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  1. It's a skill you get from the Iki island dlc (had the exact same thought whilst 100%-ing the main game).
  2. Loving that all the trophies are song names.
  3. Pokemon Gold (although yellow is a close second). So, so many hours.
  4. Hopefully that means trophies will be fixed soon. As for echoes the steam thread seems to think it pops after completing all the dream sequences. Apparently the 1.03 update stopped it popping, so hopefully that will work soon as well.
  5. Just to share with everyone, I emailed the support address for the publisher asking about the bugged trophies and got the following response: "Hi! It's on our radar, definitely going to address it in the next patch. Sorry for the trouble!"
  6. They've actually been pretty good at responding to me on twitter, but they are dodging the trophy question, yeah. I assume this means they're working on it but aren't sure of the fix yet. In regards to trophy requirements: Palecat Get the true ending of the demon tower game (the bird like NPC that shows up from level 2 tells you witch skulls to activate in the final level) At The End Of Everything Complete the game (currently bugged) Hold Onto Anything Complete the game a second time (currently bugged)