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  1. @dieselmanchild I do think it's a good step into at least introducing yourself to some of the elements of roguelike games, and I would highly recommend it. Items are useful in this game and there are some winning combinations that you can pick up, but if you take the time to really learn the different character skills and enemy attack patterns (like any game in this genre) you'll really set yourself up for success. I would say one bonus in kind of checking out the genre through this game is that the game encourages experimentation through playing as multiple characters. There is a mechanic where if you play as a character too often the game will put a debuff on that character's health for a while, encouraging you to branch out. But trying out multiple characters is also smart since their unlocked traits carry across to all other characters too. The trophies are relatively straightforward as well, and the added feature of co-op is nice. Hope at least some of this information was helpful, always feel free to reach out to me if you need further assistance/encouragement.
  2. I may jump into the other two offerings but the one I'm most excited about this month is Superhot. I guess this will be one of those months I get to make a bit of progress through clearing my backlog.
  3. I agree with @Leenewbe, it's a recent enough title that most people would have played either the original on PS3 or remaster on PS4 relatively recently. Though I do think it looks fantastic in this latest release, I'm not going to purchase it again. I don't have an issue with someone who is a big fan of TLOU games digging into this new release, but it's just not for me. I will perhaps pick it up on sale a few years down the line when I have the itch to re-experience the story.
  4. "Operation: Tango" was a surprise for both me and my brother who played it through with me till 100% completion. Genuinely was a complete surprise, lots of laughs were shared and we bonded over solving the puzzles and having to communicate effectively. If you haven't given it a try, I greatly suggest it.
  5. Welcome to the forums Vista! I'm sure you'll be able to make good use of the sessions tab in order to give/receive help on whatever games you decide to play! Do you have any games in particular that you're looking forward to starting?
  6. Even though I do have a few games with glitched trophies that i'll never be able to fully complete, thus giving me a reason to hide those games if I truly wanted a 100% profile, I've opted not to hide them as I like them being displayed as part of my trophy hunting journey. They may be curses, but they still offer good stories to tell.
  7. The original Outlast stands as the 100% title that I'm most proud of especially with having to clear through it in the insane mode. Once I found a video explaining methods in how to kite the enemy ai into specific routes to easily skirt around them it was a piece of cake, but there are still one or two areas where you feel like your back is against the wall. Actually now that I think about it, that's probably very on brand for this game. 😐
  8. Welcome to the forums! Wishing you the best in all of your trophy endeavors! I would say that both playing games that you enjoy and a bit of research before starting the titles, contribute greatly to helping you complete fun games quickly and efficiently for those platinum and 100%s. I find for myself that I like to have a few games from different genres too in order to prevent genre burnout. For example, I love rogue-lite titles but can get burnt out on occasion after learning complex systems or memorizing what each of the different loot pools has too. Taking the moment to install a different genre game that I've been looking forward to also keeps me moving forward in trophy hunting since I'm excited to be running through a different game experience. Happy hunting!
  9. I'm quite pleased with my top 5: 1. Absolver ~ 0.67% 2. Super Bomberman R ~ 0.88% 3. Starwhal ~ 0.92% 4. PUBG ~ 1.10% 5. COD WW2 ~ 1.51%
  10. I'm also really looking forward to this game, though I'm not quite sure if I'll be picking it up on day 1. The trophies that I'm interested in learning more about beyond just the completion of all of the challenges are the "Killstreak" and "One For The Record Books" trophies that require you to finish a match in a single combo and earn a total of 3 million points in a single combo respectively. Maybe those two trophies could be tied together? Guess we will have to wait and see.
  11. Hey man! are you ever going to get back into doing profile reveiws ?


    1. AJ_Radio


      He's been inactive for a long time now.

    2. SoDirtyDan_


      ive noticed. he did my account back in 2019ish when he first started out, i havent heard from him in awhile


    3. Lawless_Llama


      Hey man, I've always stated that I've wanted to get back into doing them but I'm just not at a place in my life where I can properly put time into creating them. I'm working a full-time job, I've got graduate school soon, and an amazing significant other to focus on. I will continue to do my best to build up a positive community and be active here on the forums, and you better believe I'm still getting in a bit of time to trophy hunt. I am just not able to do the video content currently. I'd be more than happy to type up reviews for people if they wanted at least that form of encouragement. :)

  12. Hey Lawless long time no talk lol!

    1. Lawless_Llama


      Hope you're doing well man! :)


  13. I'm also of the opinion that this move is for the best, would rather have a more complete experience than one that is pushed out in order to garner attention before summer. Plus, on the bright side, it gives me a bit more time to finish some of the other exclusives that have been coming out recently too. I guess that's just one silver lining to all of this.
  14. Super Meat Boy for sure, great completion!
  15. I mean I'll take an excuse to play through these three games any day. I think it's cool too that they are doing the upgrade patches for those who additionally own the titles on PC. Looks like I need to break out my old speedrun notes for 2 and 3 again. 😋