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  1. just use "The End" Selphie, her ultimate Limit Break, and the trophy is your without trouble. super easy but you may need some tries (4-6 for me). (my Selphie was level 31, full life with no junctions +Squall lev 78 Full life + Quitis lev 32 Dead)
  2. Yes, someone answer please. the f****** farm is killing my enjoyment 😡
  3. Hmmmm I got my 100% in the first Patapon and I had a problem with "Divine Collection"trophy but I can't remeber what's happened
  4. Thanks Lord! grind materials is not a problem (maybe...XD) replaying the whole game YES, at least for me. Thank you for aswering!
  5. Since i can't find any guide on the web I wanted to ask if there are missable trophies
  6. I feel you, I hate this game...
  7. Hi, I need a Painted Item and a Veteran Certified Item. I want for "One Better", "Budding Artist " and "Certifiable " I will give back immediately after obtaining the trophy and I will give you a "TURBO CRATE" as a gift PSNID: Xenomorph1105 edit: did it
  8. same here! I won a ranked game with a single deposit of 7 organs. no thropy...