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  1. Happens to the best of us, my friend 😂 Congrats on your platinum!
  2. My response is going to be similar to others above me since I personally don't care as long as the trophy hunter in question is having fun and enjoying what they are doing. I have a few spam titles on my list myself, such as the "Word Search by POWGI" game which is easy but I had a blast playing the game in co-op with others and having mini-competitions to see who could get the most words each game we played. Sometimes you just need to have a break from a more difficult/grindy platinum you are working on! 😄
  3. I'm most likely going to pick up this title so I can at least play it on my PS Vita during commutes. Should be a neat challenge, and multiple playthroughs should at least get my money's worth out of the title.
  4. I am currently re-downloading the game to try it out again after not really touching it after it had originally launched. Very hyped to get back into the game and see what is new and has been improved!
  5. Interesting topic! Was fun to look through my list for these since I didn't even know this was a thing! Here are the unique ones on my list... Destiny 2: "Your Triumphs in Destiny 2." Jak and Daxter: "The Precursor Legacy: Fabulous trophies for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Collect them all!" Jazzpunk: "Have a trophy!" LittleBigPlanet 3: "Play, Create, Share" Valley: "Complete various challenges to award yourself with the Valley trophy set."
  6. I am so hyped to be able to play this game! Preordered it very early when it first came onto the PSN store!
  7. Little Nightmares
  8. @SlimSanta94 Your list is too good! Gonna have to go with Friday The 13th though.
  9. What a craptastic thread!
  10. One of my favorite games of all time on the PS4 as far as indie games go. If they are updating it with a brand new achievement or achievements then I will definitely play through it again. @LuciaRosethorn When you start playing it I am going to be there to watch! 😁
  11. Streaming a bit of Battlefield 1 tonight after rediscovered my joy for playing Battlefield recently, especially with some of the DLC being offered to us for free! :D Perfect to get ready for Battlefield V. Come stop by and hang out with the anthropomorphic llama without rules! Stay awesome gamers! 


  12. What a saint! Thank you very much for keeping us on alert for stuff like this!
  13. Just a weird feeling...not saying that I know you but I feel like you're one of those people I have known for a while and is one of my best friends...weird huh? 😂 Good to see you on the forums buddy! Welcome to the forums!