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  1. I finished it in 1 hour and 5 minutes. Really bad game. The platforming works but it's not good. Not worth the price. Very repetitive and grows old after the second level
  2. To get Millionaire and Tony Rises you need 100.000 chips. I played for about an hour last night and accumulated about 6000. But then I had to turn the system off, and it doesn't save progress, so if I wanted to start anew I had to start from 1000 again. So you guys that unlocked it, how did you do?
  3. I agree with you. But for a different reason. This website is about trophies, and showing ps4 with 0 trophy points is a good way for players to know that this game currently has no trophies and helping tgem stay away from those games.
  4. Ye it's working again, must've been something temporary
  5. I don't know who does the port from ps2 to ps4, if it is Sony who hires developers to do them, or if developers like insomniac games (they've done ports to ps vita for some titles) have to request to to those. I suppose those developers will likely want to focus on making remastered versions rather than ps2 classics, since they sell better. More work with remasteres though. Microsoft puts more effort into making ports of older games and in that case it seems like the company itself invests in making lots of playable old games.
  6. I agree, it duoes look an indie game. still not AAA full price, but still kinda expensive
  7. Looks relaxing and nice, but afraid it might be a long plat with randomness involved for recipes. From what I've realized harvest moon games are like grinds only
  8. I liked it. It was what I expected. The game is great co-op, horrible singleplayer and just a good enough length. It did improve a little on the previous game, and the biggest difference is you can throw stuff and the characters look better. So I can see why you think it didn't add much. But the last game didn't have a boss fight really. It was an illusion of a boss fight. Instead of the normal deliverystation it was replaced by the ever peckish'es mouth and the level was longer. The only difference between that level and the last level of overcooked 2 is that it has a normal deliverystation instead of a big monster's mouth.
  9. Yeah, can you even get past the intro in persona games in less than 46 seconds:P
  10. Alright, then I see. I just figured it's a bit odd. I wouldn't expect a samsung thread on an apple forum or vice versa for example. I myself wouldn't think about creating a thread that is not associated with playstation here. But I never hang around forums that much, don't really know how it usually goes:)
  11. Overcooked2 and Brawlhalla. Really good Co-op games. Brawlout is gonna be sweet too.
  12. I've bought 10 games. 2 I have not even started and will probably never start. 11 if you count Resident evil 7, but that game can be played without VR. only 100% for 4 of them. I've not touched my VR since December last year though. And I got it the 4th of october. Farpoint Best game and hardest game
  13. Get the VR aim controller with the following two games. I only played farpoint, and that is the best game for VR even to this date. Full story mode, challenges to complete solo or oc-op with a friend online, and online vs matches. Even 2 years after it's release they've made 2 free dlcs. Farpoint (extremely hard to platinum if you're going to go for that 9/10 or 10/10) Bravo team Statik (Great and unique puzzle game utilizing your controller) Keep talking nobody explodes Moss
  14. I hope it's fixed soon, otherwise we can't upload new trophies:/
  15. Slyde can be done in less time than 46 seconds. There all the trophies pop after you complete a slide puzzle with certain requirements. Is that what you meant with auto-pop?