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  1. If I went with that logic ps6 would be out before I got a ps5.... I went from probably not to a solid no when they announced miles and horizon and coming to ps4... as of now there are no games coming to ps5 that I want to play that are not also coming for ps4... leaving me no reason to want a ps4... plus its ugly...
  2. Mk9 was super grindy but nothing very hard SF4 is one of the hardest platinums period.
  3. Hated this game when it was new, figured id give it another chance 20 years later... and I still hate it. Don't like any of the characters, the junction system is awful, GFs are a bizzare incarnation of summons, hate the story and find the card game boring.. after giving this game another chance I'd rank it as my least favorite in the entire series.
  4. Delete your save data for the game.
  5. Yea seems like a pretty clear trend, I was a bit surprised god of war didn't get new game plus trophies.
  6. I never get any of this stuff unless i waste hours on getting live chat to work.
  7. Street fighter 4 Mortal Kombat 9 God of War 1 and 2 Injustice A bunch of other fighters.
  8. Killer instinct and fable.
  9. Nope not even a little.
  10. Nope way too many hours in this account.
  11. No, sounds like an annoying feature, I hope it can be turned off along with that weird resistance thing.
  12. It is what it is, I try to make sure my ive got some hard and/or grindy plats to balance it out.
  13. So its censored? I woukd kept an eye out for a sale but if i cant play as Jesus im not wasting my time.
  14. I thought it was the quick recovery button for when they juggle you.
  15. Distraction items like ACs fireworks or days gone's noise makers. Parry mechanics in general id rather move or tank the hit usually. Blocking in musou games.