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  1. I found this on TrueAchievements, credit to user Papaparkin. This worked on one of my existing cites with about 120k population. About 4 landfills and 3 recycling plants were on the same road as the small garbage service buildings with no other intersections on it to allow the garbage trucks to access the service buildings without traffic in the way. Method as follows Put down one pedestrian service building anywhere in your city Create a pedestrian zone covering your entire city Click on the pedestrian zone name and navigate to policies and turn on "Deliver everywhere" Wait a few minutes until you unlock the small garbage service building (needs 3 garbage trucks / week in the main service building). Place down 5 of the garbage service buildings anywhere you like in your city and just wait 2-3 minutes until they hit capacity (the buildings will display flashing red garbage trucks) and the achievement will unlock when the fifth one is at capacity.
  2. Thanks for the info, saved me a ton of frustration!
  3. Vanquish for me.... that was a stellar game
  4. Been a while since I've played through this fight, but from what i can remember when she sends the red orbs is to just keep running in a circle. I think she opens her shield up after the first or second orb, allowing you to send a batarang quickly and keep running. Sorry it's not working out for you, as this was one of my favorite games of all time... I think I've platted it 6-7 times now lol
  5. The trophies are really easy... although I'm too dumb to figure out how to change the airline prices for the "High-Cost-Carrier" trophy. If anyone can explain it to me that would be great!
  6. Has anyone else having trouble unlocking the 100-year game trophy for Japan? I've tried it three times to no avail. I've done both areas each once without completing all the tasks, and I've done the northern area once while completing the tasks... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. After weeks of trying for the console alone, I went ahead and bought a bundle on Gamestop's recent restock. I followed the two twitter feeds in the OP and was lucky enough to snag one a couple of days ago. It comes in tomorrow!
  8. I've actually played all of them except for the VR game on my old account... with that being said I would probably have to say that Arkham City is the best (Arkham Knight is good, but can be overwhelming at times with all the gadgets, Batmobile, and specialized enemies). City has the best story, map and combat overall, I feel. Asylum is really good though too (I've 100% it 6 times now on both of my accounts), the combat just isn't quite as refined as it is in City.
  9. I'm at the Shadow Vigilante level! Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 (twice, NA & JP) & PS4 Batman: Arkham City - PS4 (Working on PS3 stack now... I know it doesn't matter, just stating a fact haha) Also have Beyond Gotham completed with: LEGO Batman 2 - Vita LEGO Batman 3 - Vita and PS4 I have Arkham Knight from PS+ I'm planning to do, and The VR game is in my backlog as well. Wish they would put Origins on the PS4 cause I can't bring myself to do those online trophies on the PS3. Love me some Batman!
  10. Prolly my last update before the event takes place!
  11. I really enjoyed Cities: Skylines, Prison Architect and Project Highrise. I have Aven Colony on my list to play as I've heard good things too. I'd be interested in trying out Two Point Hospital and Frostpunk if I had time...
  12. Bonus question: I'd probably have to go with Home Alone, although Elf is a close second!
  13. I'll second this advice... go offline and attempt these trophies. Went the first time around connected to my internet and no pop. Went offline, and after about 7-8 pubs/dart games they both popped. I did use fast travel too, FYI. I'm going to go offline for the paste-ups too.