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  1. The Key is simplify the Pattern. Think easy. Need 15 min to get the Trophy.
  2. I kill them all again and got the trophy.
  3. The worst is Borderland 1
  4. Then the trophy is buggy. I kill them already all on my first playtrought. Amang I kill with the rare spawn Quest.
  5. Is it necessary to get a Quest for the rare 4 spawns ? I kill them already all, but the only Quest I get was the for Amang. And I don't get the trophy.
  6. ! Can t down load Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo ! nothing will happen wenn push x on it
  7. As well you have a C on the first delivery ?
  8. 100% sure ?
  9. Hello, is the Trophäe "Best Beloved" missable ? Because of the Pizza deliveries. I already made the first delivery without a good rating. (only C Rating) The first of five Stars have only 75%
  10. Are they missible trophies ?
  11. Hi, The requirement for full sync is "Do not drop below 5 health squares." Can I use as many Healitems I want for the requirement ?
  12. need VR for 100% ? no thanks
  13. 5 hours
  14. Thx, this is really helpful to know.