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  1. Guess I went out of my way to buy butterfingers for nothin.
  2. This was only mildly annoying probably towards the bottom of my list of annoying grinds theres so much worse out there.
  3. 1623 of 15118 10.75%
  4. I did this plat a while ago, it wasnt too bad, for dragons bane a dps would be easiest unless new dlc added an easier way to kill dragons... if you like plating mmos tera has a pretty easy list and 2 stacks. Just a heads up, this game is super pay to win.
  5. Logged in this afternoon and my avatar had been replaced by the default. Should I be concerned?
  6. Havent played since lich king but id probably try it.
  7. Kool theres a trophy I never expected to earn.
  8. With another console (xbox,switch,etc,) I dont care either way. With pc, to hell with that.
  9. An extra prompt that I say yes to 100% of the time would be slightly annoying. Would be kinda like the weird this icon means saving crap some games do..
  10. Ive never tried to have a super high completetion precentage as Id rather reserve the right to just quit a game I dont wanna play... but wouldnt the ability to delete trophies/games make it kinda pointless... anyone that wanted 100% completion could just delete anything they dont 100%... meaning anyone could be at 100% with a few toggles...
  11. Huge grind, although I guess that download thing they added can cheese a lot of it, also its just super unlikely anyone would pkat this without specifically trying to.
  12. Progress tracker, raise level cap above 100, revamp the level system so each level takes more than the previous, instead of just 2k per level after the first bit. Have dlc that adds content other than cosmetics give trophies.. Its a shame sims 4 has so many expansions and no trophies for it... theres in game achievements too.. or fighters like sf5 no reason the dlc characters cant have a few trophies each or split by season..
  13. 1k leve quests is nothin compared to the 1k fates.. they do give gametime to inactive players so it would be possible to get the plat, but its a helluva grind.. 900 hrs seems way too high though maybe 150 - 400. Also the coil trophy is kinda hard and barely anyone runs it.
  14. Got these in chapter 1 when i hired my 4th character. My highest is 5, combined only 21
  15. Hmmm odd.
  16. Probably not but it never hurts to have more in the library, thx.
  17. Its better than 4 or 5 imo. 4 was just boring 5 was just an action game with a boring story. 6 has it's flaws and is still too action orientated but still better tha 4 or 5.
  18. Honestly this game is frustrating as hell and took me a few hours. Wouldn't call it hard but its not super easy either. .
  19. I stopped paying for ps plus because they havent had a game I cared about in years.. had better offerings last gen.
  20. Awesome who wants to run some coil?
  21. Used to play, theres a few trophies i never finished.. can i finish em during the free time?
  22. Nope, i watched the chapter 14 scenen i missed youtube stopped using assess as soon as chadley stopped telling me to, felt it was a waste of atb and a materia slot.
  23. I dunno how ill survive.. it may be time for seppuku.
  24. I only got past this guy because of the weapon ability reprieve. This bossis easily the hardest one i the game imo.
  25. Survival mode? Uck guess I am losing a 100%