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  1. Kinda dissapointed they are making ghost of tsushima instead of another infamous.
  2. Playasia has some ripoff prices.
  3. Atari (2600 I think but not 100% sure) Nes Snes Genesis Ps1 Ps2 PC Gamecube Ps3 Ps4 Ps4 pro Gameboy Gameboy sp DS lite Vita
  4. If its only gonna be 100 games i dunno why sony is bothering.. is it really that hard to just make the ps5 play ps4 games?
  5. Or make a paypal with a us address and send it money.
  6. I dont see how wb games would be wortb twice as much as insomniac, especially considering it wouldn't come with any rights for injustice or lotr.. I'm sad that this probably means no more shadow lf mordor games.
  7. Uck.. hope they dont sell it.. wonder why they'd wanna.. surely it is profitable and wb owns so many ips to work with...
  8. Without for sure Ive never played a ps4 game with a disc.
  9. 6, but really and of the first games would be awesome, or even ports of those games on modern consoles.
  10. Kool, ty for the info
  11. Im in the US if i bought ps now on my uk account would it work here?
  12. I think japan doesnt need a cc because they arnt as common there... that sucks i was wanting to get disgaea stacks. Interesting I did just make a german account for knack 2.. does your paypal have a cc linked?
  13. Cuz i dont have a uk credit card, cant get a trial with only paypal.
  14. 4 games ill keep an eye and 1 ill definitely get, not bad so far.
  15. A bit yea sometimes if im on the fence I wont buy a game without one.
  16. Its a godsend for weird brownouts or if your in an apartment idiot neighbors flicking the wrong switch in the breaker. Id highly suggest a small one for your router as well if getting knocked offline is a regular annoyance.
  17. I dont know crap about electricity but i think that lil one you linked would probably power a ps4 for a while but maybe not long enough for a tv which why I mentioned remote play.. guess it depends o your tvs size, immediately switching it to a power save setting could buy some time too.. Fire? Thats no good... ive never had problems with the cyberpower brand ones Ive owned for 8 years. Pretty sure the batteries can barely hold a charge now but it still works to keep my ps4 on whenever my power goes off.
  18. I have bigger ones They can run a system for a while but cant run a tv for more than a few minutes. With the little one you could probably remote play your ps4 and get to a stable place to quit. The one you linked has free returns so you could try it and return it if its not good enough.. I dont see why you'd need a pc.. i think mine had a disc but it was just for some advanced features I never bothered with. Also stick your modem in it so you can still use wifi.
  19. Yea but Sony could require trophies for expansions...
  20. The ravens mostly suck cuz by design you cant move around fast in gow. In spiderman i didnt mind cuz hes pretty fast and web swinging around was fun. I dunno about arkham I played the first and didnt like it. I've never seen sidequests not suck so either we play different games or I just dislike them more than you. I disagree that there has to be collectables its just a trope and a way to pad game length/content. I think the bit of lore with the backpacks where he'd mention when he put them there helped make it a bit less boring as well
  21. My biggest complaints are the forced slow walking and weird camera locks.. why is tv a black hole? And everything to do with the arbiters of fate.
  22. AC3 is worse, so nah.
  23. This pos is highly rated?
  24. Yea the Mj and miles parts sucked and side quests sucked.. but side quests always suck at lesst combat and even traveling is fun i spiderman. GoW had those annoying ravens and moving around and back tracking was so slow.. crap like that is optional though so I see no reason it should lower ratings. Honesstly id almost never bother with much of the tedious side content games have been plagued with for the last couple gens if I didnt want he trophies.. collectables and side quests are never fun.... Still I'd consider spiderman one of the best games this gen.
  25. 2nd donkey kong 3rd mario 4th final fantasy 5th suikoden 6th suikoden 7th infamous 8th showdor of mordor