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  1. thanks! It isn’t a quick Plat, took me between 40-45 hours (not rushing though) and has been out for less than a week, so that might be why it’s still quite rare. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of spare time over its release due to both 1. living in a city still under covid lockdown and 2. looking after my sick pup, so got it finished quite quickly due to not leaving the house!!
  2. Got the shiny Plat last night. I enjoyed it, but found the game to be lacking compared to previous entries in the series. I wasn’t a fan of perks being attached to the clothes you wear. Definitely prefer the old perk system where I could level up what I wanted when I wanted to suit my play style, not a fan of mixing and matching clothes to get a few beneficial perks to then have to change outfits mid-fight if my stealth run goes bust and it’s now guns-blazing. I also miss hunting animals for upgrades instead of just installing a new ‘upgrade’ in your Supremo backpack. There was no incentive to hunt in FC6. Also the ability to rest to change day to night or vice versa, why did they get rid of that?! It took away from the freedom to play how I want; I loved stealthing through enemy bases at night. And the main villain was such a non-event and was hardly in the game. Very disappointing. The story was also very forgettable. The above makes it sound like I’m really ragging on the game. It’s still good fun. Co-op was a blast. Gunplay was solid, great haptic feedback, and there are some very creative weapons. Plus it’s gorgeous to look at. Overall though, to me it just felt like a stripped down / simplified game compared to previous entries, which were already fairly simple.. Trophy wise, it was a fairly standard affair for a FarCry game. I don’t mind it. Definitely not a challenge though. For now, FC 3>2>5>6>4 is how I rate the numbered ‘main’ games of the series (never played the OG). May swap 5 & 6 after some more time with the game, DLC etc /my2cents
  3. Same thing happened to me. I manually adjusted the date forward a whole year, and that made everything spawn as normal.
  4. If this is legit, can we get Jill in her actual classic outfit from OG RE3 that was promised as a preorder bonus, and not the weird skort thing she wore in the remake please? It’s definitely not a big thing at all but I’m all about the… nostalgia…
  5. Imagine caring how other people choose to play their single player games. Boo hoo a trophy won’t be as rare as you want it to be. If that’s your biggest concern in life you’re doing ok. Move on and play how you want to, and leave others to do the same.
  6. 😂😂😂 #firstworldproblems
  7. Had my 50th seed spawn in Old Town, the spot a few suspected where they didn’t get theirs. Trophy popped, got final poster, Plat popped. Good work by the devs to patch this so fast. And well done to those who brought it to their attention. 🙂
  8. If my current glitched 99% file doesn’t pop the Plat with this patch then I’m happy to see Easy difficulty for a quick second play through. The last couple of bosses I did struggle with a little bit, but once you’ve learned their patterns it was so satisfying once I beat them. In saying that if it means more people will play this gem then I’m glad for the addition of an easier difficulty.
  9. great news and good to see a quick response from them. Hopefully this fixes the problem for everyone in this thread 🙂
  10. I agree with all you said. It is a fantastic game, and while I can justify the price as I really enjoy this type of game, I don’t think for most it’s worth the AAA price tag. Hopefully it sees success and we get a sequel in the future!
  11. Make sure you hit every brown barrel. There’s more there than you need to hit the 24/24 mark, but you need to hit and destroy all of the brown ones for the trophy, which from memory is 30. If you’re still doing that and it isn’t unlocking, then it sounds like yet another bug with the game sadly.
  12. Done. Let’s hope they address the issue.
  13. I’m quietly confident I did get this one. If it’s the one I think you’re referring to, it spawned in the room after a fight with enemies from memory. It’s seed #4 in this video (6:08 mark), see if this helps you remember it or not:
  14. Spent a few hours old schooling it with that map and returning to all areas. Couldn’t find any missed seeds and stuck on 49. Think the trophy has glitched.. 😢 hopefully you have more luck. I enjoyed the game but not enough to sink another 20 or so hours into it for a few trophies. Hopefully it’s something that is patched!
  15. Do you remember where the second upgrade was at all? I have 1 and 3 and can’t find 2 for the life of me! Thank you. edit: just found it. In the office of that rat in the wheelchair on Joffre St. How did I miss it!!