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  1. I managed to get it on my Dutch/EU account. - Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Avatar Pack 1 - Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Avatar Pack 2 - Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Avatar Pack 3 We don't even have live chat here, so I had to send an email via their contact form.. I received an reply back saying that I had to call them, and obviously the support had no idea what I was talking about.. Luckily it just took about a minute for her to find out about it. Now I had to verify my account and send all the trophies in a screenshot with my PSN ID in view.. (not sure why they just couldn't look it up in my account) The 3 avatar packs were automatically added to my account, which took about a week and honestly wasn't even worth it.. but I suppose It's nice to have some 'unique' avatars. Obviously this should have been done automatically (like the P5R trophies/avatars), but I guess they never bothered to fix it
  2. Sign me up for all 5 SK games! https://psnprofiles.com/JRPlatinumG?search=Senran
  3. Add me please 😁 I got 100% for all KH games (PS3 and PS4)+Re:Mind DLC
  4. You can always remote play it to your Vita
  5. PSN: JRPlatinumG I mostly play Final Fantasy series and other Japanese games. Would like to add more people with similar likes☺️