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  1. Got mine last week got Zelda and Mario Kart for it also got sonic mania Mine is Sw-0223-0319-8232 been playing this more than my PS4 lately also
  2. Undertale such a wicked game love the soundtrack to
  3. I wanna name him rolf Harris wonder if a secret Easter egg unlocks. " can guess what I'm drawing yet?"
  4. Question how does this game handy with only control pad used. I really loved elite back on the amiga days and before then the BBC this does bring back some really good memories when I was younger. Does anyone know if this controls well with control pad. Font have enough room for flight stick or enough money. Any info would be helpful as I don't know if it worth buying it not with using a fightstick?
  5. Really enjoying this game almost got the plat just 2 trophies left game has some quite bad glitches that let's you get the harder trophies easy on this just need rank 20 and 25 for the plat to pop
  6. Microsofts press conference is so Shit. After all the hype the new xbox one x got I was expecting to be blown away. All I have seen do far are dull boring games rehashed games come on WTF is this????
  7. Thanks will try that next time I'm on one more question how long is the main story and first dlc is their anyway I will get both these completed in the next few weeks asking because crash bandicoot is out want to weight up my chances of doing this and then being ready to play stormblood
  8. Ok another question I joined the weavers guild but I can't progress with next part of story my first needle I think it's called whys that?
  9. Just got the username she dude on my tank I just built 😂
  10. thanks had a chance to have a bit of play picked thaumaturge class so far really enjoying the game getting used to everything and what to do. Going to spend quite a bit of time playing it today.
  11. Done the install last night which took longer than I thought going to play as the dark mage purely because I like playing as mages in any game that I play now. Going to be playing gears on the cerberus server is anyone surprised lol
  12. If your in the UK it's 13.99 on the psn store for game and first dlc
  13. Sweet I'm looking for a game I can sink alot of time in to. Want to stop buying so many games the online fee did bug me of £10 a month however it's been pointed out if I'm only spending £10 a month rather than £40 every month I'm saving. Hopefully will get a bit of time tonight after work. Just need to work out how to log in now one time code thing getting a code thing in the post hopefully in the next few days
  14. Hi games I will be playing are Destiny Destiny 2 Final fantasy a realm reborn just Brought it today so hopefully will be getting alot more in to it. If you want to add me feel free I only ask put on that your from here I don't do blank friend requests still working on destiny almost have first class at 40 PSN addy N7SciFiNerd