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  1. yeah thats not what I meant, oc it is for everyone. but In my final price in germany, the taxes are already included, nothing extra. and since we always pay taxes for every single item available to buy and I always know it is 19% (7% if it is a neccessary item for dayly life like food and hygienic items) I know I go to the cashier and pay a final price. that just it, isnt it? the store pays my taxes and I alway pay 1€. if it is 20 cent taxes or 10cent taxes I don't care, I pay 1€ anyway.
  2. okay.... I don't get it ^^" I mean I know the thing I want to buy is a product created from different factories, liek one factory bought plastic to make the cas and another factory creates hard drives that sony uses, there are ppl contributing raw material, diferent components and so on. I don't need to know how much exactly everyone of them is payed, also, these different ppl or factories are paying taxes as well... why do I need to know what are the final taxes for me as a customer? I don't want to offend anyone I just really don't get it, it sounds very outlandish to a german ^^"
  3. Just curious... why does it matter to anyone to whom my money goes, is it important if its cost for the product or taxes? I really just wanna know if I can afford it and don't care if Ihow much in€ go to my govenrment. I only need the final price to know if I have enough money on me or my account to afford the product. to know that 19% are in general taxes is always in the back of my head but not neccessary to know in my dayly life. To think I would have to make my math before taking something into my cart would annoy me. But I really wonder if knowing how much is in fact taxes is really a thing for anyone?
  4. Yeah in this case I totally agree with you well while playing the past week i noticed that they fixed several issues serversided. the 5 minute punishment for leaving a lobby after creating it was removed, connectivity got better from day to day. While I appreciate that, Im still wondering how it is possible, that they announce a game for november19, postpone to january 20 and later to august 20 and still release a game so badly testet if even tested at all before launch. And don't say corona It really feels like they didn't put eny effort in the game and just wanted to milk the 50$ of DLC content...
  5. I disagree indeed. ONE Caravan never consists of only one Character. All caravans have multible members, the story of the black knight even stated "A single person as a caravan attracts attention" something like that, I didn't play in english but in german so the original sentence will be a bit different. A lot of stuff that was particularly for MP wasn't properly changed into SP too storywise, like back in the days everyone got mails and mogry always told how many mails he had with him, but this function is not required since he can NEVER havemore than onemail in the remaster now. They just left it as it is, and that implies to me that they didn't put much work into the game.
  6. yeah really, keep your sarcasm, i was talking about the remaining parts of my life, and didn't even include WW3 or covid, but yeah there is that as well.
  7. yes thats true. no blueprints or anything. you can only drop food an phoenixdawns to them
  8. you can do it solo and always could. but back in the days the game was a bit harder solo and MP was better to deal with everything. The Remaster seems to be easier from the start and ist mostly SP in general, dungeons can be done MP but it's not neccessary, sadly.
  9. I refused to believe that a remaster can actually be worse than the original as long as nothing major was removed. but Square enix made it possible as always....
  10. the first 3 level are open to everyone, and my husband could follow me to dungeon number 4 which is in the first area before the first miasma stream, BUT he made no drop progress, so he wasn't progressing towards year #2 and soon couldnt follow me through the miasma stream (which is single player only anyways) to go to other levels after level 4 bc in later years different level were available for me and him. we both got artefacts, but he got no letters to evolve the family members as well and since map and hometown is alway single player we can not profit from each others jobs. in later years he would need to progress as a host himself to keep up with me crafting better weapons in later cities he wouldn't be able to access without his own progress that we just can't achieve together. NO FUN AT ALL. in the original I never played single player, bc it wasn't made for SP. the game worked better with 2-3 ppl and it was perfectly wonderful. all story and drop progress was always shared, you could walk the world map and all towns, shops together and explore like in other MPs, diablo or something. the monster drops were rare and we had to decide which person would get which item to made the best for the team out of that including blueprints for weapons or anything. back than it was ahead of it's time for a console title and a really good, fun and team-based MP. now the game is on top very easy bc everyone has own loot and money, and for everyone drop the same loot like in single player so it's more for everyone.
  11. yeah. how to ruin my favorite game for over 10 years in half an hour. Just destroy the possibility to play with friends. This "multiplayer" is BULLSHIT. You cant join properly, only the host makes progress, to progress with all your friends (we play as duo or with 4 ppl together usually, all have fullversion of the game) you have to play with each person as a host once per level. otherwise the ppl without progress wont be able to follow to the next level. 4 times level 1, 4 times level 2 aso. BULLSHIT. The best part of the game is in pieces. We were SO DAMN looking forwards to experience this again, and then they took all the good features from the game. fuck this 2020. Everything that happens this year goes south.
  12. If anyone is still wondering, our german website already has the trophylist, 9 is legitäen-leitfaden-final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-remastered-edition/?tab=comments#comment-7261725 I will write the german trophy guide, but I guess with those trophies almost everything is endgame great. I don't understand it anymore, why does a mayo game or ratalaika gets platinum and a 60h game gets only 9 trophies I love this game it should have a plat :/
  13. OMG. Even CHocobos Mystery dungeon is harder ans 200h platinum and CC only gets this 9? CC is such a wonderful game I hoped for WAY more to do and a reason to explore the word even more. My freinds wonT stay that long without the trophies I alread played around 200 h back then on gamecube and I was looking forwards to lots of collecting and secret dungeon stuff and all
  14. Hi, I want to complete the whole Final Fantasy franchise so I want to start this game soon. I wanted to make sure online still works? Can I purchase a digital version for PS4 and use 2 consoles to boost with myself? I guess I will play the game anyway but I'd like to check what's possible to make things easier. will be hard enough since I am not speaking japanese ^^" Thanks in advance
  15. Just for the record, no I didn't change my costume while I had win streaks, I changed it once before I even started playing that morning though. I guess I never tried to quit after that until I had to and it didn't wirk. but after restarting the game I didn't change anything, had another win streak and the button stopped working again when I tried to quit again in show 4. I don't thing the costume change is the problem...