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  1. Being away for this project for abit too long. Now I m back with more experince and will try to Block Out the Demo in Unity. Anyway I boughted Playmaker along time for it but never use it until now. So once I m familiar back with the engine withh push for more update !!!
  2. I though the game will be difficulty on hard but not until i found out you can paralyze almost everyone in the game, which make most of the boss or strong monster just stand there and let you hit it ever on "Hard". But a high lv is still good as it will hit harder. So do bring Ethel & Pippin for Boss fight. additional you can use Marianna Speed down on Boss & Speed Up on your main DPS.~
  3. Platinum # 112 Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Ultimate Fencer Finally finish this JRPG. I though it was hard but until i found out you can paralyze almost everyone in the game which make they most of the boss just stand there and let you hit it ever on "Hard". But a high lv is still good as it will hit harder. Anyway the story wise is not something very unique but I still enjoy this simple JRPG story with 3 ending. I replay the game 5 time just to make it unlock all the CG. As the game reward you all the CG after 5 playthouugh XD. The gameplaywise is somewhat similar to the Neptunia or most of their game with some change here & there. But if you play their game alot you will notice the similiar. So do give this game a try if you like JRPG. I do wish there is a sequel for the game as their is some foresight of it.
  4. Platinum # 111 Little Nightmares II Primetime Content Consumer Finally got the time to finsh both Little Nightmare 1 & 2. Took me awhile to start the game since I was wanna to get the DLC for and 100% in one go. Another Issue was my R2 copy code is not working for my region, so need to rebuy the sceret of the maw for it. == Lucky is not that expensive ~~ Anyway here my though on both game. Little Nightmares & Sceret of the Maw The overall game is good for a casual playthough. with it story and mood that the game bring out is pretty good. The puzze overall still pretty good and simple. After a few play you can find ever simple solution to a puzzle. Control wise is the only thing that I don't really like. It work for just casually playing the game. But I did having some hard time to get Hard to the Core. But lucky you don't need to get it in one go. I use the USB backup Trick for this. Since some of the stuff is abit random. making hard to no Dying in 1 playthough. Little Nightmares II I have more fun playing the 2nd game rather that the first one. The control is similar but better feel. There is some randomless in the game but this is a much better improvement game. With the ever intersting Story & Mood which really draw my attention. I don't have much compare for this version, but do hope we can have more Lore & Story for the game if they make a 3. So play the game if this is intersting wwwwwww
  5. Platinum # 110 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim This is definitely a game which i started playing and let the controller down, just because I really want to see the where story go. In between there also some Mech battle gameplay which is not hard. Most likely because i play the normal ver. Maybe Hard mode is Harder. But the game definitely speak of itself. With it interesting story that really draw my attention. So really enjoy playing the game and seeing how all the character story unfold. This is definitely a good game to play with a good story. Hopefully got time i will finish all the Extra Mech Battle level
  6. Platinum # 109 The Evil Within 2 Learn to Survive Finally got the time to finish Evil within 2. And see what the game have turn out to be. So far this few like a rush game. Not liking the second one compare to the first one. The first one feel more polish compare to the 2nd one. Let start with the Story. I don't like how think Ended. Like Mobius just Ended like this? What happen to Ruvik? The overall story is somewhat not as good as the first one. Just a okay one to be honest. Gameplaywise not sure why is pretty groffy. Compare to the first one which I feel it more polish. Other then that there still pretty lot of Bug. I think I die in a cutscenes once when playing Classic == Also Cause I m playing SEA version. Then kinda did give ver1.05 to us. So we can't use the Infinite Ammo. In the End I will say Evil Within 2 It a disappointed Game. Feel like it just a Cash grab. But if you like it do play it. But get it when the price is pretty cheap.
