  5. Ran into the same bug today. Im totally desperate and would try literally everything... What I already tried: I am playing NG+ on death march. Ps4 Pro - I tried loading the save, several times and beat Eredin - Loading way older saves an replay the whole quest which was a pain, and beat eredin - I deleted the save and saved the game from an older point of the story on a fresh unused saveslot to play again up to the eredin fight and beat him - I reinstalled the game and beat him - I installed the game on my 2nd PS4 Pro an beat him - I installed the game fresh on my PS5 an beat him - I replayed the whole quest from a fresh saveslot on my PS5 an beat him. - In all cases I changed the quest manually to "follow him through portal" - after 3 or 4 tries I also started to always wait about 80 seconds before going through the portal - I tried changing the camera manually when the glitch occured, the best I could come up with was finding the ship with Eredin on it (the red name was easy to find) from far away like it was far in the back but I could see him killing Geralt, while I couldnt see Geralt directly, I also was not able to dodge or anything, Eredin was too far away, small like a little stickman. - I managed once to hit Eredin before he passed through the portal and his lifepoints were already down to 0 before he disappeared so I was hoping it would affect the fight and trigger the end right away but it didnt. - I was always able ro heal myself but I can only take two hits, so my life is not draining slowly it is gone in 2 seconds. Dodging for a while seems to work but it is never enough to endure more than 10 seconds in this state and I dont know if the camera would go back to normal eventually or not, I am not able to live long enough to find out - the cam always went back to normal the very moment Geralt died. Cheeky bitch. People I need ideas T.T Everything except for playing the whole game on death march again, that would be ridiculous, since I wouldnt know if I could have the glitch again. Any ideas when it occours like - is my save already glitched long before the fight? Is something wrong with any quest I did, or missed, am I even able to fix it somehow? I am starting to doubt that. (I ran right through death march, no card games, no triss quests no other optional quests and I am like 6 or 7 level under the recommended level for the Eredin quest) I found a lot of topics like this on google but all ppl seemed to be lucky enough to make it through at some point with one of the usual tricks I mentioned above but nothing seems to work for me.
  6. It's more like the perfect turns are a huge bonus. The more you turn perfect the more bonus points you can get. And bonuspoints can replace the points you missed somewhere else. Basically it is neccessary to hit every thumb right, every turn and every orange thingy on the ground and so on, and if you miss one ere two of them you can still get the best rank by hitting at least 3 turns perfectly. around 3 perfect turns can make up for one mistake somewhere else but it also depends on the mistake. some are just unforgiving.
  7. This, does anyone already know the answer to that?
  8. true! once I reached the skill level i needed I had SO much fun doung the remaing S levels
  9. I'm happy to announce that I did it Thanks for all the help here. It was soome time ago to be honest but I remembered this thread today
  10. I'll say Deadpool, looks like there is only one playthrough missing My boyfriend gifted the game to me yesterday made me very happy :3
  11. This guy @Lucksi666 Bc he's not with us anymore. he was a fellow german hunter, full of positivity and very generous, he lend his games to everyone in our german forum for free. I barely really knew him but we talked sometimes and I lend him a game only a few weeks before he died. His family seem to have changed his status to let his online friends know. I like his Profile bc he achieved a lot and still was just a nice guy to talk to, also he is the first hunter I know who had SO many plans for his profile and never was able to complete them. knowing what he had planned out and seeing where his profile stopped makes me sad. it helped me to strenghten the view of trophyhunting I always had even more, that it should be fun and not about working on a list bc I feel I have to or even worse not having fun playing some bullshit.
  12. Team Miles... just bc it's the only ps5 game until 19.11. I am iterested in. I am waiting for Horizon zero dawn 2
  13. im with this, i hope for years we would change to the japanese way, bc it was more logical to me and my first game was FF7 on PS1 so I started on PS1 with japanese conrolls before I played anything else and was confused
  14. yeah thats not what I meant, oc it is for everyone. but In my final price in germany, the taxes are already included, nothing extra. and since we always pay taxes for every single item available to buy and I always know it is 19% (7% if it is a neccessary item for dayly life like food and hygienic items) I know I go to the cashier and pay a final price. that just it, isnt it? the store pays my taxes and I alway pay 1€. if it is 20 cent taxes or 10cent taxes I don't care, I pay 1€ anyway.
  15. okay.... I don't get it ^^" I mean I know the thing I want to buy is a product created from different factories, liek one factory bought plastic to make the cas and another factory creates hard drives that sony uses, there are ppl contributing raw material, diferent components and so on. I don't need to know how much exactly everyone of them is payed, also, these different ppl or factories are paying taxes as well... why do I need to know what are the final taxes for me as a customer? I don't want to offend anyone I just really don't get it, it sounds very outlandish to a german ^^"