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  1. I had something similar happen to me, but with a multiplayer trophy. What I did to get it to pop up is unlock another trophy. Try unlocking another trophy and hopefully it'll sync up.
  2. For those that have played with two accounts on the same system (not shareplay), will trophies unlock for all players or does only the host get the trophies?
  3. Hey all, any help is appreciated to get that count up. I'm just starting from scratch, but I'll gladly play anyone's level that is willing to help! Thank you in advance! Edit: Done! Thank you all who helped!
  4. I feel this on so many levels! 😂
  5. And you mentioned that premium status will be transferred at a later time? Or will that happen with the merger? Thanks again for all the work!
  6. Guinea pig here! Old: zeugirdor_90 New: TheHosa
  7. I had the same thing happened to me. Restarting my console and doing the fatalities again fixed it. Hopefully that'll work for you.
  8. I tested out Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on PS4, no changes at all. I kept all my gear and progression and I can still hop online to play with others.
  9. Has anyone by chance tested Gauntlet:Slayer Edition on PS4? That's the only one that's worrying me right now since it was on the Sony list of issues.
  10. Thanks for letting us know about these, I have a bit of progress on these games and was worried about the change. Glad it's only a few minor things.
  11. The feature hasn't gone live yet, it'll be live tonight at 8pm EST
  12. Really excited for this, but like other have mentioned, I'm concerned about old PS4 titles and everything on my PS3 backlog. I'm curious if changing your name (for the sake of reserving that name) and changing back to your original ID right away (before you start up any of those games) will have any effect. I would hope that those games would not see the name change since you immediately changed back to the original. This would be a nice compromise for those of us who still have PS3 backlogs. Now, who's willing to test this and report back 🤔
  13. @FarSideOfSaturn Perfect! Hopping on now! Thanks!
  14. Hey there, anyone still have a save near the center? I'd really appreciate the boost there, I can help pass it on as well. Let me know, thanks!