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  1. Went to Amazon today to get my $20 card. Not available. Weird. Ended up getting the $50 card. I mean, these are digital codes, not like they are going to run out or anything.
  2. Oh, no! I preordered this game to get all the great collectibles, DLC and the season pass. Now you say not to buy it? Where were you when I was standing in front of the Game Stop register? 😧
  3. [Phelps opens a soup can full of marijuana] "I'd say that's pretty good value for twelve cents." Roy Earle (LA Noire)
  4. "Now Go! I Need To Meditate. Or Masturbate. Or Both." - Trevor Phillips To His Associate, Ron (GTA V)
  5. Toshiba all the way. You will not regret your purchase.
  6. Good work! I was wondering if I could knock out RDR before the new one comes out in October. So checking this list was great!
  7. Elder Scrolls VI Teaser
  8. "Vote YES To Proposition 208 And Legalize Medical Cocaine." - Radio Ad (GTA V)
  9. Favorite News? Bethesda mentioning Elder Scrolls VI...... Other than than, disappointed.
  10. "I Think That I Would Recognize My Own Underwear, Now Give Them Back!" - Trevor Phillips To A Random Muscle Head On Vespucci Beach (GTA V)
  11. Just looked at the PS4 Pro at Gamestop - $350 US.  Do I buy it or wait for a bundle later this year....🤔

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. ShonenCat


      It seems like a very good deal, but I would wait till after the Sony conference. The chances are slim, but maybe they'll announce a more efficient "PS4 Pro Slim." You can never be too careful ^^

    3. The High Ground
    4. Durandal


      @ShonenCat I think Sony already said that they won't announce any new hardware this time.

  12. "Look, I Love You Jimmy, But You're An A**hole." - Michael De Santa To His Son (GTA V)
  13. "If I killed every wife that served me papers I'd be a mass murderer." - Rusty Galloway (LA Noire)
  14. The day was going pretty well until LA Noire (PS3) froze up and I'm missing the Homicide and Vice desk cases. DLC looks okay, but disc based cases are missing. Sucks.