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  1. That sounds good. Will give it a try without a guide, just for the story and gameplay. And than speedrun with guide for the plat.
  2. This game took me by surprise. Missed it last gen, so looking forward to play it this time. But I will wait some more, because of my huge pile of shame and a necessary guide to not need to play the game more than once.
  3. I was looking forward to this game. Besides the instability the game seems to have right now, can someone say already .. Are there missable trophies? How long is the plat? I want to play it without spoilers, so would it take long to replay the game for the plat?
  4. PSN ID: Dedingsda What I love: RPGs in general, especially JRPGs I want to come back to: Monster Hunter World I want to get into: Warframe
  5. Feel free to add ID: Dedingsda