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  1. Just uploaded another trophy/user review video looking at Liamplaysyoutube's account! Give it a look if you have time, or consider using it as background noise while grinding away some trophies! I'm off to go and grind 1,000 multiplayer matches in Bomberman...



  2. Rounding out the summer with a nice trophy hunting stream! Starting with Division 2 before moving onto a variety of games which we are cleaning up. Come and check out the sleep squad! :D


  3. Hello amazing people! :D


    Posted my first video on YouTube the other day, a long review of my own personal PSN trophy collection! :) Check it out if you like, and leave a comment with your own PSN if you would want to have your account reviewed in a future video! 



  4. Thief, been meaning to start that. Great job with the 100%!
  5. Aiming to earn our Kingdom Hearts 1 Platinum trophy live on twitch tonight! Just finishing up our proud playthrough by grinding out levels before Ansem and getting some last minute gear. Need a place to hangout and chat or just chill? Come by the Sleep Squad! 


  6. Nice review! May wait for a bit until it's on sale but it is one that I will write in my mind as something to pick up in the future!
  7. I feel the exact same way occasionally when the games aren't something I'm particularly interested in. Least for a new owner of a PlayStation they can build their library up a bit. Oh well, more Path of Exile and Assassins Creed 3 Remastered for me. 🤘
  8. I would support Ori and The Blind Forest being released on the PS4 alongside its sequel coming out. Perhaps they could do a collection of the both of them one day, we can dream.
  9. Continuing our platinum journey through the Assassins Creed series on PS4! (Now with a face-cam) :D Need a place to hang tonight, come on in! :) 


  10. Tonight we continue our journey through platinuming every single Assassins creed game on the PS4! Come by and say hello and stay to chat if you like, everyone is welcome! :) 


    1. MidnightDragon


      I think I’ve been watching you some, but don’t have Twitch. Really need to so I can at least comment.

    2. Lawless_Llama


      @MidnightDragon I appreciate your support in any form. If you do end up getting the account I look forward to chatting with you! :)

  11. Happy saturday fellow trophy hunters and friends! :) We are continuing our journey through platinuming every single Assassins Creed game on the PS4! Come check us out if you want, and stay to chat too :) 


  12. Thank you for the info! Never got a chance to play these two on the PS3 so I am looking forward to picking up this collection for the PS4!
  13. Have you been holding R2? I know that it might sound silly but it will shave off seconds as long as you hold that button when you are moving in a straight line. If you are also needing more speed, try staying close to trees or the mountainside in order to help build up speed. Hope this helps and good luck on the platinum!
  14. Nidhogg 2, because I don't mind spending hours on practicing bosses for a game like Hollow Knight so I can beat the final pantheon, but beating all the CPU's in the game's version of an arcade mode without dying a single time is something that will never happen for me.
  15. Just a llama looking for some cool fellow trophy hunters to message/chat and be friends with. PSN ID: Lawless_Llama PS Systems: PS4 & PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: No, instead answer this question...what is the worst joke that you have heard that has made you laugh? Currently finishing up God of War, Hollow Knight, and Dead Island Definitive Edition. Also playing some Rocket League on the side like always 😉