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  1. You coukd play them if you went through the pain of buying a us psn card and then doing the weird game sharing vita thing
  2. Oh i feel dumb i thought i was supposed to do a 10 chain, not 10 of em...
  3. Ive done a 10 chain at least 5 times i dont get it...
  4. Anything first person, moba, the elder scrolls series and more....
  5. You could always see if the trophies autopop and if not delete your save data.
  6. I bought this hoping to play it on vita but the load times are murder
  7. Not sure if I should be impressed or not. ........
  8. Yea i grabbed the original plat when Tera first released in the US store. I'd suggest finding a show to binge watch so you have sumthin to do while waiting for those queues. Or play sumthin on your Vita. Hopefulky queues will be better when your higher level, the leveling in that game is so fast probably not a ton of low levels around anymore.. you can solo those low level dungeons pretty easily if you have to downside is you actually have to go there.
  9. It wasnt too bad in July I was able to do all of them while I was level appropriate as a brawler.
  10. Is that an average or have you gotten a trophy every single day?
  11. Nis has such crappy sales I'm probably gonna be waiting til golden week a few years from now to grab this.
  12. Seems way overpriced at 50 bucks
  13. Honestly your phone probably surfs the internet better even if its over a decade old the ps4s browser is trash even more so than the ps3s was.. vitas browser sucks too sony just has crap browsers sadly
  14. The ps4 browser has always been awful. Im kinda surprised you have so many friends that regularly use it.... Anyways i just launched to see if its acting any crappier than normal if anything a streaming site I use works a lil better than I remember
  15. I agree but dont see it happening my backlog just keeps growning.