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  1. This plat will likely be as rare as street fighter 4 or the nba 2k games.
  2. I'll probably never play it, but having a bigger library never hurts, thanks.
  3. Tried it when I had ps now, was a waste of time.
  4. That map is useless.
  5. Probably nothing... if I were willing to buy it at a non sale price I already did a long time ago.. I dont think ive bought à non sale game for the ps3 since 2014.
  6. If i remember correctly I think i had to stall on the final boss and kill respawning adds for 20 or 30 minutes to get blight queller Probably not something most people would do... leveling all 3 classes to 20 is another that id suspect not too many people did...
  7. I just banked almost 4mil, hospital value is weird.
  8. Don't see why not.. its 99c so as long as you play it for at least an hour thats pretty cheap entertainment.
  9. Too late to go back... it rained 2 days after, then the cutscene happend... got the ingame achievement and a trophy item. The lightning at joja happend a week lr 2 later.. think im probably screwed...
  10. Anyone know if the latest patch helped the corrupted save issue?
  11. Already had the cutscene and even the event opening the lost bundle but the trophy didnt pop.. the game text said i got the achievement ... tbis sucks
  12. Not very, worst in the series imo.
  13. Tried it with a female construction worker, didnt work used a male and it worked.. the paste up that gave me the trophy was already painted before i did it again.. buggy ass trophy list
  14. My name is mayo is better than final fantasy and assassin's creed combined, therefore should get more sequels and spinoffs than Both series combined.
  15. It takes about a week of letting it run to get that trophy.... stupid trophy..