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  1. Yup now the long leveling process.
  2. Guides say it should be easy for me to solo... well apparently I suck as i cant beat level 4..
  3. Honestly didnt understand its elemental weakness mechani when I fought it. I barely used any non healing magic in my whole hard playthrough preferring to save mp for healing and Aeriths regular attacks damage it just fine anyhow.
  4. This site tracks a small minority so its not that significant of a stat anyways.
  5. HZD had crazy staying power i think it was on the list for over a year..
  6. Games like rdr,witicher,skyrim,monster hunter have huge staying power on the list because people sink 100s of hours into them
  7. Just sayin relatively weak competition plus quarantine plus console exclusivity its bound to be on top, if the REs were console exclusives they'd probably be higher. I doubt the numbers haven't been higher but I honestly dont pay much attention.
  8. Its only real competition is RE which is a bit low because it is 2 games and kinda short so id imagine lots beat it and moved on.
  9. Powerpyx recommends the twin stinger which looks like one of cloud's worst weapons to me...
  10. I think summons have 3 categories. DLC lil guys that can be summoned on some of the harder trash mobs The regular ones that can be summonend in most bosses. Then the giant ones that cost 2 atbs and can barely ever be summoned.
  11. Not healing on hard mode bosses... I doubt it, if so thats gonna be a crazy showoff kinda thing to do.. like beating the og resident evils with the knife or skiping the sword in zelda.
  12. (Make cloud the healer with magnify both characters with cure and revive and as much hp and mp as possible ray of judgemnet was my main damage against it. Id dump that wind and ice materia its a waste of mp on hard. And i dont even know what steadfast block is. I almost never use any offensive magic on hard... sometimes on annoying enemies like helitrooper.. Think I had cloud use mythril blade. He does like no damage to house.. triple slash thetonberrys but otherwise i just made him aerith's healer I dunno how both characters are gettin hit by houses jump.. i usually run in circles while its airborne, i rarely got hit by its landing and the ai never did. If 5k 1 shots you you are kinda weak.. need more hp ups.. you should be at 7-8k hp at this point.
  13. Make cloud the healer with magnify both characters with cure and revive and as much hp and mp as possible ray of judgemnet was my main damage against it. Id dump that wind and ice materia its a waste of mp on hard. And i dont even know what steadfast block is.
  14. Yup its really stupid and means I pretty much only use cures and raise..
  15. I basically have no rhythm it took me 8 tries just to do the beginner one, I tried the next once and quit when I noticed how much faster the visual aid dissappears. I will try again later, but im not that confident ill get the trophy.
  16. Weird.. if hes better than chocobo chick he might have some limited use... on some harder fights you can summon the dlc summons but not the big guns.. if carbuncle heals that sounds at least somewhat helpful for hard mode.
  17. You can use chocobo chick on multiple accounts on the owners primary ps4... don't see why carbuncle and cactuar wouldn't be the same. This is a terrible deluxe edition ranking up there with most recent sony 1st party games.
  18. Cloud's hand shakes like a junkie's the whole minigame was annoying, I didnt know the rules of darts... after 3 or 4 attempts without knowing wtf I was doing I read the rukes.. and It took me like 7 more tries. 4 of em I quit after a bad throw to start... stupid trophy sure... but people really took hours???
  19. Anyone else get pissed off by all the cutscenes that happen during boss fights? They look awesome... but geeze do they bring the action to a halt...
  20. Some irrelevant thing that psnprofiles has, they also have their own weird inaccurate % system. Only 8.8% of people that played the game have the plat.. pretty high but not insanely common.. and why care anyways?
  21. Its a really easy game that was also a great game, who cares if the plat is common?
  22. Way too many parts where it takes away your ability to run or locks your camera.some of the filler is just boring. The game is pretty though.
  23. Black Flag is the game that got me into the series.. the coop in unity was a bit dumb but the trophies werent too bad.
  24. Im fine with stealth but a 1 minute time limit is beyond stupid, Im not sure why AC tried to shoehorn in multiplayer... guess everyone was doing it towards the last gen change... good to know i dont have to solo this craptastic mode.. Level 55 sounds boring af... but id rather have a trophy i slowly make progress towards, over one i keep frustrating myself by failing at.
  25. Definitely an afterthought sometimes if the online trophies are crappy enough ill just not go for the plat maybe even not doing annoying offline trophies since id given up on the plat. Ive never bought a physical ps4 game so no reselling for me.