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  1. Hello fellow gamers, I hope your day is going extremely well! :D As part of opening up the weekend, I'm going to be diving into the wonderful indie game named "Fe" and taking a nice relaxing and beautiful stroll through what the game has to offer. Need to chill, or have something peaceful going on in the background? Come check out the stream and say hello or become part of the Llama League :D Stay awesome!


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    2. Lawless_Llama


      @ShyLent I do not think you need to sign onto twitch in order to be able to watch me :D However signing up allows you to type in chat, stay up to date on streams, and to have access to more of twitch's features. A bit like youtube, but I like the community on Twitch a bit more :) 


      Stopped the stream for tonight, but I am planning on streaming some more on Monday :D 

    3. ShyLent


      Cool that's interesting thank u for ur time and explanation. ☺👍good luck on ur streaming✌

    4. Lawless_Llama


      @ShyLent No problemo friend! :D Thank's for the encouragement :D 

  2. Welcome to the forums Aze! Nice to meet you, and hope that you have a great experience on this site in the year to come
  3. Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
  4. Almost done with that Shadows Of The Damned game, keep it up!
  5. Jumping on to play a bit of COD WW2 Multiplayer before continuing to play the wonderful game of Bloodborne! :D Come and be a part of the newly named Llama League, and have some fun chatting or watching (and laughing at my playstyle).


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    2. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      Hey, Llama!  Was just playing Crash Bandicoot yesterday and was getting the time trial in Temple Ruins and I saw your time!  Great job on the plat time! :3

    3. Lawless_Llama


      @AlchemistWer Hello my friend! :D How are you doing? 


      @Vincent Brooks Hello Vincent! Thank you, that level took me a little bit to get down :3 Hope you are doing great, and keep killing it at Crash Bandicoot!

    4. AlchemistWer


      @Lawless_Llama i'm ok  *\(^o^)/*

  6. Come pass some time this wonderful Saturday with Agent Llama as he explores Manhattan and causes havoc in Tom Clancy's The Division. Gonna be exploring and gathering some collectibles before joining up with friends and taking on high level content! 


    Stay awesome fellow gamers and noobs! :D 


    1. PermaFox


      Will there be pizza?

    2. ruffedgz


      just started to follow you, not on twitch much myself but do like to see what others are doing.. Good luck!

    3. Lawless_Llama


      @PermaFox I will see what I can do for the next stream coming up next week :D


      @ruffedgz Thanks man! :D I really do appreciate it! Hope to see you in the stream again soon! :D


  7. I also saw the Videogamedunkey video, and it has piqued my interest in this game even more than before. Looking forward to getting my hands on this title and hopefully playing it very soon!
  8. Bloodborne stream going up, come see me take on the game for my very first playthrough, having some spooky moments and slaying all kinds of evil! :D 


    Hope you are having a wonderful day! And thanks for taking the time to read this! :highfive:


    1. PermaFox


      I'm interested!

  9. Working towards my 51st platinum on stream! Agent Llama explores Manhattan and chats all the while! Come have some fun! :D


    1. LuciaRosethorn


      I'm stalking you ;)

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @LuciaRosethorn Nice to know 😂

  10. Join Lawless_Llama as he spends his first day in "The Division", returning to the game after having played it a bit on other systems. Will he survive?! 


    Anyone is welcome to come and watch or chat! Hope to meet some of you amazing people! :D 


  11. Jumping on to play a chill session of Uncharted Lost Legacy Multiplayer, stop by the stream and chill out or chat for a bit! :D Hoping you all are having a wonderful evening, and stay awesome! 😉


  12. Love them! Imagine having one of those made for each respective trophy you had earned...I don't want to think about how much space that would take up 😂
  13. Since when has Pennywise been into nature?
  14. Gonna be streaming some Uncharted Lost Legacy Multiplayer for a bit, chatting and just enjoying the game as we play our first matches in 2018! If you need a place to relax or a place to chat as well, stop by and say hello! :D You're always welcome in the llama pen.



    Have a good evening folks! Thanks for reading this! 😉

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    2. LuciaRosethorn


      I'm sorry I left the stream! xD Next time I won't just leave, I promise! 

      I hope it went well anyway. =) 

    3. Fatty_Fatness


      Dang, I'm sorry I missed it. Teaches me to take a freak early evening nap. :shakefist:

    4. Lawless_Llama


      @LuciaRosethorn All good! 😁 It went very well, and it was cool to see you reunite with a friend! :D 

      @Fatty_Fatness Ill be streaming tonight for a bit with some different games, but I don't blame you for taking a nap since those can be complete bliss! :highfive:

  15. Good on you! I love the "my cat chewed a hole..." part 😂 Would love to see what he has to say in response to that, but it may be hard to read due to his poor grammar 😂