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  1. Open back Borderland 3 recently and saw alot of the stuff. Notice there is a season pass 2 now. So kinda wonder how much much stuff borderland 3 will have. So anyone bought the season pass ? or just gonna wait until they realeased something like GOTY edition or some kind of edition with all the DLC include ?
  2. Will work on the Atelier Sophie & Atelier Firis hopefully the end of this month~ Anyone wanna help out ? Gonna play though the game from starch
  3. Platinum # 91 Death Stranding Greatest of Great Deliverers Finally got the game Platinum trophy and finish most of the stuff in game. It was a relaxing game. Feel like i just watch a decent movie rather that played a game. But guess that what Kojima want to do. I respect him and can give this game a thumb up. Now that i finish the game i kinda know why there are people who dislike this and people that like this. I guess that the beauty of this piece of game. Anyway If anyone still playing please help maintain the road for any new player I gonna move on for now.
  4. Sorry was pretty busy with the current game project i working on. Will i still want to revisit it sometime next year hopefully.
  5. That is not recommend. If will be better to play hard mode when you have enough good equipment & item. Starting phase may look slow and boring. The fun part start once you unlock more item and other stuff
  6. Platinum # 90 Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Revengeance Alright Finally got the platinum for Metal Gear Rising. Getting All S in Revengeance mode is sure is hard as hell. My hand so tired with all the mashing. Anyway this is a decent game with a somewhat good story and fun gameplay. So it you like Metal Gear why not try out Metal Gear Rising from Platinum game. Anyway I m happy i m finally able to move on to other game now, until i get enough rest will be back to get all the DLC trophy.
  7. Platinum # 89 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots The Legendary Hero Yay Finally got the platinum form MGS4 !!!! I m so happy i finally got it !!! after so long Really enjoy the game a lot. Just getting the Big Boss Emblem did make me feel like want to throw my controller sometime. Took me roughly 1 week to finish that. After that is the boring replay for specific Emblem, that took me a few day. But in the end it is worth it. It not hard to platinum once you got the Big Boss emblem.
  8. Finally got the Big Boss Emblem that took me roughly a week. But should be able to get it within a week depend how passion you are. The Hardest part maybe the Bike scenes. Anyway I being using this guide and most of the stuff still work. Oh yea a tip from me for Act 3 is to use the SAIGA12 & V ring to shoo the Frog at the turret during the bike scenes.(using Auto Aim help a lot) Other then that using his guide will be pretty good.
  9. Guess we have to report those bug to the developer
  10. Anyone want to write a guide for No Straights Roads ??? maybe collab i still waiting my PS4 CE one to reach 😂
  11. Platinum # 87 Zone of the Enders HD Edition Elite Frame Runner Platinum # 88 Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition Desperately Seeking Dingo Finally got time to play and finish Zone of the Ender HD collection PS3 version. I did enjoy the game in some way but there is still some issue that make me frustrated while playing. If you just want to get the trophy suggest playing it on easy. Only play hard mode for the 1st game since you need that to get the S rank. The randomness of the NPC attack keep making the rescue mission in both game rather difficult sometime. That the only thing i dislike, the rest of the game is a very good mecha game with a somewhat good story, that is pretty good in the PS2 era. Now that this is done. I can get back to finish another kojima game which is MGS4, before playing death stranding
  12. Platinum # 86 Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Platinum Trophy Finally finish the game. The begining phase is abit boring since most of the starting car and weapon and stat are very bad. But the more i play though it and finish more sidequest. The game keep getting better and better for me. I also spend some time understanding the town. Since it is huge. Anyway this is a good hidden gem game. The story is one of the major thing that keep me continue playing it. Now that i got the Platinum Trophy and unlock most of the in game stuff, i guess i m done with the game. Oh yea if you are playing remember to replay the other world level and get the infinite weapon Waiitng The second one to be polish and imported to Playstation then, hear switch one is buddy and unpolish.
  13. Platinum # 85 Naughty Bear Naughtyrificness! Finally finish this game. Guess can say this is a okay game. Getting the platinum is not hard, Is just a simple game which you kill bear :). Spend quite some time on it just because I kinda want to get most of Platinum Cup (ever though it does't not require it to get the platinum trophy.) Here the image showing the score need to get it. Will there is a few issue with the game. The game it self is somewhat laggy while playing the later episode with more detail, making it hard to play.I found that you can somewhat fix it by pausing the game and let it load for like 10~20 sec will make it abit smoother. Other then that is the camera that you will always have to fight with. This are the two major issue that make the game enjoyable. Other then that is a simple, fun and enjoyable game. Finally finish this game and now is left the online multiplayer trophy which hopefully can get it soon.😓
  14. I know but a way to bypass it. It too play the episode again and get a Gold. Everthough you got all the platinum it will unlock. Found this out while playing all Episode 9
  15. Alright added you >< thank a lot wwww