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  1. Nothing missable you can go back Pretty sure you gotta do all the side quests to kill both of them
  2. I cant even get past the basic ones, guess no plat for me.
  3. Same happend to me
  4. Did you have more than 1 account logged into your ps4? I couldn't unlock the duck or stance flip trophies either vs cpu or p2 until i logged my other account off.
  5. L1 or R1..
  6. Familiars count even though it says they dont, poped for me while I was asleep
  7. everyone seems to have the physical version on sale for 35, any deals for download out there?
  8. also some people are lazy and like switch games without getting up and/or own more than 1 ps4.
  9. I buy everything digital I've only used my disc drive once and that was to play a movie the gf owns.
  10. be nice if Uni at least said sumthin on it..
  11. nothin fir me and I'm in the US.. I don't think I'd ever use it anyhow so not bothered..
  12. The valley of kings name wont show for me, also found a small athenian camp there wtf? Name never showed up but got the trophy
  13. The valley of kings name wont show for me, also found a small athenian camp there wtf?
  14. if true, another crap month :(';
  15. Surprised they are still makin em.
  16. just quit the arcade game, idling the thing out is a waste of time.. the worst part is the tutorial, but it has no shot clock so just hold the ball and press circle everytime the game tells you to do something you have to wait til the whole message loads, but at least the game clock pauses much less if you don't actually play.
  17. Captain spirit being considered a demo is just dumb I guess the devs hate trophy hunters or sumthin, just means i wont bother to play it.
  18. yea that was kinda dumb, but there was a work around to get play again and be able to get the missable trophy it's the actual 2k games completionists should ignore, i know top 10 hardest trophy lists love to throw out a buncha dif games... but if the list was really the hardest it could just be 10 nba 2k games.
  19. Should be the same account on either system the ontrols kinda suck on console i wish icould use a mouse.
  20. you can play it on your main account, but I'm stuck at 0% having no idea how to actually go into another fight or anything. it's probably pay to win I dunno kinda looks like a facebook game in the "hub" maybe I need energy to do the next level...
  21. doesn't seem like it'll get fixed... thought it'd be an easy plat and it should be but I'm stuck in woodbury.
  22. I'm stuck in woodbury just crashes after a few days or when i die... sux
  23. exactly I never cared about getting 100% then I'd have to tailor the games I play to ones i know i could 100% which would diminish the value of being at 100% in my eyes I'd rather just play what I want including games I can't plat like SF4 or maybe load up sumthin to check it out but decide I dont wanna play it (got 1 trophy in fallout3) or decide I don't wanna bother with that stupid dlc (xenoverse 2) I do want to continue to accumulate platinums,trophy level and total number of trophies though.
  24. a psp on sale for 325 usd?