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  1. Boosting threads are not allowed. Please use the gaming sessions, set up a session or check out the PSNP discord channel.
  2. My entire collection of Chinpokomons from South Park!
  3. #47: Adams Venture Origins Hero of the Day
  4. #46 The Mooseman
  5. Easy. Buzzard helicopter from GTA V because I hate traffic.
  6. I don't have any Star Wars games but the trailer and game play I've seen might make me a buyer.
  7. First game finished! Las Posadas - The Mooseman What a gem!! Really enjoyed this one.
  8. There are so many free avatars that look a lot nicer than what is in the store.
  9. Hmmmmm, you're right. Guess I haven't played that one for a while. Let's see what else I have.....
  10. @Hakoom You didn't mention what type of games you were planning on developing. Will they all be MP geared toward the E-Sports competition or ?
  11. My updated list: Black Friday - Slayaway Camp St. Lucas Day - The Path of Motus Las Posadas - Mooseman Winter Solstice - South Park The Stick of Truth Christmas - Adams Venture Origins Boxing Day - The Order 1886
  12. Good to hear about your future plans! I'd be very interested in hearing about your game developments and if you did go in the E-Sports direction be sure it is streamed on YT or one of the streaming services so I can watch it!
  13. Still don't have a list set in stone so guess I'll just wing it!
  14. Sign me up! Predictions are: The Witcher 3 Knack 2