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  1. 12 minutes ago, FoxRDT said:

    No PS5 until my backlog of PS3, PS VITA, and PS4 games is completely cleared... or my PS4 stops working.

    If I went with that logic ps6 would be out before I got a ps5....


    I went from probably not to a solid no when they announced miles and horizon and coming to ps4... as of now there are no games coming to ps5 that I want to play that are not also coming for ps4... leaving me no reason to want a ps4... plus its ugly...


  2. Hated this game when it was new, figured id give it another chance 20 years later... and I still hate it. Don't like any of the characters, the junction system is awful, GFs are a bizzare incarnation of summons, hate the story and find the card game boring.. after giving this game another chance I'd rank it as my least favorite in the entire series.