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  1. I just checked mine, and I still haven't seen an update to my points... I haven't seen any PSN purchase points added since 10/19/18, and no PS Card points have been added since then either. Sucks, because I'm waiting on close to 2000 points between PSN purchases and my credit card rewards! I'm making sure to keep track as I use my PS Card quite a bit!
  2. Played Steins;Gate already, but I'll prolly check out Papers, Please for an easy on-the-go game for when I'm traveling with my Vita. There's still a lot of life in mine yet! Might check out SOMA sometime waaaayyyy down the road... recently picked up a lot of AAA games from Black Friday, so I have a lot of time before I get to these type of games!
  3. Hope you're not holding on to the fact that trophy progress will carry over... they discontinued it officially per their terms and conditions:
  4. Glad I'm not alone in thinking the stealth challenges are a pain in the arse...
  5. Looks like we just have to be patient before complaining about our passes not being there...
  6. Oh man, this thread has me really excited for potential games! I would love to see several mentioned, but most notably: TMNT - One of my favorite cartoons growing up would be awesome to play nowadays Punisher - That could be a really fun story and interesting gameplay Superman/Ironman - Either one of these would be similar I feel, but if done right they could be fun too X-Men/Wolverine - I'd like to see an X-Men game mostly and be able to use different mutants and their powers Spawn - This would probably be my most exciting game to play if done right... the possibilities are endless with his abilities! If only all of these games would happen!
  7. Ugh, not interested in any of them except Burly Men at Sea, and I already bought it... dang
  8. This is how I read it as well... Continue gaming as normal and when the new site is up we should see our progress for when it was not available.
  9. If you're on a Snowfall map, then you have to unlock all of the buildings in the monument tab to get the "I Want It All" trophy. If you're on any other map, then you don't need to unlock the Snowfall buildings. I only have two more Natural Disasters DLC Scenarios to complete and I'll finally have that trophy completed... it's taking forever! The By the Dam Scenario is really tough, for me anyways... I can confirm that the Floodland Scenario is working finally. Got that one completed after the patch came out.
  10. Well, this was a fun. Thanks for the entertaining read haha
  11. Patch coming! Hopefully we can 100% this now!
  12. In no particular order besides the platform it came out on... 1. Dr. Mario (NES) 2. Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) 3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game (NES) 4. Mortal Kombat (Sega) 5. Super Mario 64 (N64) 6. Goldeneye 64 (N64) 7. Perfect Dark (N64) 8. Mario Kart 64 (N64) 9. GTA III (PS2) 10. God of War II (PS2) 11. Bioshock (PS3) 12. GTA IV (PS3) 13. Dead Space (PS3) 14. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) 15. Saints Row: The Third (PS3) 16. The Last of Us (PS3) 17. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) 18. Batman: Arkham City (PS3) 19. South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3) 20. The Walking Dead 1st Season (PS3) 21. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)
  13. The only time I buy games like this is when the Sony Rewards program actually nets me more money than what the game costs. Like with Mayo, I got more than $2 back on a $1 game. Can't combat free money!
  14. Forgot to update my list. I did get Dead Space finished... gonna prolly work on some PS4 games until the winter comes around when I have more time to work on both systems. Dead Space - 100% (49/49) Saints Row: The Third - 0% (0/81) Batman: Arkham City - 0% (0/71) LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - 0% (0/32) LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - 0% (0/37) God of War - 0% (0/36) God of War II - 0% (0/35) God of War: Ascension - 0% (0/36) God of War Origins: Ghost of Sparta - 0% (0/36) XBlaze Lost: Memories - 0% (0/40)
  15. 2.65% 5.95% 9.42% 15.96% 15.44% 19.30% 32.08% 46.61% 85.51% 59.37% Halfway there! Got Sherlock Holmes and Farming Simulator 17 finished. I'm gonna knock out Blackwood Crossing next and then we'll see what I want to tackle next! EDIT: Blackwood Crossing was sooo short! Didn't realize how easy that one actually was (I know the percentage is super high, but still!). So now I have six finished... On to Alien: Isolation!