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  1. Persona 5, love this game. Overall nice taste in games
  2. So when farming artifacts/minerals recently I decided to use the glitch with naming the animals you buy the item ID for the item you need. I only needed like 2-3 artifacts and minerals anyways so I didn't really care. Then after I turned in everything I noticed the minerals I donated were still greyed out and Gunther didn't give me the stardrop. Also haven't received the trophy a complete collection. At this point I wasn't really worried yet because I thought if I just get the last minerals the legit way it should work, right? Well, it didn't. I went ahead and got the last 3 minerals from popping geodes, talked with Gunther again but it didn't really do much. So, am I locked out of Complete Collection + Mystery of Stardrops or does anyone have a suggestion? I was simply too stupid to notice that I forgot to put the prismatic shard in there.
  3. Hey, I'm looking for a certified Item, I can give a very rare and painted one back. PSN: Riadoro Thanks in advance
  4. Need for Speed DLC Pack 2. Gold in all prestige is crazy lol
  5. Amnesia Collection. So annoying to collect all those tinderboxes and notes..
  6. Slippery Slope from Yooka-Laylee Sadly nothing special there
  7. The one I ordered isn't able to turbo multiple buttons at once, sadly. It's only able to spam 1 button in 3(?) different speeds. I'm 99,9% sure it can't. I played Beyond two souls like 2 weeks ago and you have to play Dual-mode (2 Players on 1 console) for 1 trophy and I always had to change which controller was controlling who depending on the chapter, because I wasn't able to progress when I had to do motion tracking things with the HORI.
  8. Bought lifetime as well. No regrets.
  9. I got that HORI one myself a while ago and I'm fully satisfied with it. Only thing I noticed is that you can't do motion tracking things (Which is actually logical if you think about it, which I didn't x'D) like some sequences in Beyond Two Souls or Until Dawn. But all in all the price-performance-ratio is top.
  10. My first Anime was Elfenlied...pretty nice to get into Anime if u ask me x'D Still sad about the ending tho
  11. Tokyo Ghoul Magical Girl of the End And Uzumaki
  12. Watched Mirai Nikki like 4-5 years ago, still dig this one song.
  13. Last Anime I finished was Baby Steps. Pretty nice sport anime, altough not as good as KnB or Haikyuu
  14. Yea I've beaten that Mysterious boi already, after some hours and an almost smashed window. But that burned me so hard that I stopped playing, that's why I haven't beaten No heart with him yet. But I think I'll do that soon, then only Aqua is left.