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  1. there is soo much text and soo many things to click on trying to even understand what the hell you are doing is a complete pain I did try to play the game and went through a few levels of some sort blowing up robots and some kinda ships, but yea not really sure what was happening since I can't read it.
  2. congrats, I gave up, maybe next time i have a friend over thats better at combos than I am I'll have him give it a go...
  3. probably will since its technically not released yet.
  4. this trophy will probably keep me from 100% I suck at combos.
  5. Finally got one to work (Zen VPN) and I still couldn't log in despite having an IP that appeared to be from hong kong...
  6. I wish they could just leave it alone the OS worked better at launch than it does not, don't think my system software ever crashed til about 18-24 months ago..
  7. i know how to use one on my pc, not sure how to make it work on ps4.. any decent free ones work on ps4?
  8. anyone ever figure out how to play the HK version? would be nice to have more trophies....
  9. lol yea that would of been nice, I've gotten 12.50 out of it though.. basically Plat = 1.00 Gold = 0.10 Silver = 0.01 kinda sucks that bronze are worth nothing... but 100 for a penny woulda been stupid so I guess its ok.
  10. ...

    street fighter 4,super street fighter 4,king of fighters 13,mortal kombat 9,street fighter x tekken,ultimate marvel vs capcom ps3 era fighting games are just hard to plat all of these have some trophy I'm not good enough to get and MK has my kung fu is stronger lol.. Mass Effect,Fallout 3,Fairytale fights,demon's souls those are games i tried but just don't like. in the case of ME and DS I am terrible at emn and unwilling to "git gud"
  11. not really... only really played until dawn,tales from borderlands,life is stange and game of thrones, all easy plats sure, but I wouldn't have payed for any of em on my own
  12. I don't think PQs spawn these doing Krillin's training spawned the Yamcha one for me though.