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  1. I've got a dumb question! How do we show our trophies for the event if we play the games on the PC? Had no idea people were doing that.
  2. I'm not Sylaris but I didn't have any problems with Syberia 1 or 2.
  3. Well, boosting threads are frowned upon. Hence, the reason why we have gaming sessions. Would of been better to post a status on your profile.
  4. Geez, it's been a LONG month! I think playing Heavy Rain is taking its toll on me. Thanks for waking me up!
  5. LOL! Forgot I played that game this month.
  6. Oxidize
  7. I need to use a skip for July - Backpacking. I don't see me playing any games this next week that will fit the theme. Thanks!
  8. I know they are going back to The Culling to work on the development, but that one fell by the wayside after only 2 months. Really don't have the confidence in Xaviant.
  9. Welcome to the site and enjoy your games! Love that PS4!
  10. The reason why you can't create a game session is that you have your profile set to private. None of your game or trophies will show up on the site. You would need to go into your PSN profile, set your game to public and then earn a trophy in any game for your profile to populate on this site. Then you can try to set up a gaming session.
  11. Players are not required to use this website to track their trophies. There are other sites that have their own rules and restrictions. I don't have a problem as to how trophy lists are flagged on PSNP, as the moderators give the player a chance to respond. It isn't the end of the world to hide a trophy list. Rules are rules, no matter where you go.
  12. Boosting threads are not allowed. You would need to set up a game session.
  13. All game developers evolve with time, and take into account social issues and just how to keep their audience interested. Seeing how the games have changed over time could be applied to many developers. It's just keep evolving or get kicked to the side of the road. The other approach could be to throw the cards at a wall and see which stick. When I play a game I really don't take them that seriously or feel there is an agenda.
  14. Woah! That is sweet! Congrats on a great accomplishment and I wish you luck.
  15. BTW, thanks for picking up this event amid the chaos. Really appreciate it. 🙂