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  1. interesting, it seems like babel is dlc. had no idea since i already had it unlocked.
  2. change your deck to the babel deck and activate all the effects on the pause menu.
  3. Servers are online. platinum still achievable!
  4. I played a few games but didn't get the trophy, is there a workaround to fix this? nevermind i had to lose a match for it to pop 😂
  5. it happened to me aswell. the worse thing is that it looks so bad on the profile, having score trophies out of order. but oh well.
  6. if someone has the same issue as i had use the babel deck. it gives you a very good damage boost.
  7. Been following the guides for the combos and i'm sure i have been doing the combo the guide sugests corectly, but it doesn't do the required damage for the trophy. did the devs change the characters damage? i'm even using a miracle deck like the guide sugests...
  8. I don't think you need to have the copy of the game in the same region as the psn acount, because i have an american copy and my psn acount is brazilian. and it works just fine.
  9. Yes but its free.. just select free trial on the menu. it gives you infinite acess to multiplayer. ubisoft screwed up when printing the codes for this game, so they decided to give everyone a free pass.
  10. Not sure what to do. did all the requirements and the mission doesn't pop. did my game softlock?
  11. Thank you. apreciated.
  12. Can someone check if drakengard 3 still updating? i'm waiting for my physical copy to arrive and i bought all story dlc. so i'm kinda nervous. thanks!