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  1. No. Do you like waffles?
  2. Normally pops at Level 52.
  3. @Carol Good info. I was wondering the same myself.
  4. Just saw a PS4 Slim, 2 controllers and 3 mo PS+ at Costco for $299.99 US. I'm getting ready for those Black Friday sales!

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    2. WaffleJedi


      @NERVergoproxy  Yep.  You read my mind.  I was hoping for a September bundle from Sony, but a Black Friday deal will definitely work for me.  I already have 4 black controllers; would rather get a deal on a nice color controller.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      What do you think of the 4 new colors coming soon? I really want that purple, even the titanium. But personal experience with all Sony ps4 controllers had been bad, so really dont know if I want to spend on another controller. haha

    4. WaffleJedi


      The purple caught my eye, too.  But I will probably get another crystal controller.  Just lost another one with the R2 button failing.  At least I can still use the controller for the TV (Netflix, etc).  Funny, of the (4) PS3 controllers, 3 of them are still working pretty well.  Those PS4s are the pits.

  5. Well, good luck on your venture and I hope you get that 100%!
  6. I I'm pretty boring with my class. After trying out the others, I settled on a Sorcerer Pet build (from Alcast) so that I can run dungeons by myself if others are hanging around the dark anchors getting easy bling. I started with Deltia's builds then tried Xynode, Dottz and now Alcast. I agree with you on aligning your toon with the gear that you can obtain, but then the DLC/Chapters are released and they nerf the gear so you have to change up again. Funny, my big goal was to max out a crafter to be able to create anything. But C160 gear - well, the materials needed are excessive so seems the dropped gear is a better deal and you can improve it.
  7. Well, all I can suggest for your 100% profile: only play games you've already played before that you KNOW you can get 100% without a trophy glitch.
  8. I only play games that I like, and if I can earn an achievement/trophy that gives me a bit of a push. Sometimes I only earn 1 trophy a week because I'm just enjoying the MMO or just messing around.
  9. Alcast has beginner setups for all of his builds using beginner drops along with crafted sets such as Magnus Gift and Julianos. I have a couple of toons that are just starting out and his beginner setups are working out for me, as it seems the strengths of the gear sets keep changing. What is interesting is that the higher level drops seem to be just as good as the crafted sets. You've done a nice write-up - it is nice to see interest in what I consider still a great game!
  10. There is also an excellent forum at https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/categories/general-discussion and the different builds (updated with each DLC/Chapter release) at https://alcasthq.com/
  11. Yep. What @Crispy_Oglop said. I play ESO and get grief from others. I know my way around a dungeon but still these people are jerks. It just comes with the territory.
  12. I'm ready for a flash sale!

    1. MidnightDragon


      Not sure why. Most of them have sucked lately.

    2. DamagingRob
  13. Welcome to the site! Do you have plans on picking up a PS4 or are you going to stick it out with the PS3? For me, best racing game is GT5!
  14. 1. Buy a game you think YOU'D like - not what your friends think you should buy. 2. Give the game 3 chances to catch your interest. If it doesn't, move on but come back in 6 months or a year and see if your opinion has changed. 3. Don't only play platinum games. Some great 100% games are out there, too. 4. Try games without a guide. Just enjoy them!