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  1. Sucks that it happened for you, but glad you got it sorted!
  2. This does not happen to me?
  3. My game (PS4) was not being cumulative, I had to do every non-challenge trophy in one run. 3000 in Classic and 4000 in Score Attack takes around 2 hours for each. The long one is 1000 games in a row, which I did simultaneously with 1000 ice blocks which took somewhere between 5-6 hours. I *think* the ice blocks had counted my previously hit blocks, because it felt like I had hit a bit less than 1000 blocks when it popped. I play this occasionally with the wife and was hoping it would've cut down on these grinds but it did not.
  4. Great news, since it went on sale today
  5. FYI getting hit by the drone (which uses one of your presents) counts as YOU using a present, so you will not get the No-present run trophy.
  6. That's good news, I was bummed when my no-present run was for naught.
  7. It made me wish I just sat down and knocked it all out in one session, which was doable. I was just repulsed by Vectorman's miserable vertical camera+fast falling.
  8. The game also reset my Challenge progress when I was 18/20. Sigh.
  9. I had to redo 18 challenges because of the game's dumb buggy trophy progress. Thankfully it was was faster the second time around- if I had gotten stuck on anything I was ready to pull up this video.
  10. I've won over 100 of these incredibly exciting rock paper scissors games, and it hasn't popped. Has anyone else had this problem? Edit: Naturally, as soon as I posted this it started counting my wins. I still don't know what was causing the problem before.
  11. You can get back to the juicery. It did seem weird when it shuts you out, but you'll soon be able to get back by getting way above it, going left, and dropping down. I'm not done yet, but I'm pretty sure nothing is missable.
  12. At least you only have to beat the first level. Gotta love its, I dunno, 7 fps?
  13. This is a really easy trophy list, considering most of the legitimately difficult games have no trophy (Kid Chameleon) or an incredibly easy trophy to get (Alien Soldier). Also the save states make the couple potentially hard challenges not a challenge at all. Streets of Rage 1 - getting to the final boss without a continue might be the hardest one, but that's still not too bad. Getting all emeralds in Sonic 1 might be the most annoying. Those rotating bonus levels are the worst. We don't know what all the challenges are, but I can't imagine them being that crazy.
  14. You can use 4 controllers to play online and boost yourself, if I'm remembering correctly. If you get another person with 4x controllers you could boost yourselves relatively quick.
  15. Pay attention to the boss's dodgeable attacks- The Patriarch telegraphs his machine gun and rockets, which you wanna run away from. Volter's red grenades you can (try to) run away from too. Killing Volter's shield quickly is important to reduce the chance he grabs someone and heals. If you have low health it's okay to be less aggressive and heal up, like you said losing a player on the boss makes it a lot more difficult.