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  1. You won't be able to do that soon though with the online store changing... I find it best to go through a list of PS+ games on Wiki or another site that keeps up with the list, then search for each game on the vita store to download. You do have to know whether or not your previously claimed it though which could be a challenge.
  2. I could get in on this! I did PRD back when i signed in as @jeschmit, so I'll put together a list and make a go for another rain day!
  3. Here's the spreadsheet I currently use
  4. FYI...
  5. Thanks, just re-upped my sub for a couple yrs. I can definitely justify PSPlus at $35/yr!
  6. Hopefully the trophies won't be glitched after the update drops tomorrow!
  7. No loading is much better than the max graphics.... I think the graphics are good enough already and I can never tell a difference when I see the split screen comparisons now anyways.
  8. I agree with your rankings, but I could be influenced that 1 was better than 2. I really enjoyed the multiplayer from 2 in the PS3 days which I know wasn't a popular opinion... Still I'm glad to see this collection up for grabs next month! Too bad I just purchased Sims 4 this month or this would be a GREAT month for me
  9. So I had trouble with this trophy with an existing city... started new and used this philosophy (with credit to CjMAN911 on It literally popped 15 seconds after I unpaused the timer with 100k population and 30k eligible for the university.
  10. I know that Campus isn't included with Season Pass 2 🙄 but will there be a Season Pass 3, or will Campus DLC be a standalone that won't have anything else with it? Just wondering if I should wait to buy it, or go ahead and get it now... Thanks to anyone who has any info!
  11. Looking forward to this game! Trophies don't look too bad, so that's nice to see too!
  12. These guys are awesome to see live... I think I've been to almost 35 of their shows over the last 15 years. Great energy and they're always on point!
  13. For me there's just so many shows coming out, that you have to diligent in picking which shows strike you as interesting. I keep a running list of shows that I have interest in and what format they're being played on. Then when I get time to check out a new show, I give it about 2-3 episodes before making judgement. If I like it, then I continue watching... if not, then move on. It seems like an obvious way to do it, but it's really worked for me. It's helped me check out a lot of shows in a small amount of time. I've found some real gems I never would've originally checked out had I not had this system in place. There are so many ways to watch and shows being produced, that this a great way to dip your toes in and see if the water feels fine.
  14. Makes sense, thanks for the info!
  15. Why does he only have one sword on his back? That scares me...