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    PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2 games, and I still have the consoles and some of those old games. Enjoy the competitions on this site - better run than the other sites I've been on. Guides are top rate, great friends, and boosting sessions are normally drama free. So guess anything gaming appeals to me.

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  1. Got two of those suckers I love, even though I can't use them. They introduced me to Journey, GTAV and Gran Turismo 5, which was a real turning point for me on using a console instead of the PC.
  2. Can't believe that this thread was revived, but yes, it would be nice to give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback for the gaming sessions. I've had some suck ass sessions, great sessions and some that were, well, no enthusiasm at all. I can see why they disabled the review process because there are some really toxic people out there that just like to slam others, whether warranted or not. My biggest complaint are people who set up the sessions and don't bother to show up or give us a heads up.
  3. Hopefully I'm not making a mistake by buying a Roku today.  Want that PS4 back in my game room!

    1. MidnightDragon


      My TV has a built in Roku.

    2. GT__Jedi


      Mine had apps with internet access but that part of the TV failed, so hooked it up to the PS4.  Roku is cheaper than a new TV so we'll see.

  4. Sign me up! Got my list ready: 1. The Last Campfire - 0% 2. Max: The Curse of Brotherhood - 0% 3. Telling Lies - 0% 4. Agatha Christie ABC Murders - 0% 5. Lost Words: Beyond the Page - 0% Will update if I get ambitious and start any of the games!
  5. Damn! Missed another great game that I could list on my backlog and never play!
  6. Put me on the list! List to be forthcoming as soon as I figure out what to play.
  7. @BlackSquirrell1 Next week Costco has 2 external drives on sale. One is the SanDisk NVMe Portable and the other one is the Seagate One Touch. See if either of these drives will work with the PS5 and will meet your requirements. Both of them are under $100!
  8. Well, it is about time you put this into writing! Good to see some serious plans on cleaning up this list!
  9. Ah, started playing Stray and whilst I was scanning the trophy list saw some of the rants about the Can't Cat-ch Me Trophy.  Damn, and I thought I would be able to finish this game...😭

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Deluziion90


      Took me like 20 minutes it's not that bad but rng is always a bitch.

    3. Jelloycat


      It's definitely the most annoying trophy, but once you learn the route (and with a bit of luck) it's doable. 

    4. Raveniteh


      It is quite challenge, but upside is that it's just a 1 meownute segment. Downside is you need to do that 1 meownite segment purrfectly with no meowstakes. Certainly doable through practice and repetition. And luck.

  10. So happy I went to college so I'd know the answers to the exam! And, doesn't everyone drink from the gravy boat?
  11. Is this the biggest sale you've ever seen ! Definitely going to pick up Cat Quest II, and probably a bunch of other stuff as I work through the list.
  12. Think I'll sit this one out. Good luck everyone!
  13. My game profile is pretty much a mess. Sign me up for this as I really would like to revisit some of my games and clean them up. Never mind! Thought this was an open event.
  14. 'Just a Flesh Wound'. From Monty Python "Search for the Holy Grail". I shout this as I die during a 12 man trial dungeon run in Elder Scrolls.
  15. Boy, what a decision.  Do I upgrade my PS Plus membership to Extra for the last 6 months or what.  Damn, a few nice games I'm interested in, but, do I want to commit?  I've never played Assassin's Creed, and that would be a chance to do that.......

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MarcusPunisher


      I say either wait before you upgrade or just go for it. The service is pretty good and with them adding more to the collection is bound to have at least something you can play. Just don't go for premium, cause that one ain't worth it for now. 

    3. ExHaseo


      I'd say go for Extra if there's enough games you want to play.
      What I did when trying to decide was looked through the list and found all the games I already wanted to play, but hadn't picked up yet. Then added up what each game would cost and compared it to the cost of the upgrade. Just one game was more than it cost for the upgrade for me, which made it an easy decision. I spent about $20 to upgrade, and have played more than $200 worth of games in the past month already. I have it for another 5 months too. So it's been pretty worth it. Definitely don't get premium though. Them charging that much just for classic games is ridiculous.

    4. GT__Jedi


      Thank you all for giving me a bit of food for thought on this one.  I had already picked up a few game from this month's sales, but wondered if there were a few games in the catalog that would be nice to play.  To upgrade my Plus to Extra would be $21.19 for the next 6 months, at which time I could always downgrade if I thought it wasn't giving me enough value.  Thanks again!