  7. Platinum # 108 The Last of Us Part II Every Last One of Them Alright finally done with this game. The gameplay is pretty good, like way better that the first one. Like how enemy react to most of the stuff that is happening in the world. Other then that the accessible for this game is pretty insane with all the available option. This kidna can make the game super easy or super hard. But in the end the story still not my cup of tea. I agreed with most of the player out there regarding the story. Feel like there is better way to end this. But guess that is Naughty Dog decision to making the story like this. Other then that the Grouded mode really is harded, but not as hard as the first one since we still can use the glitch Extra menu to play though it. But still is pretty hard in a way with parmadeath option but still okay. IHave fun playing this game whilei it last. Now time to move on to other game
  8. Platinum # 107 Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed Advent of the Akiba God Finally finish this game with the platinum. Too bad not gonna fully 100% the item list this time. But did have fun with the character and the story of the game. The gameplay is okay, but sometime it will feel repetitive. The weapon is also very wonky how most of it work. But once you got a 999 Max DMG weapon. The game still feel okay ever with the hardest difficulty "Otaku". Overall this is a fun game to play and experience Akiba. While we can't do too much travel too much. But now it time to move on to other game and stuff It was fun playing this game ~~~~
  9. Platinum # 106 Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Vesperia Master This took me quite awhile because of the was so Busy during this few Month :/ Anyway glad i finally completed it again in Ps4. Used to enjoyed and play it alot from Xbox360. Since PS3 only have japan ver :/ Still quite enjoy the story ever though it abit old. But the thing i like most gonna be the artstyle. Don't really like the new tales Art direction. Which is semi realistic. But Overall this game still is pretty fun once you get the hag out of it. Will all the stuff you can do. Also the Fell arm will broke the game. Gonna take another break before getting more Platinum .
  10. Platinum # 105 Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom One True King Finally got the Platinum for Ni no Kuni 2. Which i be putting at my shelf for quite awhile. Anyway really glad that Platinumed it. It was a fun game, way much more fun gameplay then the first one. If you have the DLC. The new combat style also are really Fun to play with. It was abit boring at fist, but the game slowly built up and became more fun in the end. Story wise it abt weaken compare to the first one. Maybe some other will like this. But I kinda still Like how emotional the first game story is. Will i still haven't fully 100% the game. Most likely gonna 100% it first before moving to the next game. Give it a try if you are interesting in this wonderful JRPG. Hopefully we have a 3rd one too in the future maybe.
  11. PS1: Final fantasy IX PS2: Kingdom Heart PS3: Final fantasy XIII PS4: Persona 5 PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden (too bad this one i borrow my friend PS vita to play)
  12. I notice this after i got most of the trophy. But this is really helpful when i m doing the DLC grind one which require to kill a number of Hiss(Type). You can active Assist Mode in the Option>Gameplay Menu. This kinda make the game much much easy! Easy if you keep getting kill XD, But this will make it easy for Trophy farming. But I do recommend playing it normally first. Anyway Pls enjoy the game
  13. Cool! I hope this is correct? Published 5 Guides A Published Guide has exceeded 50,000 views Your Guides Have Exceeded 100,000 views overall You Were a Finalist in a GOTY Category (Atelier Lydie & Suelle)
  14. Platinum # 104 Control Director of the FBC Yay At long last I have completed Control ! Really is a game I really enjoy. So many mystery in the game. Gameplay wise feel like it can be better. It Fun but still got it issue. Other then that i think because I m playing on on my PS4. Everything i pause or enter the menu, I don't why the game will freeze awhile. This kinda suck if i m fighting a boss or Enemy. Also the game somewhat still have frame rate drop when there are too much explosion XD. But I m happy to be able to finally Platinum it. Hopefully can 100% soon.
  15. Hi i m currently finding somebody to help me out with Atelier Lulua End Gear guide which i have completed. but will need some help with fixing the grammar as i not perfect in English >< Also best if you played Atelier Lulua, Since i kinda wanna know it the guide is understandable from POV from Atelier Lulua player?~~~