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  1. I bought this hoping to play it on vita but the load times are murder
  2. Not sure if I should be impressed or not. ........
  3. Yea i grabbed the original plat when Tera first released in the US store. I'd suggest finding a show to binge watch so you have sumthin to do while waiting for those queues. Or play sumthin on your Vita. Hopefulky queues will be better when your higher level, the leveling in that game is so fast probably not a ton of low levels around anymore.. you can solo those low level dungeons pretty easily if you have to downside is you actually have to go there.
  4. It wasnt too bad in July I was able to do all of them while I was level appropriate as a brawler.
  5. Is that an average or have you gotten a trophy every single day?
  6. Nis has such crappy sales I'm probably gonna be waiting til golden week a few years from now to grab this.
  7. Seems way overpriced at 50 bucks
  8. Honestly your phone probably surfs the internet better even if its over a decade old the ps4s browser is trash even more so than the ps3s was.. vitas browser sucks too sony just has crap browsers sadly
  9. The ps4 browser has always been awful. Im kinda surprised you have so many friends that regularly use it.... Anyways i just launched to see if its acting any crappier than normal if anything a streaming site I use works a lil better than I remember
  10. I agree but dont see it happening my backlog just keeps growning.
  11. Hopefully if they add free sidequests like the tales they are either better and more rewarding or just don't have trophies it was a fun game and more of it was nice but getting 4 hrs of content every 6 weeks along with the tales in between waskinda annoying.
  12. Same here, if I earn 1 trophy in a game and decide I hate it ill just quit pretty sure I have 1 trophy i fallout 3 Increasing my number of plats is nice too but I think leveling is more satisfying to me.
  13. Im waiting for everything to out and on sale from future ac games The free dlc sucked and all just followed the same lame patern of 1 quest splitting into 3 and wasnt very rewarding with the single bronze trophy for each tale. The story dlc took so long I forgot who the hell the characters from the main game were by the time they show up in dlc. The wait for episodes sucked since its a single player game I see no incentive not to wait, save money and be able to binge the whole thing in a few weeks.
  14. Good point it got shut down before i bothered to sign up another account but itd just be free money to people that own some ratalaika games.
  15. Mine haven't updated in weeks so im not even sure how many more plats I need before nov. 7 kinda annoying. Probably need about 20 though.
  16. Ive gotten 12 gold - 30$ 11 silver 11$ 8 plat 80$ So 41 left to try and earn i should have 2 plats and the silver coming. 162$ possible to earn... i can see why this had to go...... but it sucks.
  17. 7324 that number will probably go up theres games i never wanna play again that i have a trophy or 10 in
  18. Yup its part of sony rewards dont be too jealous cuz they discontinued it, just gave people already working on it a year to finish em all.
  19. I think the last it counted for me was on 9/13 and only counted 1 of the plats i got that day, i just got my points for buying games on the 12th and 16th on the 29th and 30th so stuff can take forever to update. But the pass for inviting 3 people gave me the 300 right away
  20. Dragon ball raging blast All ruined Ugh no way to know what you missed.
  21. They would probably lose money even if they had 5 plats. Albeit less of a loss not sure why they wouldnt want the extra sales from trophy hunters, skybound is probably just too out of touch to understand what they bought.
  22. 5 games for 1 plat, wow **** that
  23. That sucks the tales are so horrible 😵
  24. Nothing missable you can go back Pretty sure you gotta do all the side quests to kill both of them