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  1. Two trophies are currently unobtainable - Bunny Cuddles Debris Collector They seem to stop registering at the 100 mark. Contacted the developers for updates 👍🏼
  2. That’s a shame! I was tempted to start a new play through and ignore him until a quest or a task came along. In order to get the rest of the trophies, I found you have to do them in one sitting. ie milk 200 cows without quitting to the menu Best way I found was to just fill your farm with 1 animal and aim for one at a time. To know how I was doing I popped all my eggs and milk into the storage as opposed to the selling container. Hope that helps! I have all the rest of the trophies.
  3. Nope, just a mix of the red, yellow and blue.
  4. 20 special stunts, you have to dodge glide whilst near an obstacle - ie a tree
  5. Trophies are still a little glitchy, but I’ve just got plat since the latest patch 🥳
  6. It’s a nightmare getting some of these trophies to pop. I’ve eaten over 150 spiders and not getting the trophy, also not letting me start a side quest, even though I’ve popped the trophy.
  7. I really enjoyed Ghost Parade! (EU - 119 players) It’s a side scrolling game developed by Indonesian art studio Lentera Nusantara. Graphics are simple yet very visually appealing. Very cute characters that can join in fights too. I managed to scoop a cheap preowned copy and couldn’t put it down til I completed it.