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  1. Hey Lawless long time no talk lol!

    1. Lawless_Llama


      Hope you're doing well man! :)


  2. I'm also of the opinion that this move is for the best, would rather have a more complete experience than one that is pushed out in order to garner attention before summer. Plus, on the bright side, it gives me a bit more time to finish some of the other exclusives that have been coming out recently too. I guess that's just one silver lining to all of this.
  3. Super Meat Boy for sure, great completion!
  4. I mean I'll take an excuse to play through these three games any day. I think it's cool too that they are doing the upgrade patches for those who additionally own the titles on PC. Looks like I need to break out my old speedrun notes for 2 and 3 again. 😋
  5. It took me about 18 hours of gameplay before I even got my first trophy, and I mean that in the best way possible. It might not be to everyone's taste but I find the sense of exploration and unraveling all of the little intricacies built in the game world to be refreshing and worthwhile. I am actually looking forward already to the new game plus runs in the future where I can further min/max my build and clean up any other items that I may not have gotten the first time around.
  6. @Skurkitty From my understanding, as I also had to look into this since I'm hoping to earn the base game platinum before purchasing repentance if you purchase this DLC some of the trophy requirements will be made much harder similar in fashion to rebirth and afterbirth. You would have to complete all the new DLC challenges for one in order to get the challenge trophy to pop. I'm currently trying to unlock the godhead item in the base game, which requires you to complete every post-it completion mark as The Lost character on hard. Having the dlc's beside the base game means I have to do Hush, Delirium, greedier mode, and Mega Satan with him too in order to unlock the item. Downloading repentance would add to this. 😬 Hopefully this helps! Have a great day!
  7. Hello lovely fellow trophy enthusiasts and collectors alike. We will be shortly livestreaming at 7:00 PM EST some more account reviews tonight on both Twitch and YouTube while also getting in a bit of our own trophy hunting later.:) Come in and have a nice cup of joe on the house! :D 



  8. We are livestreaming some account reviews late into the night on both twich and youtube! :) Come in and have a nice cup of joe on the house! :D 


    1. AJ_Radio


      Do you have a rule regarding reviewing the same person after a set amount of time?

    2. Yuna


      it seems to be that he is going through the profile entirely

    3. Lawless_Llama


      @AJ_Radio It's whenever the person would like to be re-reviewed, although I wouldn't review the same person over and over again in quick succession. I will have similar streams to the one above purely for the re-reviews! :)

  9. Congrat's on the platinum! Had a blast playing through this with the best cooperative squad around! I'm ready to rock with the sequel too!
  10. Been a while since I have been able to stream and enjoy some gaming with you all on Twitch! :) We will be relaxing, chatting, and carving through some Destiny 2 content tonight. We will discuss reviews and how those will work on this format too! :) Stop by if you need some company or a positive spirit in your day. (or some coffee ;) ) 


  11. Great to see you starting a checklist my friend! I'm excited to cheer you on as you tackle games in your backlog and "pile of shame". Thank you for all you do and the joy you bring!
  12. We are live for a double PSN user review over on The Coffee Cove YouTube! :) If you a need a place full of friendly people to hang out with, or are just looking for some background noise during your trophy escapades, consider dropping by! :) Have a blessed Saturday! :)



    1. Lonemankane


      I might drop by and see as like this kind of stuff

    2. AJ_Radio


      What happened to you man?

    3. Lawless_Llama


      Hey AJ, hope you are doing well. I have been highly focused on getting through my education; I will be entering graduate school in order to work up to earning my doctorate shortly. Beyond that, I have been working a lot. I am still active on discord, and hope to return to videos or at least some sort of content in the future should time allow. I am still practicing video editing for my eventual return and am currently saving for a better capture card. :) 

  13. Having fire arrows as the defenders were nice too since I could get a little bit of damage on the enemies charging over to me once they spawned. This is of course in addition to the awesome tips given above.
  14. I cleared it last night with some good friends. Chapter 2's last encounter was definitely the most difficult for us until we figured out who would constantly go for the idols and who would stay to defend the blood pools. Chapter 3 was refreshing since it was only the boss encounter, which was really neat. A little bit of frustration due to how many oni can overwhelm you if you're not careful, but we got everything down in the end. Still amazing that this content was given to us for free.
  15. Cheers to a successful first live PSN user review! I really enjoyed being able to interact with yall while going through the amazing account of @TheHarryGamer99 and I hope yall enjoyed it as well. Please send some encouragement his way! :) If you want to see what some of the new content on The Coffee Cove is all about, as well as tonight's live stream, check out the video below! Don't forget to share it with your friends. Have a blessed day everyone! 😁