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  1. Im playing on ea early access and police are tough! Its going to a pain to bank in 1 million points!
  2. Just wanted to see what people thought of this game
  3. Yeh it does work on sandbox as ive seen, its gonna be a while then this lol a massive grind, just really dont want to start and be like ‘F’ this half way through cause of time
  4. Have you done this yet? Its really pushing me away from going for the platinum! Really dont want to waste my time buying and selling
  5. anyone know the fastest way to do this? And roughly how long would it take?
  6. Can anyone help me out on this trophy? Also maybe a level up boost if it isnt to much to ask, want to get this plat before i get borderlands 3 as i have platinumed all other borderlands
  7. Do you need to collect all normal squirells to get the diamond one?
  8. Just wondering difficulty rating /10 and time to platinum also fun /10?
  9. That makes no sense mate, do you need all stars then or not?
  10. Do you need complete everh challenge and get everystar for the platinum trophy?
  11. I cant seem to find xlenias side quests on keos island, i hope it isnt missing or glitched, do i need to do anything first? Im on chapter 7
  12. Thanks for the replys! And yes i get them as soon as i come across them, but just wanted to kmow if all was needed
  13. I dont see the trophy but just to make sure as this trophy is in every assassins creed, do you need to sychronize all locations for platinum?
  14. Thanks!
  15. Yeh ive tried but nothing, trying to look it up just gonna keep playing, il keep you noted though, hopefully its a quest or something