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  1. PS1: Final fantasy IX PS2: Kingdom Heart PS3: Final fantasy XIII PS4: Persona 5 PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden (too bad this one i borrow my friend PS vita to play)
  2. I notice this after i got most of the trophy. But this is really helpful when i m doing the DLC grind one which require to kill a number of Hiss(Type). You can active Assist Mode in the Option>Gameplay Menu. This kinda make the game much much easy! Easy if you keep getting kill XD, But this will make it easy for Trophy farming. But I do recommend playing it normally first. Anyway Pls enjoy the game
  3. Cool! I hope this is correct? Published 5 Guides A Published Guide has exceeded 50,000 views Your Guides Have Exceeded 100,000 views overall You Were a Finalist in a GOTY Category (Atelier Lydie & Suelle)
  4. Platinum # 104 Control Director of the FBC Yay At long last I have completed Control ! Really is a game I really enjoy. So many mystery in the game. Gameplay wise feel like it can be better. It Fun but still got it issue. Other then that i think because I m playing on on my PS4. Everything i pause or enter the menu, I don't why the game will freeze awhile. This kinda suck if i m fighting a boss or Enemy. Also the game somewhat still have frame rate drop when there are too much explosion XD. But I m happy to be able to finally Platinum it. Hopefully can 100% soon.
  5. Hi i m currently finding somebody to help me out with Atelier Lulua End Gear guide which i have completed. but will need some help with fixing the grammar as i not perfect in English >< Also best if you played Atelier Lulua, Since i kinda wanna know it the guide is understandable from POV from Atelier Lulua player?~~~
  6. Platinum # 102 Shadows of the Damned Fleming's Pride Finally finish one of SUDA51 game that have being collecting dust in my shelf for like a few year. Though I may need more time to platinum it, But the game itself it not too hard to complete. Ever it the hard mode which is “Legion Hunter”. Still the final boss also took me awhile. But overall the story is not too bad. It will be interesting to see how their story will go on after this. Anyway this is surely is a good fun action shooting game play. I recall the original idea was a horror game which is interesting. But anyway give this game a try ! Platinum # 103 Lollipop Chainsaw Legendary Zombie Hunter The Second SUDA51 game that have being collecting dust in my shelf for like a few year. Finally completed it. The story mode took me 1 day to completed on hard mode. I though it may be hard, but once I understand the system it kinda not that bad. Still some time I feel that the auto aiming is not good. Making it hard to head shot. The overall game is pretty fun with a lot of action. Pretty Enjoy the game. Wish there is more of this kind of odd gem game nowsaday. Also a good tip to for paying this game is to get Nick Ticket! It will save you life !
  7. Platinum # 101 God of War Father and Son finally got the platinum for God of War PS4. The story of the game is pretty interesting. It was fun seeing how God of war involve. Also they realeased the latest trailer for God of War Ragnarok make me feel really excited. Ever though i haven't got my hand on a PS5, but hopefully soon. Anyway the overall gameplay is pretty good. Just at the beginning still feel abit weird to attack with R1 & R2, since the old game use & . But this is not much a issue. The issue i have is just there is not much mystic gate to fast travel. Making back tracking to some place will take awhile. This is the only thing that hopefully they will fix in the PS5 one. But the overall stuff that you can do in the game is really great. So give it a try before Ragnarok release. Surely it is still a great game to play
  8. Platinum # 100 Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Atelier Lulua Finally finish Atelier Lulua which is my 100 Platinum Trophy. It was a very fun Atelier game which i m happy that i can see back all the Arland character again. Really enjoy the story and fun interaction from the character. Overall it is a very enjoyable story and relax game. Just the boss in this game is somewhat hard, ever in easy mode without any good item. Also the synthesis system is rather complex compare to other Atelier game. If you wanna get the Best OP item. Which i did and manage to write a guide for it. Hopefully it got approved soon. After this gonna rest awhile before getting to play Atelier Ryza
  9. Looking for someone who is fluent in English and finished Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World to help out with the guide. Need somebody to help do the Grammar Checking :/ The Guide is pretty much done just need help to check and fix the Grammar & Formatting ><
  10. Platinum # 99 Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World Completed! Finally Completed this game and got most of the ending It was sure a fun game to journey though. Ever though is a spin off from the Atelier Series. Still i have fun with this game. Really happy that i was able to see all the character from the Atelier Series that i love was in the game. Just most of the trophy require a lot of grinding. I was also abit confused on the system when i start the game, but once i understand how it work. Everything was so much better. Anyway if you wanna play a Town management game you can try this one. Also almost completed the Guide for this game since i don't see there is one in PSN. So hopefully can pass the review soon.
  11. I dont see any Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World ? So gonna work on it Since i m currently playing it ~~~~
  12. Platinum # 97 NieR The Final Verse Platinum # 98 NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... The Final Verse Finally Finish both Nier Gestalt from the PS3 and the latest NieR Replicant™ ver.1.22474487139...on PS4. This is indeed a very nice game to playthough from one of my favor game Dev Yoko Taro Grinding in the ps3 Ver was hell, and load time is long. But still pretty much enjoy the game. I don't wanna say too much but if you guy are interesting can play the game. After that i play and finish the game in ps4 with all the update. It was much more smooth then the ps3 and i ever enjoy the game ever more !
  13. Platinum # 96 El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Lord of the Metatron Finally got the platinum for this game. This is a interesting game i guess a hidden gem for the PS3. The combat system is kinda fun. But I still find my self a bit frustrated in some part. Getting the platinum trophy really is difficult especially getting all G rank in Extra Mode. I know you can also do it in Hard mode, but i kinda don't wanna replay too many time. So i got most of the trophy in Extra Mode. Kinda replay chapter 9 alot to master all the boss prefect guard timing and get a high score for G rank. Overall i do enjoy it. And i kinda accidentally mastered the game. Anyway for those stil wanna try to platinum this game. A good tip i can give is to get high score is be naked. Let the enemy destroy your armor. This will give you more score. But also you will die in just 1 hit. This kind of risk and reward is pretty satisfied
  14. Platinum # 95 Shadow of the Colossus The Horned Boy Finally Finish this game. Really enjoy the game and feel like the control is somewhat better that the last guardian, which feel like you controlling a drunk child. Anyway the control something will also go crazy making gunny moment. But finally was able to completed a game i miss on the PS2 Era. I recall only playing ICO that time. Well really happy that i finally finish it. So far i enjoy most of the stuff, but really wish can have a quick travel or so.
  15. Platinum # 94 The Last Guardian The Last Guardian After so long finally got the time to play and unlock the Platinum for this game. I play though the game blind in the first run and really enjoy the game. But the more i play the game the more i hate the control. Not sure how to put this but the control don't feel good, in a way it kinda make the game hard. Other then that is the camera clipping in the wall, making something you will only see pit darkness. On a side note this game really feel like you have a pets which it may or never listen to you most of the time. So i guess is a good game to experience what it is to have a pet. So hope more people can find this game interesting and give it a go.