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  1. Yas Queen Find all the Hoysala Tokens and Obtain the Queen's Ruby
  2. Hmmmm, this has piqued my interest! Nice post.
  3. Ah, today I think I'll try to find some of the thousands of collectibles in UC LL.  Geez I hate stuff like this.....:rolleyes:

  4. Many great exclusives on PSN that I'm sure you will enjoy and never look back at the Xbox days. Lots of good people here on the forums - to help, just talk, play games. Join some of the events to get to know people here. Anyway, Welcome to the site!
  5. Best Driver in the Business This was FRUSTRATING with the mud and an underpowered Jeep!
  6. Hearing about his release made my day. Finally, the NFL actually did something. Agree with @PsychicVibe, Antonio just doesn't get it.
  7. Get Every Trophy Yoku's Island Express 838 Achievers
  8. Welp, I have a game, Uncharted Lost Legacy, that I don't really enjoy. But, I bought the damn thing so feel I need to finish it. Mind you, I've been slowly working on it for the past year and a half! I just play other games that I enjoy. I usually put this game on a list when I join gaming events to try to motivate me, but you know, it just really isn't important. As far as % goes, I think the only person concerned with that would be you. I got over it; stuff like that just doesn't bother me any more now that I don't take stuff so seriously. Hope this helps.
  9. Not that I was thinking of picking up this game, but now I know I never will. Pass for me.
  10. Please, please announce a PS4 Slim bundle for $199 US or less!
  11. Initial list! A Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden B Beyond: Two Souls C Crossovers by Powgi D Daggerhood E Energy Cycle Edge F Fullblast G Gravity Duck H Her Majesty's Spiffing I Iron Snout J Jack n Jill DX K Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne L Little Adventure on the Prairie M Mixups by Powgi N Nightmares from the Deep: The Sirens Call O One Eyed Kutkh P Paradox Soul Q Queens Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past R Refunct S Storm Boy T Tower of Dragonasia U Ultimate Runner V Vrobot W Word Wheel by Powgi X Xblaze Code: Embryo Y Yomawari: Nightmare Shadows Z Zeroptian Invasion
  12. Didn't see anything else but the Batman season pass, which is nice considering we received the game for September. Go Sony!
  13. Cool thing to do! Looking at my game list to see which trophies I'd like to pop on this great day!
  14. I usually play 3 games at a time. I keep track of where I left off in a notebook and Excel spreadsheet (especially for ESO) so that I can pick up the game again without too much hassle and frustration. So basically I jump into my MP games and then I usually have 2 SP games I can go back to.
  15. Loved this game!