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  1. Pretty sure you need to watch old video as well -- I didn't try to see if you are able to exit the video once you get the coin. Thank you for your help ser_davos! I also did something unconventional to solve my problem with the box opening instead of running for the boss and missing some of the elsewheres. I saved in the room and split the trophies in two. Opened the box -- got the elsewheres and the files, Then exited, loaded the save and ran for final boss. Got my speed run trophy now onto Madhouse and Mad Pelicans!
  2. Yea its not happening I tried to speed run it but the files, and elsewheres, and coins take too much time burned like 15 minutes doing the first tape because there's a coin in it. So here's what I wanted to ask someone directly -- if I run to the boss die and say manage items... I can go back to get the files, coins, and elsewhere's in the salt mines? Also I heard something about being able to leave the grenade launcher somewhere to grab it for when I run for Final Boss to have at least something to defend with.
  3. I currently played the game once just for fun. So I got trophies I lucked out to get, then cleaned up because I had multiple saves throughout the game. I am currently running through an easy run to get: + Pelicans in Your Pocket + The Devil Is in the Details + Mr. Nowhere + Resource Manager + Walk it Off Problem: I opened my box at the beginning to grab my Albert :'( I still need: + Who's Your Daddy + Mad Pelicans + Just A Memory Now? Solution? Should I ditch Resource Manager and run for it through the 'Salt Mines' and continue getting the other trophies? How can I make the run through's work for me so I end up with the least amount of effort. Any advice appreciated!