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  1. Any good, funny miniature golf type games out there?  Just trying to get set up for family visiting and seemed this would be a good group activity.

    1. kindajustin


      You might want to check out Party Golf. It's a fast-paced, goofy golfing game that's great to play with friends and family.

  2. So, what is your next game you plan on playing?

    1. DJ__Beatroot


      Journey was suggested as one to keep in your library. So, I've have that one now!

  3. Plat #73: Back in 1995  I'm definitely gonna need therapy after this one :facepalm:

    1. ihadalifeb4this



  4. Bought Back in 1995 as it was on sale and regretting it already!  Why don't I ever research these gems?

  5. Plat #72: Oxenfree   Really sweated it for that last trophy (Silent)

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. Crusader_Fox


      Thanks everyone!  @Deluziion90  I'd definitely buy another game like this one - really enjoyed it!

  6. Oxenfree - what a great game!  Just playing thru - I'm sure I'm making a lot of mistakes - but having fun!  Thank you PSN for the sale!

    1. gruffiiti


      Just finished it a week or so ago myself. Was really good but I could have done without a 3rd (silent) playthrough.

  7. Plat #71: Metropolis: Lux Obscura




    Fun: 9/10

    Difficulty: 5/10


    Well, didn't know what to expect from this one, but it was on the recent sale and looked interesting.  Was a match 3 (competition against NPC characters), and didn't warm up to it at first but once I understood how to use a bit of of strategy and selecting power-ups against some of the more difficult matches it was a blast.  Story-line was actually quite good!   Highly recommend the game if you want to do something a bit different.  Game was well worth the price!

  8. Picked up LEGO Star Wars - I'm assuming I'll need the Season Pass for the DLC?

    1. locoporkko


      Yes,if you want 100% of the game you will buy and is in sale actually

    2. Crusader_Fox


      Thanks for the info!

  9. Has anyone tried playing Bioshock: The Collection (PS Plus game of Feb 2020) on the PS5?  Was wondering if it ported over okay before I download it

  10. Concrete Genie - Thanks PSN for a great game this month!  Really having a blast with this one.  Just nice to play something that you aren't looking at a guide to get you through it. :)

    1. kindajustin


      "aren't looking at a guide to get you through it." love to hear that. I think I'm gonna give Concrete Genie a shot next. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. I'm playing HZD right now and wonder if the DLC - The Frozen Wilds - is worth picking up?

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    2. Alternatewarning


      Personally, I really enjoyed some of the new enemies and it has some good sidequests, IMO.  Some really /hard/ enemies though.  I found it a little more challenging than the base game.

    3. MarcusPunisher


      Yes and I even go as far as the story is better in that expansion than the main story. 

    4. Crusader_Fox


      Thank you everyone.  This is good to know!  I needed a game to play that had a bit of adventure to it and this one fits the bill.

  12. Plat #69: My Name is Mayo - The Second!



    Difficulty: 0/10

    Enjoyment: 10/10


    I laughed! I cried! I kissed 99 cents goodbye!  Great game, better than the first one. A little bit of side scrolling action for a few of the trophies, but what a great ride!  Make me a sammich!

  13. Plat #68 - :platinum:





    Enjoyment: 10/10

    Difficulty: 3/10


    What a great game!  Was excited for this game when I saw the trailer, but got sidetracked with Astro's Playroom.  Started the game, had some mixed feelings, but as I got into it, it really was a lot of fun to play.  Had some rant moments with trying to catch a few of the Bugsnax (such as the damn Scoopy!), but finally figured it out, with a  bit of luck, how to get it.  Hardest trophy was Feeding Frenzy.  Even though I had transformed all of the Grumps, the trophy still would not pop.  Finally got it to pop this morning.  One thing I suggest - finish all of the side quests before the final mission to make the battle a bit easier.  Have fun!

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. zizimonster


      Kinda bug and kinda snack, it's BUGSNAX!


      Congratulations! :yay:

  14. Been staring at The Order 1886 on my backlog for so long, guess I'll see if I can finish it :hmm:

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    2. Elvick_


      It's short and easy, so it's not hard to kick off the backlog.


      I personally loved the game.

    3. Crusader_Fox


      Thanks everyone!  Looks like The Order 1886 will be my next game today.  Only earned 1 trophy previously, so plan on just starting over.

    4. ShonenCat


      It doesn’t take long to beat, and I didn’t understand the story completely.. but I do remember the gameplay being very smooth and easy to control. The worst part about it would probably be its lack of replay value. Although I’m open to the idea of a sequel.

