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  1. Just launched our discord server alongside our newest PSN User Review. Feel free to check out the video, and stop by the discord if you would like to be part of the Coffee Cove! :) 


    Discord: https://discord.gg/dDedRC



    1. dertswa687o


      I've heard good things about the guy in this review.

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @dertswa687o me too...do you by chance know them?

    3. dertswa687o


      Nah, just a rumor floating around.

  2. Celebrating 100 subscribers on YouTube first with a brand new PSN user review before posting the videogame creepypasta reading video in the next few days.Thank you to all of the wonderful people (you!) bringing the Coffee Cove to life. Check out the latest review if you like, coffee included. ;) 



  3. I have another amazing account to share with you on this week's first "PSN User Review" video, this time checking out the_surviver007! Check it out if you like alongside the other videos to be found in the Coffee Cove, and sit back with a nice cup of coffee (like I'm doing right now typing this ;) ). Stay blessed yall! 



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    2. midgetstrawdog




      Seems like he cheated quite a few games :/

    3. pot1414


      Then what's the point of this review lol?

    4. Lawless_Llama


      @pot1414 I think what is even more concerning looking back at the guy is that he typed this out when people started calling him out...cause this is not right at all.


      "At this point i'm getting flagged left and right. And i'm kind of salty. So i'll have a bit of fun by telling you to go out get drunk, pass out on the street, get raped and robbed  by a homeless guy, then wake up, get hit by a truck that's on fire and die while burning alive. Just to see how fast i can get banned :)"


      The reviews are mainly intended to show off trophy hunters on the site no matter how big or small, I guess in some cases the people I review are outing themselves as asking for a review. 

      @midgetstrawdog @pot1414 Thank you guys for being vigilant when giving my videos a shot. I will definitely take this account and some of the red flags as a learning lesson when doing reviews in the future. 

  4. For those who are into reading creepypastas (or write them), do you have any recommendations for a good videogame based creepypastas to narrate? :) 


    I'm in the process of filming a new video for the channel which is just a collection of different creepypasta narrations with gameplay in the background. I would deeply appreciate any suggestions! Might make a small series out of the readings if it becomes numerous! 

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Probably Robert the Doll would be a good one.

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @BlackSquirrell1 I'll check it out! Thank you! :)

  5. I was also surprised to see that this game was being released on the PlayStation 4, though it would always just be one of those titles that I would have to purchase on steam to experience. It might be a great title to play alongside other horror games available on the system! 🤔
  6. Our latest PSN User Review video right on the cusp of Halloween dropped extremely early this morning! We check out xScarecrow01's PSN account, full of some amazing platinums and some of the toughest gaming challenges around. This is not an account to sleep on! Check out the video if you have a moment and feel free to leave a comment and voice your thoughts on the account. See you on Halloween with another video, this time talking about horror games in general. 😈



  7. This is a nice month, even though I already have both of these digitally. 😂 Will be exciting to see so many play these new games!
  8. Posted a brand new "PSN User Review" video last night for one of the coolest supporters of my channel! Looking forward to being able to review even more amazing individuals in the future! Come check out the video and the others available in the Coffee Cove if you have time...or need a longer video to have as background noise when grinding some trophies. 😉



  9. Just posted our first multi-account user review video on YouTube, looking at the trophies collected by @TrophyDragon124, @WardenOfWisps, and @coolcol26. Big thanks to them for letting me check out their awesome accounts, and I'm looking forward to checking out other trophy hunters in the future. Also super hyped to have a capture card...stay tuned for new videos! :D


    Check out the video if you like and feel free to join the coffee cove, we will keep you caffeinated! ;)  

    Stay amazing! :D



  10. Posted a different sort of video on our channel today, hopefully, the start of a brand new series on our channel looking at cool collector's items whether video-game or movie based. Check it out if you have a moment, the coffee cove always welcomes you! :) Have a blessed day! :D



    1. Copanele


      You had my curiosity with the Lawless review, now you have my attention with the Dark Souls collection xD 

      Definetly gonna check it out!

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @Copanele I appreciate you checking out the channel and becoming part of the Coffee Cove! :) Keep being awesome! :D

  11. Uploaded a brand new PSN user review video today, loving these deep dives into accounts and i'm seeing so many impressive gamers! LockheedPrime definitely needs some views brought his way! :D Check out the video and become part of the Coffee Cove if you like for future videos just like this one and some special ones i'm cooking up! :) 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lawless_Llama


      @Spaz You got it my man! 👌


    3. Spaz


      Don't review me yet though. Got some stuff I want to finish up first.

    4. Lawless_Llama
  12. We posted our longest video yet on our channel yesterday, a 2 hour deep dive into the awesome trophy hunter jgm4789's account visible here on PSNP. If you're in the need for a nice PlayStation themed podcast like experience, check it out! Don't forget to leave your PSN ID in a comment should you like to have your account looked at too! :D 



    1. Mesopithecus


      Great watch, I've caught the past few of these you've done and I love how positive you are ^_^

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @Mesopithecus Thank you! I appreciate the kind comment deeply, and hope to give you more fun content to watch soon! :D

  13. Black Desert
  14. We've started back up with consistent PSN user review videos where we take a look at the trophies earned by gamers from this very site, this time with a video dedicated to GarzaManCrazy! Check it out if you have time, or if you need a nice video for some background noise while grinding out trophies (haha). If you want to have your account looked at in the future, leave a comment with your PSN ID! :D



    1. REAPER4536


      Too bad Black Ops 2 is hacked otherwise that plat would be really good

  15. Grand Theft Auto V, very nice platinum!