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  1. Platinum # 81 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Champion of Ivalice Finally finished this game and this will be then end for my FF marathon for the time being. Also Horray Just got my FF7 Remake yesterday!!! Gonna rest awhile and start playing it soon Anywyay Really enjoy my time playing FF12 again, I still like the ps2 version which you can learn everything. That really can make a character broken. Sadly Ps4 version can let you repick your job unlike switch version. So far the game is pretty good. Just the Super boss HP so huge. Lucky the speed up function is nice to have. In the End is just a very good FF game to enjoy and play. Really bring back memories on how I draw the great crystal map as a child during the ps2 area Hopefully other people can find joy in this game too !!!!
  2. Platinum # 80 Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Agito Achieved It being avery busy few month for me so ever a simple game like this also took me roughly 3 month to get the platinum >< Will anyway i still gonna play the game and unlock all the stuff first before i move on to my next Final Fantasy tittle for my FF marathon. So This is really a confusing game. Feel like it just give you the controller and you kind of need to master it yourself. A lot of stuff it did not explain it well. So i was really confused with the first few hour. Once i know how to play it, this the time the game start to get interesting. Another thing is the story something is very confused. This is a messy game but good to play lol . have fun playing Spoiler Alert
  3. I know somebody is working on Lapis Labyrinth trophy guide? But their is not news for quite a while . I might jump into this if there is still no guide appearing soon ~ also looking for people to do the old Aterlier game guide that PSN dont have. Will revisit Sophie & Firis first. Let me know if anyone is working on it or need help ?
  4. Just got 72 Ultra Rare Trophy. Hopefully it will Remain Ultra Rare for quite some time
  5. My Last purchase was just renewing my PSN account during black friday (It damn worth it !!!)
  6. Platinum # 79 World of Final Fantasy True Grymoirian Finished World Of Final Fantasy ! with platinum trophy. Being busy lately so took me longer that expected >< My FF marathon is still on the way next game is final fantasy type 0 ~ This is Fun pokemon likelish game from Squre Enix
  7. Is there any Touhou fan here ? This is the music i being replaying recently
  8. Hi is there anyone working on a Atelier guide for Sophie ? Seeing like that still no guide here at PSN? I might start doing one soon if no guide it WIP. If there is you I can help out with the guide ~
  9. Hi is there anyone working on a Atelier guide for Firis? Seeing like that still no guide here at PSN? I might start doing one soon if no guide it WIP. If there is you I can help out with the guide ~
  10. anyone doing a Lapis Labyrinth trophy guide???? also looking for people to do Aterlier sophie & Atelier Firis too if anyone is interesting ><
  11. Finally finished 9 Atelier game can i became Alchemy Master ?
  12. Platinum # 78 Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Finally finished this game ! Do really enjoy the game with it funny joke and stuff that it bring to the table. Overall is still the same as the previous game with similar synthesize system. Only how the weapon traits work is difference which you need a core and sub. I still spend some time to farm the best traits and beating the game in very hard. Is very challenging and the feeling when you broke the game is fun I still do like the Atelier game a lot seeing back Firis, sophie & Platcha is good. But too bad this is the end of the mysterious saga. I m really looking forward to play Atelier Lulua still is really rare for a Atelier game to have 4 sequel. Atelier Ryza also looking really good. Hopefully can play them both soon enough. Also being doing a Guide for this game. Anyway hope to finish it soon and work on the previous one too
  13. Can't Wait to PLAY IT !!!! So many game this month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Anyone want to help work together to make Guide for the Atelier Mysterious Series ? I will start by making "Atelier Lydie & Suelle" since i m playing this one now . Will play back the previous two later on to finish all 3 guide. Anyone That is interesting it helping pls let me know!
  15. Is anyone working guide for Atelier Series The mystery series ? I might want to start with " Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings" . Then slowly play back the old one and do a decent one in PSNprofile ~ Anyone want to help out ?