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  1. I did with R&C what I do for most new release titles I likely won’t play again once finished - Bought it for $98 AUD from Amazon (it has a $124.95 RRP here which most shops are selling it at). Beat it in 12 hours. Sold on FB Marketplace for $90 AUD. Good price for the person who bought it, and only $8 for me to enjoy a fantastic game. The game is short but it’s very very sweet. It’s a case of quality over quantity. There’s zero padding, the game never overstayed its welcome, and was an absolute pleasure to experience from start to finish. If you’re in a similar position where it isn’t one you would likely play again anytime soon, consider doing something similar. It’s a brilliant game.
  2. I’ve been going ok with Mercs but Castle II is kicking my ass. And it’s only because of the pistol and my fingers cramping up from all the enemies in the second level of Castle II I have poor blood circulation in my hands so it doesn’t take much, and I can only do a couple of runs before needing to turn it off. I realise it defeats the purpose of the difficulty but geez I wish there was a way to just hold the trigger in once and have the gun spam out bullets! I think this’ll be one Plat I won’t be getting sadly.
  3. +1 Performance RT.
  4. Re-read what the op said. He meant he has a PS5 digital console. OP, unfortunately you can’t upgrade a PS4 disc version of the game in a PS5 digital console as you need to have the disc inserted, which you obviously won’t be able to do.
  5. FYI my FFVII PS5 just auto popped then, all trophies, and the game wasn’t fully installed. Just enough to launch the game.
  6. These videos are simply superb. Thank you for taking the time and effort to make them. They’ve been a massive help. Appreciate it bud!!
  7. Yeah you’re right, there’s some peacocking in other threads. I don’t see the need for such toxic behaviour. It’s a single player game and it doesn’t influence of affect their experience or joy with the game whatsoever. Everyone should and can play the game, and its exploits, as they see fit. If they’re worried that a trophy won’t be as rare as it could be due to said exploit, then as I said before, they need to get their own priorities in check. They’re pathetic. Enjoy your time with the trilogy. I finished it yesterday, was a brilliant walk down memory lane!!
  8. Are there really that many people complaining about this for you to get so defensive about exploiting a glitch? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve only seen one comment in this thread saying that it ‘wasn’t fair’. If anything there’s more people justifying them using this exploit then there is complaining about it existing. You do you, there’s no need to justify it. This is a trophy website, if people are annoyed about others using exploits then then need to get their own priorities in check.
  9. I’m about halfway through, default Soldier class, playing on Insanity, and am having an absolute cakewalk if I’m honest. I remember it being a lot harder back in the day and that was on a NG file. I’ve died once, but thanks to the new levelling system you have access to a ton of good perks very early which really makes it not that punishing at all.
  10. I’m playing through on Insanity from the get-go, am about halfway through the OG title and don’t think I’ve had one melee kill as yet. Does anyone know of any good farming spots in any of the three games, or have any tips to rack up the melee kills on Insanity? Worst case I’ll replay one of the games on casual difficulty once I’m done with the trilogy on Insanity and get them then, but would like to avoid needing to do that it possible! Thanks for any pointers 🙂 Edit/Update: I unlocked this with absolute ease during ME2 on Insanity, but it’s also very doable in ME3. If you’re reading this and about to start the trilogy, wait for one of those two games. Good luck and enjoy!!
  11. thank you for this. Was worried I’d have to start another play through just to unlock it!
  12. For those who have played Mercenaries on previous instalments of the RE franchise, how challenging did you find obtaining S ranks?
  13. I’ve racked up about 7 hours play time and (knock wood) no crashes at all as yet. I’ve been using a preorder skin too, disc version. Definitely don’t avoid like the plague. This game is damn addictive.
  14. For the all stamps in each dlc set trophies, are there any putrid Sprint races that I need to worry about? Still can’t get better than 12th in any of the ones in the main game!
  15. Video in the OP worked a great for me. Thanks for the tip!