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  1. I think the panels on the bottom of the elevator was the hardest part of the game 😀 Took me a while before I figured out how to look down
  2. Finally got my trophies to synd with PSNP.  Magic appeared with the Unravel trophy, which also reminded me that is a pretty good game.....:hmm:

    1. TheYuriG


      Did you find out what was the issue? Have you informed your friend?

  3. Anything with the name "Enigmatis" in the title. About fell asleep during the games, and the only reason I have them is I got them on sale as a package. Would of preferred blowing my money on something else. Plus, insult to injury, one trophy glitched and I have to play the game again.
  4. I'm wondering the thoughts on Fe. Looks interesting, tempted to pick it up for $4.99 but I've been burned before on low priced games.
  5. Hate it when your profile gets hidden on this site.  Seems to happen randomly...

    1. Nyky


      its hide and seek :P 

  6. Nothing like a fly on your donut. Sale was, well, meh
  7. I loved Trine 2, heard bad things on Trine 3, but would love to look at Trine 4. Nice game, love the dialogue.
  8. A bit of a disappointment. I really miss adding the PS3 titles to my library.
  9. Boosting threads are frowned upon, that is why we have gaming sessions. Next time do this as a game session or put it on your status page.
  10. Wow, I had no idea on pairing these together like this. Excellent!
  11. Actually, this should be titled "Games with under 2,000 owners" to get some hidden gems! May I suggest: Black the Fall (NA) Yoku's Island Express
  12. So many games, so little time....but really, like @TheYuriG mentioned, just sort the games by completion rate and play the genres that interest you. There are a butt load of games out there that fill the requirement.
  13. That sick feeling when you overwrite the wrong save file :rolleyes:

    1. iGGTheEnd


      R.I.P,  any chance you have it uploading to cloud automatically?

    2. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      No, unfortunately.  In my excitement during the game, grabbed the first save file, overwrote it, and then couldn't "undo"!  My other save file is from a month ago.  But your suggestion is a good one: let me take a look at the uploaded files and see what I have.

  14. Question is do you have a PS3 console/controllers right now or do you need to buy/borrow them? Any games you can borrow? The PS3 games are dirt cheap at GameStop if you want to taste that era. Some of the better games are already remastered for the PS4. Is there a particular game you are itching to get your hands on from that era?
  15. Once I took a good look at it and heard @Quink666 thoughts, I might pass. It IS a bit harsh.