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  1. Forgot to update my list. I did get Dead Space finished... gonna prolly work on some PS4 games until the winter comes around when I have more time to work on both systems. Dead Space - 100% (49/49) Saints Row: The Third - 0% (0/81) Batman: Arkham City - 0% (0/71) LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 0% (0/32) LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - 0% (0/37) God of War - 0% (0/36) God of War II - 0% (0/35) God of War: Ascension - 0% (0/36) God of War Origins: Ghost of Sparta - 0% (0/36) XBlaze Lost: Memories - 0% (0/40)
  2. 2.65% 5.95% 9.42% 15.96% 15.44% 19.30% 32.08% 46.61% 85.51% 59.37% Halfway there! Got Sherlock Holmes and Farming Simulator 17 finished. I'm gonna knock out Blackwood Crossing next and then we'll see what I want to tackle next! EDIT: Blackwood Crossing was sooo short! Didn't realize how easy that one actually was (I know the percentage is super high, but still!). So now I have six finished... On to Alien: Isolation!
  3. I loved the exclusive games more than the XBox, but what sold me the most was the controller. From the days of the PS1 I've been in love with how the controller feels. The XBox controller feels way too big for me, and I hated how the joysticks weren't straight across from each other.
  4. 2.65% 5.95% 9.42% 15.96% 15.44% 19.30% 32.08% 46.61% 85.51% 59.37% Three completed as of last night. Knocked out Arkham Asylum in 3 days and Bridge Constructor in 2... Currently gonna work on Sherlock Holmes.
  5. I picked up The Bunker. Nothing else really stood out to me. Almost got Detroit Become Human, but I think I'll wait for it to come down in price some more.
  6. 2.65% 5.95% 9.42% 15.96% 15.44% 19.30% 32.08% 46.61% 85.51% 59.37% First one completed - Horizon Zero Dawn is at 100%. On to the next one!
  7. Oh man, I can feel that one... I bought the trilogy Day 1 and I didn't realize the Vice City trophy list had that. I really want to play it again, but that trophy is keeping it pretty low on my backlog list. Maybe someday I'll get to it, but it'll be a while
  8. I picked up Energy Invasion as well as Burly Men at Sea. Couldn't pass on Energy Invasion as the Sony Rewards actually give you more than what you pay for it!
  9. I first got a PS3 in November of 2009, and immediately started playing GTA IV. However, I didn't really start collecting trophies until December of 2010. Once I realized the lore of trophy hunting, I was hooked. Now, on my second profile (first one was locked by Sony... long story), I'm now sitting at 10,000+ trophies between the two profiles. Here's to the next 10,000!
  10. This looks like fun! Count me in... 2.65% 5.95% 9.42% 15.96% 15.44% 19.30% 32.08% 46.61% 85.51% 59.37% I made an all-PS4 list this time. Maybe if/when I finish this pyramid I'll move on to an all PS3 list to try and knock out some backlog on that system. Currently, I'm working on HZD, then I'll continue down the list. I'm looking forward to finally making myself play Alien: Isolation as it's been on my backlog for a looooong time!
  11. Thanks for the giveaway. I chose Germany... safest for a single country I feel 🇺🇸
  12. Quote 7: "Well, well. So the shaved monkey has failed. How utterly, utterly expected." - The Riddler, Arkham City I heard this way too many times in my quest to finish the predator challenges!
  13. Quote 6: "My name is John Marston, and you're a dead man!" - RDR
  14. Seeing it last year at E3, I wasn't convinced to try it out... This year however, it looked a lot better and I am excited to see the finished product!
  15. In light of seeing Starfox last night at E3... 5th Quote: "Fox, it's an ambush!. Do a barrel roll!" - Peppy, Star Fox 64