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  1. So, this is embarrassing - how do you win a ruck contest / centre clearance? 😂 This is my first time playing an AFL game and am a bit disappointed by the lack of any sort of tutorial, unless I’m completely blind? I’ve looked up the controls in the menu but still am yet to win a single ruck contest..
  2. I personally loved the game, really wish they’d pump out some DLC for it. You’re right though - far too many open world games these days that have a whole lot of nothing/padding throughout. I didn’t find that to be the case with Elden Ring though. I enjoyed the trial, error and punishment for attempting areas that you stumbled across and were clearly far too under-levelled to attempt. To each their own!
  3. It really isn’t as daunting as some are making it sound. I just got the trophy then having barely touched the shooting range in my other playthroughs, and got the trophy in around half an hour. Watch a guide beforehand (I used this one) and you should have no issues replicating their scores in 2-3 attempts. Good luck.
  4. Very useful to know. Thanks for the info.
  5. This is sound advice. Just beat him then with only 5 quick stabs of a fully upgraded Fighting Knife.
  6. I was nearly put off doing Pro + no healing together after reading this thread, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway and see how long I lasted. And I’m glad I did. I’m now up to chapter 11 with 90-95% of my health intact, and the only section thus far I’ve had to reload more than once was the water hall. And that was only because I kept killing Ashley. Everything else has been relatively straightforward. My game progress is just under 2 hours and I estimate I’ve lost no more than 25-30 minutes with reloading. I’m expecting Krauser to be a bit of a challenge, but we’ll see how it goes. In my opinion, if you’ve played the top difficulties with the infinite RL in RE 2 & 3, you’ll be fine for the majority of the run in RE4. Give it a crack. And if you do find it tough, then split the playthroughs. Good luck with however you approach it! /my2cents.
  7. The more content this game has the better. As mentioned by others, what they have at the moment is a little light on, but no complaints from me given the cheap price point. I’m hoping they add some white water rapids from around the world. That would be incredible to experience in VR.
  8. Yes it does work. While not crystal clear you can switch to the b&w camera to read a guide in your tablet/laptop. It’s what I’ve been doing for this game with no issues.
  9. This is really disappointing to read. I’m still quite early in the game and was hoping to just free roam and mop up whatever I missed during a blind first playthrough. Pretty poor.
  10. Just had this glitch happen, for the PS5 version though. S ranked level 2, but no trophy for completing level 2..
  11. Glad this game released on GamePass. Playing it on the X where I don’t give a shit about achievements, and then when they (hopefully) get around to fixing the trophies, play it again on PS5. My two cents - so far it’s a brilliant game and well worth experiencing at some stage.
  12. I also have the trophy three times over and it’s only counted when the screen HAS shaken. Happy to be proven wrong about this but nearly every guide out there stipulates the need of a screen shake for it to count. You’re honestly the first I’ve seen to claim otherwise. Curious how others here have found it - have you needed the screen shake or as long as your target is over the enemies head when you fire, are you finding it to count towards the 50?
  13. For the headshot to count towards the Trophy, the screen needs to shake. Multiple videos confirm this, including the one in this thread that I’ll quote below. This is the method I used. I was level 100 when I did it, in case that makes a difference to the following: I unequalled my swords, strong punched an enemy which made them only 1HP away from death, headshot with the crossbow, rinse and repeat. Took no more than 20 minutes and I wish I knew of this method on my previous 2 Plats of the game - much easier than Devils Pit!
  14. Really? Where was the good story? The game is trash.
  15. I am playing NG+ on a previously Platted save game and unlocked Bombardier. Is there more than 6 bomb types? Maybe I didn’t get them all on my last time playing the game, but I got the trophy then and got the trophy on this NG+ run too.. *shrugs*