  15. Plat #67:  Astro's Playroom




    You've Only Done Everything


    Difficulty: 3/10

    Enjoyment: 11/10


    What a beautiful game - and a blast to play!  This game has such replayability (is that a word?!) and great music!  I have the SSD song permanently in my brain now - and I'm not complaining.  And, seeing the PSN museum was worth it.  Thank you SONY!!

  16. Playing Astro's Playroom, SSD Speedway - love the music!  Got the 🎼🎼SSD🎼🎼 song stuck in my head :lol:

  17. CDKeys has the PS Plus Sub (1 year) for $32US.  Anyone have any good or bad experiences with this site?

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    2. Crusader_Fox


      I usually always buy from Amazon around this time for $40US.  I'll give it a little more time before trying out CDKeys.  After playing Astro's Playroom and seeing that fantastic game and the history of the Consoles, I feel bad using a reseller.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @PermaFox ah yeah that museum really is amazing isn't it? 😙

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Bought from CDKeys multiple times, never had any trouble. Thxs for tempting me to buy another year of plus xD

  18. Funny, I was excited about Bugsnax, but I can tell Astro's Playroom will now be my fav game 🤗

    1. DistantFox


      Both games are really great. Astros Playroom is an amazing love letter to PlayStation history, and Bugsnax is way more engaging than I thought it'd be.

  19. I see FF XV is included with the PS Plus Collection.  I've never played these games - good one to start with?

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    2. Crusader_Fox


      Guess I'll stick with Astro's Playroom for now.  Seems about my speed 😄

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Start with Herizon Zero Dawn yo.

    4. JaM


      Uhmmm the question is... Do you like Kingdom Hearts? if yes, you might "like" the game.

  20. So many nice games on sale I might need to put some moola into my PSN account and go on a buying spree xD

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    2. IntroPhenom


      I love buying sprees.  Haven't looked at what's on sale yet today, but I will, and something will undoubtedly catch my eye.

    3. Tesla_Rules


      The Last Campfire looks like a relaxing game!  I might pick it up.

    4. IntroPhenom


      Oh dear did I just buy too much...stay tuned for a new 'backlog entry' status update.  😅

  21. Decisions - debating on playing The Order 1886 or SOMA to get them off my backlog.....:hmm:

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    2. Crusader_Fox


      @MarcusPunisher I agree with you on The Order.  I just couldn't stay with it.  Problem is, I'd like to just finish it and get it off the backlog.


      But will play SOMA instead today!

    3. starcrunch061


      I'd go with Soma, only because I found The Order to be somewhat boring. But it's quick, so there's that.

    4. zizimonster


      The Order 1886. Despited being a mediocre game, I find the story engaging. Seriously. :D

  22. Really want to get back to Heavy Rain, but it's going to take me an hour to figure out how to map these trophies I need :rolleyes:

    1. PooPooBlast


      Me in every game with missables..


      Hope you like it though!

    2. MarcusPunisher


      I know that you had to go through that awkward sex scene at least 5x times without any option to skip it.


      Getting all the missables is a nightmare, cause you have to usually wait until the chapter is over to see if the trophy unlocks.

  23. Plat #65: Cat Quest :platinum:  Only took me a year, but finally got back to this gem.  What a great game!  Looking forward to adding Cat Quest II to the backlog.

  24. It is really interesting to see the critic reviews versus the user reviews on vid games.  

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Critic review: Overview of the various mechanics, operations and graphics. 9/10


      User review: "Gaem sux cuz it u play as woman 0/10"


      Gamers: "I trust user reviews more"

    2. Crusader_Fox


      I lean towards what the players say, even though we are told repeatedly how great a game is by the developer and critic.  Two examples that come to mind are Gran Turismo Sport and RDR2, which I had both preordered.  (I cancelled the orders after a beta play).

    3. HuntingFever


      I can count on 1 hand the number of reviewers I trust, because most are either paid shills or ass kissing fan boys so aren't trustworthy in the slightest. It's because of this, why I pay a lot more attention to user reviews because I find them far more trustworthy and reliable on a more consistent basis. Yes, there are bad eggs on both side but the professional reviewers are by far the worst and least trustworthy of the lot.

  25. Road Bustle - :platinum:  That was a nice, cheap thrill!  Now, bad to the grind of my other games...Actually, I think My Name is Mayo was better :hmm: