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  1. Yea thanks for all the advice. I've done a fair bit of research online before and it's exactly as you say, can probably do it myself or have someone more experienced to look at it. If I do though then that'll be good. With resyncing on the old ps3 will it matter that I think I earned a few trophies from some of those games that I hadn't earned in the old one. I think there were mission type ones in 1 or 2 games. How will they be verified as okay?
  2. Yea, sometimes it turns on but when it does it doesn't display anything and will turn off after a min or so. I've tried changing hdmi cable and using the rca cable and holding down power button etc. It's seen better days. But hey, I'm not too worried. If I do ever fix it then awesome but I can still do everything on here anyway like the game sessions. I just don't like any abuse from others in the forums that's all.
  3. Damn, well I'm pretty sure that's the only way I could do it unless I paid to have the old console fixed. Been told it's the circuitboard which costs quite a bit apparently. I don't think I'd be able to sort this anytime soon then, but you would want me to message you about it if I ever plan to in the future?
  4. I see, well it's something to think about. I'm not sure if it's possible or not but I wonder if I put the hard drive from the old one into the new one if it would work. I just don't know since ones old as and the other is slim and I don't want to stuff up the new one too
  5. Can somebody confirm or deny that if I managed to resync my old trophies that I'd earned from the old console with the older original dates at some stage in the future possibly, would that remove the flags on here.
  6. Yea it doesn't worry me too much. Maybe I can do something with the older console at some point in time. Would it matter if I did resync from that even though I've already got the flags?
  7. I still have it, it turns on but nothing shows up. If I ever do get it repaired in the future I could perhaps look into that. So old times on trophies go over the new ones even if theyre unlocked?What about new ones, do they go over old ones because could I back my newer ps3 stuff up and delete it all. Then put my account back on with brand new save and redo the trophies again from scratch before syncing onto the system. Would something like that work?
  8. Yea, I suppose not. It's my own fault really, it's not even about me hiding the game. If I'd synced my trophies automatically on the other ps3 then the save on the ps plus wouldn't have messed up some of the trophies on the new ps3. I have it on auto sync now though Tell me,aside from being unable to be on the leaderboards, is there anything else I can't do on here?I've only really used this website to look at the sessions for a few games so don't know a lot about everything you can do on here.
  9. Yea, pretty much, I've a lot to learn. I'm not allowed to use saves from ps plus since it's against the rules if they're not synced right away, no excuse really. I really should have read through the rules properly. Just didn't want to redo every single game that took ages. Some were alright and didn't make a difference but the one for this ended up unlocking a couple at the same time. So yea, not much I can do. Was just hoping people on here might have been a little lenient. But then again, I said before there is a community standard in place for a reason. But there's no need to be nasty about this, stringing me up?No need
  10. I completely understand that, in general it doesn't really sound like a lot to do. But when it comes to earning a trophy straight away when you want to, it's not that simple. Games can take time, we can't just assume that everybody has access to a game with a trophy that can be unlocked at any given time. I believe I hid the game well before the flag showed up so therefore it should not be counted. It may have been reported at the same time as ssf4 but if that was the case then I should have been taken off the leader board at the time.
  11. I agree to an extent. You basically just repeated what I'd already said anyway. But I think the problem lies where I hadn't earned a trophy til later on or it just failed to update til much later on. That there is definitely not on me as I've no control on that. Besides, it's asking a bit much to expect someone to earn a trophy just to have details updated on here.
  12. Yea, I'm definitely not disputing I hid the game before it was reported. Not entirely sure about the date, but yes it was in response to the two flags I received. Does it show up as flagged straight away for me because I didn't see the flag before I hid it(mvc3). As for mkvsdc, I'm not sure when that was approved, I only hid that when I saw the flag in January. Didn't you say it too possibly only got approved then? In any case, I had no idea as I never received any notification about it via email and I don't go on here very often. So how am I supposed to keep on top of things? If this could please be removed, I would be very grateful as I do understand there needs to be a community standard set in place for everyone. Perhaps I was just a little ignorant.
  13. I definitely hid that game on or before the 26th. Since learning what is allowed in regards to ps plus saves and syncing, I did that since I knew there was a couple of trophies that unlocked close together when i was playing to try and complete it early last year. The trophies I earned since I hid it were on the 27th. I think this is a little unfair as I have tried to do everything right after being told about the rules. Yes, I should have read the rules and known, I just didn't think anything of it when I used PS plus.
  14. I'm pretty sure I've downloaded as fair amount of saves from my ps plus last year. I can't really remember, but most of them I didn't have any problems with trophies as I must've synced them after I earned them. I've been told before that ps plus saves are against the rules if trophies aren't synced at the time they're earned. So yea, I definitely didn't do the right thing then but thought if I hid it, it wouldn't be a problem.
  15. That's really unfortunate because I've gone through all the rules and am trying to do the right thing. I had hidden that game because like some of the others, I downloaded my saves. And I'm pretty sure 1 or 2 trophies may have unlocked at the same time when I was playing for this game so I hid it to avoid being flagged but it didn't work. Please if you could remove this?