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  1. Hmm okay thanks, that is good news. Problem is I don't know which ones I'm missing because I was keeping track and then my data was corrupted and had to load an old save. Not sure which ones I had already done at this save point. There is probably 2-3 cars left. I guess I have have to do them all and hope I get lucky with the first couple.
  2. Hi all, can anyone tell me if the DLC car from Summer Vibes is required to unlock the transporter trophy. It is the only trophy currently preventing me from achieving the platinum. I don't want to have to spend 1.99 just to get the platinum if I don't have to. Thanks in advance.
  3. I believe there is only 12 upgrades in the Game. By the time you finish world tour you will have them all. I prioritized acceleration and handling so by the end my only options were the nitro upgrades I had passed on earlier in the mode.
  4. Use Federer vs anyone random player. Use a second controller. You will need to serve for player two but just make sure to do a safe serve right to your player (player 1) and use the 1st controller to hit it back. You should not need to move Federer at all. If you keep him in the same spot the whole match the trophy should pop when its over as well as no point running, no mercy and like a hurricane. And clinical if you haven't already earned it.
  5. Mine was quite interesting... I played Markus as violently as I could, Connor as machine like as possible, and Kara as protective of Alice as possible. My next playthrough I am going to play Connor as human as possible & Markus as peaceful as possible.
  6. I enjoyed the game immensely. I played it with my best friend and we must of spent hours just trying to outdo each other on the mini-games alone. The ending was sad but fun. I was in control of Leo and seriously felt betrayed by Vincent at the airport but when I took him hostage I still didn't want to kill him. I understood his motivations but thought our bond and success at killing Harvey would be enough to let me go. When I got in the boat I tried to convince my friend to just let me get away hoping that was a way to end the game with us both alive but of course that didn't happen. When the shoot-out started it was so intense because we both seriously loved our characters and it our chat went completely silent. He ended up defeating me and my controller was vibrating in sync with my dying heartbeat, it just killed me emotionally to see this. I'm still a little bitter after that. Great game though.