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  1. need VR for 100% ? no thanks
  2. 5 hours
  3. Thx, this is really helpful to know.
  4. Yes I already do The Heir of Memories (Complete The Heir of Memories) the 5 April. After using fast travel I receive the Quest, with target come back to Atlantis :/ After 2 hours :/
  5. Nope there is no quest for Atlantis in my Questlog.
  6. I download the new DLC, then start Odyssey, but in game I don't have a quest for it. How can I start the DLC ?
  7. The labyrinths are so boring. Always the same enemies on the same places.
  8. The knight set bonus gives a chance to drop rainbow drops from enemies. I don't know about the drop rate, but its maybe a method to farm rainbow drops.
  9. ok I found the Shop, thx
  10. Hi, where or how can I use rainbow drops ?
  11. nice and thx !
  12. Are they any missables in this Game ?
  13. try to shutdown your PS4. Restart its maybe not enough.
  14. Can someone tell me how can I start the DLC ? I' ve downloaded the DLC and start the game. But I can't find how to get into the DLC... Ok, it seems its necessary for some people, to shutdown and start the PS4 after installing the DLC. Then start the game and you will find a Quest for it .