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  1. Wondering if i can do this by myself with a separate controller
  2. So anyone wanna gameshare and get me 200 gold medals? 😅😂 dosent hurt to ask 🤣
  3. Phosphor the patriarch boss wont spawn for me for somereason, last trophy i need and i think its bugged.
  4. Thanks this worked! Wierd that the others you can talk from below, didnt think of this! Thought it was bugged, thanks brother!
  5. Thats the thing, i cant talk to athena but i can talk to the rest, That might be the problem. I Hope its not bugged but no idea, somethings not letting me talk to her
  6. This trophy hasnt popped and im sure ive done all the side quests for all gods and also defeated mythical creatures and wraiths, can anyone help?
  7. Can anyone help? This trophy dosent seem to pop for me and ive done everything that can be done towards this trophy, but i have realised i cant interact with athena but i can with everyone else, could this be the possible bug?
  8. Does anyone have a list of missble trophies or missable collectibles and there locations? As im going to start this very soon and i would like to know so i dont miss anything.
  9. Currently playing it already as i got it early with pre order amplified edition, i dont see platinum taking longer than 10/15 hours, reaching level 50 wont take too long leveling up is easy, can be done in easy difficulty, and also gaining money is super easy, get 20/30k in first races so late game would be much easier. Enjoy Folks! Games 10/10 fun!
  10. Enjoyable? Just wondering how long and tough it is to beat
  11. How long does it take roughly to grind up to level 55 with wolfpack?
  12. I have been told by other trophies hunters to not got for this game as its just a bad game to play and a pain to get the trophies, what do you guys think?
  13. Im playing on ea early access and police are tough! Its going to a pain to bank in 1 million points!
  14. Just wanted to see what people thought of this game
  15. Yeh it does work on sandbox as ive seen, its gonna be a while then this lol a massive grind, just really dont want to start and be like ‘F’ this half way through cause of time