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  1. Honestly love the hell out of this site and can only say that I am disappointed that I am not being believed. I have never and will never cheat the system as you would be able to see from the rest of my profile. I adore the Dead Space franchise and put in the hard yards for this game and the platinum. I am sure there are others who have had a timestamp issue with a game or two, possibly even this one. Seeing as there is even a forum where trophies would not pop for some guy. It is very possible that mine popped out of order attempting to correct itself as I delved further into the game. Forum is here:
  2. Senrei Dead Space I honestly have no goddamn clue what happened there, but fully understand that I am no cheat in any way. If the trophy list popped haphazardly and out of order then I have no explanation for that occurrence.<br /> <br /> That all being said, if I were to have cheated, hacked or merely "fudged" with the system in any way, shape or form, then why did it still take me 7 years and two months to complete the game?<br /> <br /> It took me that long to go back into that world I love and complete the game in an honest and difficult way. I never exploited anything in the game to give me any trophies at all despite what you and my trophy list may believe. Therefore I would like to see my Dead Space Trophy List reinstated and also have myself reinstated on Trophy Leaderboards too.