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  1. The light seems to be in the crevases around the touchpad.... so wouldn't be as easy to cover.
  2. Never got why people want larger controllers peoplle with much smaĺer hands than myself would say the ds3s were too small, never understood that.. also dont remember anyone saying ps1 and ps2 controllers were too small.. think too many weirdos got used to the duke...
  3. I dont understand asymmetrical sticks... my hands are pretty symmetrical... maybe its because I dont play first person stuff... Im undecided but super skeptical about heptic feedback... I hope it can be disabled if its a annoying
  4. Wasmy favorite controler never had problems with the shoulder buttons, the sixaxis did suck but honestly who cares? Its barely used and even if it worked better it still sucks... like on the ds4.. honestly think sony puts too much extra tech in controĺers... buttons, analog sticks and a dpad is all i really want. Motion controls, lights, speakers, mics, touch pads... all either kinda pointless or sometimes annoying imo... if 3rd party controllers werent pure garbage id probably prefer em..
  5. Its ugly looks a bit bulkier than ds4 but almost the same controller really... I miss ps1 - ps3 controllers..
  6. I'd say to play an engineer, make sure to use forcefield and just placeem however you want.. I went pure vit which was definitely overdoing it, unless you are primarily doing fire damage ignore focus.
  7. Im confused as to why a game from 2006 got new dlc in 2017 and 2019... also it seems absurbly overpriced i think illwait for a 75% or better discount.
  8. Kinda wish I got the story dlc when it was on sale it was fun, all the base game trophies are easy.
  9. I got all 3 and only own the base game.
  10. Do any of them have fuctional 6 axis and ps button? Its so annoying the ds4 cant work better on the ps3.. On a side note ive ne er understood why people like the ds4 more.. i miss the ps1 - ps3 controllers.. Also hate that the Hori one has asymmetrical sticks.. i think those jank ps3 controllers from china might be my only option..
  11. Good im so sick of getting spammed about new messages for 5 minutes everytime i turnthe ps3 on.
  12. Ive been tossing all the enemies in stage 1 part 1 and stage 2 part 1 but i haven't got the trophy. Anyone have any idea why? It should be an easy trophy.
  13. Conan exiles, basically not a game imo.
  14. They are really popular and people get really into them.
  15. Wow this slipped by me, usually i notice new dlc get added since im on this site too much, awesome!
  16. Draco unless the character is female or its an online game I just go with Draco
  17. I dont remember having any problems with it.. maybe go hunt some metal slimes.. gotta level everyone to 99 if you want the plat anyhow.
  18. Id say its worth i think gives access too all the dlc trophies except thelast set. I haven't crashed but im only a few hours in.
  19. I thought the game did pretty well a game with so little action is not going to be popular with everybody.
  20. Just started this game, if mp is needed for the trophies id be down.
  21. The non cosmetic dlcs are worth it.
  22. I bought the ps3 version on a sale to replay and get anothrr plat... hope it works.
  23. The game is not very good but ive certainly played much worse rpgs. The season pass and dlc in general for the game are just awful though.. who actually care about pets you can barely see and emotes?
  24. The grind is real if you wanna be in a top guild.. i was i charge of the #2 guild for a while i never spent any money and it wouldnt of helped much to spend anyhow.
  25. 2d fighters run great at least as far as i can tell. The only trophy besides adhoc i wasnt able to get is the one for mission mode i think i gave up on one where i had to fight all 4 of the shadoloo kings. Im only decent at fighters so most people more dedi ated to the genre would be able to plat it fairly easily id say.