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  1. same... is it a full price game?
  2. never played it... quick question can you find it on the psn store?
  3. did some searching online only came up with a 2006 release date for the original game not the ps4 version
  4. its pretty easy if you boost it with others almost impossible to get it done in random lobbies thanks to zombiesateme myjobshooter ruffedgz rayboxhitman47 jaaash_ gombasz for helping me get this trophy
  5. not easy enough kappa
  6. ea man... that sucks
  7. ive got 19 wins 1 draw and 6 losses and still dont have to trophy...
  8. both games have fantastic stories but i prefer the original since its longer and has a better story in my opinion and yes the characters are brilliant
  9. I beaten the game yesterday and i want to know your thoughts on the game. Me personally i think Episode 2 is the best out of the 3... followed by 3 and then 1. The first episode is kind of a drag and very slow start the second was great i really enjoyed it from start to finish the third was wishy washy but im happy with the ending (kinda disappointed that the fire had nothing to do with the game) The original game is way better than before the storm but i am looking forward to playing as max for the final bonus episode