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  1. Street fighter 4 Mortal Kombat 9 God of War 1 and 2 Injustice A bunch of other fighters.
  2. Killer instinct and fable.
  3. Nope not even a little.
  4. Nope way too many hours in this account.
  5. No, sounds like an annoying feature, I hope it can be turned off along with that weird resistance thing.
  6. It is what it is, I try to make sure my ive got some hard and/or grindy plats to balance it out.
  7. So its censored? I woukd kept an eye out for a sale but if i cant play as Jesus im not wasting my time.
  8. I thought it was the quick recovery button for when they juggle you.
  9. Distraction items like ACs fireworks or days gone's noise makers. Parry mechanics in general id rather move or tank the hit usually. Blocking in musou games.
  10. I suppose, it does feel faster alone, since i can see where i am, instead of having to tell my buddy where i am, or figure out where he is.. 2k matches is just too many though.
  11. Self boosting in this game is soooo boring.
  12. Considering every bit of info you need to use a credit card is on it..... cant imagine it'd be that hard for the average teen to get ahold of those #s.
  13. Yup, its also to win prizes that can be hard and maybe against tos to convert into cash, also tends to be full of worthless prizes.
  14. I honestly forgot about the touchpad.. the games that used it.. it was mostly annoying.. I dont think we need 5 extra buttons thats too many.. the light when its actually used is annoying sometimes.. if it is dark and the thing starts flashing it can be distracting not really sure what the point is. Who actually looks at their controller? The speaker i never gave a chance, turned that off before starting any games. As a Playstation gamer that prefers basic controllers I guess I have something to be greatful to MS for.. Either way despite all my complaints I will get a ps5, maybe not day 1 but at some point.
  15. Im glad the sticks are still symmetrical.. I really dont understand why anyone would want asymmetrical sticks.. my favourite controllers are snes and ps1-3. The ds4 took some getting used too.. and I still dont like that it is bigger, or that the L2 and R2 stick out so far on the bottom. It also has numerous features I find completely useless.. the light,speaker,sixaxis and rumble are all things I dont bother with. And now the dual sense is adding more stuff I probably wont care about... the mic has gotta be terrible.. I probably won't care for heptic feedback.. but I guess ill try it. I get that they wanna innovate and create new technologies to provide more immersion... however all I really want is a basic controller 2 sticks, some buttons and a dpad is all I need or even want.
  16. Didnt know that was a thing, I disabled trophy screenshots years ago because its a waste of space imo.
  17. Every time I want to use my headset i need to remove then reinsert the dongle... kinda annoying.. anyone know if theres a way to make it work without without having to reinsert it everytime i want to use my headset?
  18. I tried starting this 3 or 4 times just cant stand or understand this game.
  19. Bound by flame, beyond 2 souls, blood bowl 2, disgaea 5, spiderman, rebel galaxy, tekken 7, titan quest, warriors all stars,the 3 disgaeas on ps3, the dynasty warriors games on ps3, samurai warriors 4, the wolf among us, warriors orochi 3 and tons of lego games. Are all pretty easy but one of them are quick plats. In fact most are long. Gem Smasher is quick and easy.
  20. That darth maul game.
  21. Whats wrong with another list?
  22. It doesn't to me... I will probably skip it.
  23. Doesn't really effect me I pretty much exclusively game on PS and thats unlikely to change.
  24. Apparently its savior i resogun.. im surprised thats the first thing I played....