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  1. Dark souls level of difficulty? No not even close.. more like the game goes from I can just mash and everything dies... to maybe i should avoid those telepgraohed 1 shot moves and pay attention to my hp.. I dont know how you can spend 2 hrs on the scorpion.. Yea it has frustrating parts but nothing that should really take that much figuring out losing to a boss after fighting it for 20 minutes sucked, but it was easy to understand how to beat after those losses so I never lost more than once.. This plat is already at 0.9% and that number is just going to soar for a game that came out 2 weeks ago and takes in the ballpark of 60+ hrs to plat.. that is pretty high.
  2. Incredibly grindy??? Is this the first rpg you ever played? There really isnt much grind, and for a rpg you have to go through twice.. it is a relatively quick plat.
  3. A rating is subjective mine can be whatever I think it is FF7 Remake is very very easy for nearly anyone to achieve with some small hurdles.. Telltale gives you a plat just for beating there is literally no difficulty Spider-Man is crazy easy... but you'd actually have to some side content and such.. doesnt make it hard.. but it does mean gamers that do not care about trophies and just don't feel like doing every single side activity just arnt going to have the plat.. that doesn't mean theres difficulty I honestly find this game to be a 3 Theres only 10 whole numbers here.. so what telltale is the bottom of 1... a 1.000000 if you will and spider-man is probably somewhere closer to a 1.5 not every 1 willbe exactly the same difficulty that implies theres only 10 stages of difficulty in 1000s of games.. Id like to be able to say ya this game was hard af and I got this platnium through blood,sweat and tears... but no its not Ive earned a lot of platniums and this one just isnt very hard.. Call it what you want but I call it 3/10
  4. Did most of the quests in chapter 3, skipped the rest, did all the arena and sim stuff besides the hard only stuff searched areas pretty throughly looking for treasure.. spent a bit of time trying squats but gave up.
  5. 55? Are people counting a easy/normal plus a hard play through or just the first.. I just dont see how it can take that long unless you have a lot of idle time.
  6. Its not since he doesnt do anything faster than you can cast a few recovery spells.
  7. Strategy? This fight isnt hard enough to need that, didn't need elemental on my armor either.
  8. Yup 2 not very useful summons and some digital crap to download is all you get.. its a pretty stupid deluxe edition.
  9. 3 vs mayor is best for a few hours worked for me. No real reason to play as everyone.. i just set it it to classic and went back and forth between actually trying, and just letting the ai do the work.
  10. I never used manawall at all so I can assure you all that barrier materia isn't necessary. ..
  11. Are the dlcs included in mass effect trilogy?
  12. How?? I did about half the side content , didnt skip a video and my first playthrough was 26 hrs.. playing at a very casual pace.
  13. 2 hp up,2 mp up, cure, raise on everyone Healer with cure - magnify and 2 magic ups Elemental on the other 2 I usually linked it to lightning but you can change it situationally The rest can be up to preferences.
  14. Not that much, since they lied about this one being the length of a typical final fantasy.
  15. Yup spiderman and hzd are both so easy that anyone that wants the plat pretty much will get it. Ok fine the telltale games without missable trophies should be 0 because its basically free. In some ways those games are harder than hzd,gow or spiderman. They are fun and keep you wanting to play.. telltale games on the other hand are rubbish and unless you are really into the story you kinda have to soldier through them. FF7 Remake is pretty easy but not free, and not to the point where you can barely try... so yeah a 3. Huh theres a regeneration accessory? Also pretty sure anyone on discord represent a hardcore minority (we here also do) so its not surprising the majority are into ff7 enough to want to 100% it.
  16. HZD and Spider-man are 1/10 anyone that actually wants the trophies or just wants to do the side content gets those plats.. Rarity can also depend on far from "normal" gameplay you have to deviate to obtain all the trophies DCUO doesn't have hard trophies and they arent even super grindy.. but most people just arnt gonna get 6 characters across 2 factions,3 movement modes and 6 mentors to level 30. Unless they are doing it for trophies..
  17. A 3, maybe a 4 at best the hardest thing is pull ups but I think most people can probably do it if they keep trying. None of the fights should be that hard if you master hp and mp up materias and conserve mp for healing and raising. Honestly I expect this plat to be relatively common.
  18. Nope to hell with that idea. Soooo many hours on this account
  19. Pullup challenge was evil took me like 4hrs.. intermediate squats was harder than the final one for some reason.
  20. I was kinda surprised how easy this was, first try without ever having a single panic moment.
  21. That would probably be insanely hard due to the extra lag from shareplay, if it is even doable.
  22. I didnt even kill the boss thay has the bladed staff, just stole it and chapter selected out.
  23. Yup now the long leveling process.