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  1. We are live for a double PSN user review over on The Coffee Cove YouTube! :) If you a need a place full of friendly people to hang out with, or are just looking for some background noise during your trophy escapades, consider dropping by! :) Have a blessed Saturday! :)



    1. Lonemankane


      I might drop by and see as like this kind of stuff

  2. Having fire arrows as the defenders were nice too since I could get a little bit of damage on the enemies charging over to me once they spawned. This is of course in addition to the awesome tips given above.
  3. I cleared it last night with some good friends. Chapter 2's last encounter was definitely the most difficult for us until we figured out who would constantly go for the idols and who would stay to defend the blood pools. Chapter 3 was refreshing since it was only the boss encounter, which was really neat. A little bit of frustration due to how many oni can overwhelm you if you're not careful, but we got everything down in the end. Still amazing that this content was given to us for free.
  4. Cheers to a successful first live PSN user review! I really enjoyed being able to interact with yall while going through the amazing account of @TheHarryGamer99 and I hope yall enjoyed it as well. Please send some encouragement his way! :) If you want to see what some of the new content on The Coffee Cove is all about, as well as tonight's live stream, check out the video below! Don't forget to share it with your friends. Have a blessed day everyone! 😁



  5. Very happy to share with yall that we successfully speedran the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection and Uncharted 4 (therefore completing Nathan Drake's story) all in a single day yesterday with very small breaks in between each of the titles. If you need some background noise or something to accompany you in your trophy endeavors today, consider checking out the streams on YouTube! :) We will be tackling Lost Legacy tomorrow night!



  6. Glad you are part of The Coffee Cove community my friend! :)


    1. Sword


      It's a fantastic place! Very glad I found it. :) 

  7. Team "The Caffeine Connoisseurs" is ready to go! (Team 2 coming from The Coffee Cove discord community) @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko 1. @Lawless_Llama 2. @VigilantCrow 3. @Kidd82 4. @Wavergray 5. @OverlordOfRacing Representative: @Lawless_Llama Looking forward to this event and having fun together while earning some sweet digital bling.
  8. In case you need something fun and positive to watch this morning, consider dropping by and saying hello during our second live Conversations Over Coffee. You don't want to miss it! :)



  9. Made a Destiny 2 clan for anyone that is interested in joining a fun and positive community! :) Will be running through any piece of content in Destiny whether it be PVP or PVE and we are willing to help with trophies or grind towards triumphs together too! :) Check it out if you like! :D 


  10. Posted a short mini review of the amazing @Redninja-222 today! :) Check it out if you have a bit of time or would like some background noise while trophy hunting! Beyond that have a blessed day! :)



    1. Redninja-222


      Just watched it thanks again

  11. Streaming a bit of Destiny 2 tonight if you are looking for a cool community to come and either chill out or chat in! We would love to have you in The Coffee Cove! :D 



  12. Posted another review for you lovely people yesterday during my birthday! :) Check it out if you have a bit of time today or use it as some background noise while you continue to be a beast and knock out some trophies! Keep being amazing and have a blessed day as you deserve to have! <3




  13. Recently posted a smaller length review for kicking off the brand new side series to our normal review series. Here we check out accounts with 100 games or less, and right off the bat, we are setting the bar extremely high with the incredible Bezenko. The Norwegians sure know how to trophy hunt! :)



  14. Brand new PSN user review out for you amazing trophy hunters and gamers alike! :)



    1. B1rvine


      Constructive criticism: I think a good length of time for these types of videos is 10-15 minutes. Anything more really starts to drag. Cheers.

    2. charxsetsuna


      How could you review a entire trophy list in detail in that amount of time? I dont see how it would work. Maybe put it in parts but still it would be long.

      I see these more as podcasts to listen to and they work great for that for me at least.

  15. Looking for a Destiny 2 clan? Consider joining The Coffee Cove clan which has now been established as a positive community within Destiny 2, an extension of The Coffee Cove discord! :) We will be running through raids together very soon, starting with The Leviathan so those who need the trophies can get them! For now, I've been indulging in the plethora of other content the game has to offer ahead of the fall expansion. 


    Check out the newly formed clan here...


    Have a blessed day yall! :) 

    1. ZoutjeNL


      Coffee Cove = Awesome