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  1. 2d fighters run great at least as far as i can tell. The only trophy besides adhoc i wasnt able to get is the one for mission mode i think i gave up on one where i had to fight all 4 of the shadoloo kings. Im only decent at fighters so most people more dedi ated to the genre would be able to plat it fairly easily id say.
  2. Sfxtekken would be fairly easy if you can get the stupid adhoc trophy.
  3. I think you need some kinda id number that Koreans need for all kinds of things, even buying train tickets... tourist can getsome kinda form of them not sure if you couldmake a psn with it though...i could be wrong about all this though its weird.
  4. Nope 4 has an annoying girl you have to hide in dumpsters and 5 have an annoying girl that just dies all the time, 6s ai is still kinda useless but at least it doesnt get you game overs.
  5. Its a better game than 4 and 5.
  6. Thanks, Finally got it, took 3 more tries making sure i got the boss, not really sure what went wrong the other 2 times.
  7. Pretty sure i saw it in the eu store before it went live in NA.
  8. Nice guide game is a 1/10 difficulty though.
  9. Just pick very hard, iron mutant, preset start of DLC, and go to eden and you just beat the game.
  10. Is it a typical insanely hard fighter plat?
  11. Decided to call them about it. This morning a lady said i needed a supervisor and to call back after 10 am pst.. so i called back around 11 was on hold 25 minutes and it hung up on me.. then just hung up on me after 2 minutes whenever i tried for about an hour.. tilI finally got ahold of a guy.. he checked my account and it said most of my trophies came in on the 22nd... after checking my trophies for a few mins he gave me the 2100 points. So if anyone else didnt get credit for trophies in the last few weeks before 11/7/19 call them.
  12. South Park did that. I've never even played my dlc despite preordering the ultimate edition.
  13. Suikoden Monster Rancher Beath of Fire Ogre Battle Golden Axe
  14. The input delay of shareplay wouldn't be a problem?
  15. Havent played this game but I think most of the estimated times for plat times are complete BS.
  16. Flappy goat is one of the most annoying trophies ive gotten of the ps4... Also havent there been telltale games for free before? Also a couple infamous games, at least 3 visual novels iirc,until dawn... But the esiest I'd say is conan exiles though I wont call that thing a game.
  17. Depends on launch titles but unlikely
  18. I gave up on the trials in MvC infinate and figherz the later i could for sure do if i bought dlc chars the former.. probably not I just dont have the patients i remember trying over and over on the combo challenges. In deadly alliance on the ps2 cant recall if i finished them but i do remember wasti g many hours and lots of rage.
  19. It is actually true I had a friend help.. and i dont have plats in any hard fighting games. Honestly those kinda combo/combat challenges are my bane, I think im at least half decent at fighters but im crap at combos
  20. Nope id rather have a trophy than not and dont really care about my completion percentage which isnt that bad anyways.
  21. I busted my arse to finish my trophy passes before 11/7 even got a few extra plats just Incase my math was a bit off. Still waiting on my 2100 points. Even points from purchases are taking about a month to show, my passes won't load it's a mess but it's free money.
  22. You coukd play them if you went through the pain of buying a us psn card and then doing the weird game sharing vita thing
  23. Oh i feel dumb i thought i was supposed to do a 10 chain, not 10 of em...
  24. Ive done a 10 chain at least 5 times i dont get it...
  25. Anything first person, moba, the elder scrolls series and more....