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  1. For the all stamps in each dlc set trophies, are there any putrid Sprint races that I need to worry about? Still can’t get better than 12th in any of the ones in the main game!
  2. Video in the OP worked a great for me. Thanks for the tip!
  3. thank you. This worked for me too!!
  4. Game finally updated and I had all Hitman trophies pop, and all except 5 Hitman 2 trophies pop. The ones that didn’t pop are related to 1,000,000 high scores and Silent Assassin rankings. Glad to see it worked a treat after all the sluggishness of getting it to transfer over!
  5. yeah, it eventually synced a few hours later. Looking at your profile it seems hours had too. Well done on the Plat!
  6. From my experience many of the miscellaneous trophies need to be done with the same operative, eg darts games, drinks in pubs etc. Hopefully this does get changed with a patch soon. When the premise of your game is to be able to be anyone at anytime, to have the trophies so limited and tied to one operative is just stupid really.
  7. This happened to me but with another gig, was on the map but wouldn’t let me track it or proceed with it. My last gig before Plat. Had to reload an old save and complete the entire region again. Incredibly frustrating!!
  8. I got the Plat so I returned it and got a refund yesterday. I will buy the PS5 version when it comes out pending all the issues this current version has are well and truly fixed.
  9. this was the only one I had bug too. reloaded a (very) previous save and that mission worked properly, so ran through the rest of the district repeating all the other gigs and police events. Took a bit over an hour but the shiny Plat is mine 🙂
  10. Thank you for this. Got it first time too after struggling in other locations!
  11. I just had this happen for the first time too. A Plat trophy no less. Shows when offline, tried synching when online to no avail. Very strange that I haven’t had any issues with other trophies up until this point. Please fix this Sony! Had a mini heart attack when it didn’t show on my profile!!
  12. With the latest patch I find they’re disappearing immediately still but spawn back within 2-3 minutes. Just got my Plat then 🙂
  13. I’ve had the gig Getting Warmer in Japantown bug out. The mission doesn’t actually start. I go to the location and it remains as Undiscovered, even when I find the woman I’m meant to give coolant to and wake up. Very frustrating and a Plat blocker.. reloading older saves didn’t help either.
  14. When you take 7 months to reply to a comment, I’ve lost all interest in the subject matter. But a quick glance at your initial post reminds me that you’re a bit precious. And clearly the one living in a paranoid fantasy land.
  15. 0:42 time stamp for the trophy announcement. No news of what the trophies will be yet. Probably some to do with NG+ and the new co-op mode. Version 1.1 drops October 16th.